just a quick post

Again, I have been remiss in posting.

Sometimes life takes over and certain things take a backseat - seems blogging is one of those.

My mother-in-law, AKA Memaw who lives with us and is 90 years old (yes I said 90!) fell again this week and I've just had my plate full.

I would appreciate any prayers for our family as we are just dealing with alot right now.

I am still doing my 52 weeks however, so I thought I'd at least post last week's on the blog for archival purposes.


I'm sorry I have not been commenting on your blogs lately either. I know I have missed some good stuff! Hope things calm down after Alex's graduation and Memaw's recovery.

I do have some great senior pictures of Alex and hope to get those posted here soon.




....hello in here....hello in here.....hello in here.....

Yes, I have abandoned you poor little blog and I am sorry.

I have been so non-creative lately and have not really felt like I had anything positive to blog about.

I have always tried to keep anything I post on here positive (except for my occasional soapboxes), but lately things are just not so I've been a little quiet.

I'm trying to have a better attitude and remember that life is not always sunshine and rainbows - it's more about peaks and valleys.  I'm praying I'm coming up the hill out of the valley where I can see the sunshine and rainbows again! :)

In the meantime, I'm using my less than spectacular mood to keep my 52 week project going....it will serve as a reminder of my mood when looking back at this project.
Week 16:

Thanks old blog for always being here, even when I'm not.


late to the Easter recap party!

So I am a week late with my Easter pics - sorry 'bout that!
Especially since Easter is by far my favorite holiday!

IT truly was a GLORIOUS Easter this year. 

I felt like I was really reminded of the real reason we celebrate - and what a great feeling to know that story and know that God's sacrifice of his only begotten Son is the reason I am forgiven of my many sins and will spend eternity in Heaven. 
It just makes me giddy, really!

Our church had a great Easter Cantata that they worked so hard on - and it showed - I'm pretty sure I was overtaken with emotion at least 3-4 times. (of course if you know me IRL, you know I get pretty emotional and am kind of a big crybaby).

Anyway, I was so very proud of my Mom who had a solo during one of the songs.  She was so nervous that she was mess up, but I'm telling you she was just awesome!

After church we had a typical Easter feast and did the whole Easter egg thing for Joe & Jake.  I think they enjoyed it...
Also included are pics from Saturday's egg dying.
These monster eggs are my favorite!!!
Don't they just make you smile!? :)

So, Happy Week-After Easter! :)
Maybe I'll post Alex's softball pics from this weekend in July.


Week 14

This was Easter Sunday - 
taken in my Mom's back yard on her bench.  
A little post-processing experiment as well. ;)

A little windy, yes...but I went with it.
(another appearance by my junk jewelry too!)


Dogwood sighting

I saw this as I was driving out to my Mom's Saturday: 
Then I saw this as I was leaving her house Saturday:

I love Dogwoods, they are my favorite!
It's how I know Spring has finally arrived. :)


Desktop Wallpaper

Back in January I discovered a groovy freebie on one of my favorite sites: Design*Sponge.
They post a monthly d*s desktop wallpaper with a cool illustration and calendar for the month.
I look forward to seeing what the new art will be each month.

This month is awesome - orange+yellow and a bird. :)
How could you go wrong????

Happy April.