Two Weeks??

I'm not sure I've ever gone that long without blogging!

I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but I have not been motivated to create, blog or even take pictures! *GASP*  {{{Crazy, I know!}}}}

Anyway, I thought I needed to at least acknowledge ye olde blog on this last day of 2009.  I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by, seriously!
dec 25
Christmas was great - pretty low-key.
I'm enjoying my vacation and dread it coming to an end on Monday.  Booooooo.
Christmas Eve
Today is Alex's 18th birthday- which is completely unbelievable.
Alex and Jessy
Resolutions & goals for 2010?  not really.

I simply want to be a better ME.  that's all.

I'm still working on my December Daily.
I was almost to the giving up point, but I trudged on and will complete it.

I also completed Memaw's little book for her birthday using the December mini from Crazy Daisy Kit. Co. I will be back with pictures of that.
Memaws 90th
Speaking of Crazy Daisy...there are still December kits available and these would be great to scrap your Christmas pictures! 

They girls are taking January off so there will be no January kits...I know, I'm sad too, but I'm sure February kits will not disappoint!

If you have a subscription, it won't effect that at all.   Also if you fan Crazy Daisy on Facebook or follow on Twitter, you can take $5 off your order!  How cool is that????  Check out the details on this  blogpost.


Daily recap

So I have again fallen behind...darn it!

Dec 12th - hung the ornament from Kenda at work:
(I told the story last year in my December Daily, but she brings a humongous basket of ornaments every year and has everyone take one.)
Isn't that the coolest idea!?
Love it! (look closely in the bottom right - wonder who is taking that photo?) :P

Dec 13th - Celebrated Mom's birthday with pizza & gifts of course!
Love this photo of Mom, Jake & Joe!

Next was the annual Tour of Homes hosted by a local ladies' club.
Seriously awesome homes & decorations...really puts you in the Christmas spirit!
Tour of Homes
Okay, here is Amy and Brandi on a great screened in porch complete with fireplace!
Amy & Brandi
Recognize Amy?
Yes, she has lost some major weight!
Here is a photo from last year's Tour of Homes!
(That's Amy on the far right) 

Very, Very proud of her - I think she's down about 50 or 60 pounds!
And here is our group shot from this year, except poor Donna got cut out of the photo - it was crowded and the nice lady that took the photo was trying to hurry.  (sorry Donna!)
Tour of Homes
This was in the Murphy home...wow what a home it is!
Three levels, three kitchens, don't know how many bedrooms & bathrooms.
a home movie theater, huge game room, pool house with indoor pool, etc.
It is fantastic, huge, and homey all at the same time!

Dec 14 - first day of Secret Santa at work
I got this groovy, green aluminum bottle.
Already using it for my water!

Dec 15 - My Granny's Birthday.
She doesn't look 88 in my opinion!
We had lunch today and I took her that cute hot pink Christmas cactus.
Granny dec15

On another note, I only have three more days until Christmas break!
So happy for some time off.

Also getting ready for a big surprise birthday party for my Mother-in-law.
She will be 90 tomorrow and we are having a party on Saturday.
(Hope she doesn't read my blog) he he


December Crazy Daisy layouts

I say it every month, but Kimberly & Jennifer have outdone themselves once again!
The December Crazy Daisy Kit Co. is fantastic and I have a couple of layouts to share.
December layouts

December layouts

December layouts

December layouts

December layouts

And you must get over to the Crazy Daisy blog and see what guest designer {and photog extraordinaire} Becky Novacek has put together with the December kit.
I promise you will truly be inspired!

Jenifer and Kimberly have some special offers for teh month too, so get it on the deals while you can.  Keep in mind there will not be a kit in January, but I'm sure they'll be back in February with more lovliness! :)



not it's not a new word, just my abbreviations run amok!

So Sunday was a nice.
a short WalMart run
a little laundry
change the sheets
roaring fire
Hallmark Christmas movies.
Aaaahhhhhhh lovely :)
dec 6

Monday. interesting and long meeting. blech

(picture not available) (I feel like a yearbook!)

rainy nasty day.
missed a fun gathering at lunch with prends.
WMU meeting at church - interesting, fun, crafty, food & gifts!
dec 8
Poor Mom felt horrible in this picture, she was having back spasms and didn't feel like making our cute little blown egg ornaments, so I made one and gave it to her. :) (I'm just a nice daughter like that! LOL)
Tomorrow is also her birthday so she deserved it!

Okay recap complete.

Oh, I got a link to this cute little paper craft in my Scrapscene email today. Thinking I might give it a shot.


Dec 5&6 aka "the Weekend!"

So I promised a pic of the Crazy Daisy Kit that was my happy mail on Friday.
Instead I give you a little sneak from a project I've completed with said kit:
Sneak Peek

It's awesome - and you can order one for yourself right now.
They will be shipping the end of this week!
Crazy Daisy Kit Co.

So along with a little scrap time this weekend, I also was involved in the Ash Flat Christmas Parade.
I drove this rather awesome 67 Chevy truck for my Uncle Robert and Joe & Jake, so they could ride in back and throw candy. Robert is running for Arkansas State Representative for District 82. If you live in the district, we'd appreciate your vote! :)
(okay political ad concluded)
Dec 5
(you might recognize Joe & Jake from my blog and scrapbooks!)

Alex riding this rather large horse Otis:
Dec 5
My view from the parade:
Dec 5
Alex & Jessy:
Dec 5
Cody, James & Austin:
Dec 5
Not alot of photos from the parade...hard to take pics when you are in the parade, ya know!?

And today, well, today has been a nice relaxing kind of day. I went to church, a short trip for groceries, and an afternoon of scrapbooking and Hallmark Christmas movies. ahhhhhh my ideal Sunday afternoon!

On another notes, I did get my December Daily caught up through yesterday, so I guess my system is working so far!

Everyone have a good week.
I am on Christmas vacation countdown....two weeks and counting. :)


Dec 1-4

So, I decided that in order to keep up with my December Daily I have to make myself accountable by at least blogging about my days.  Then, when I get photos printed I'll add them to my book along with the journaling I'm capturing here on my blog.

(yes, I know, I'm not starting off to well and it seems like I'm getting waaaaay behind, but I'm going to be optimistic here).

I think I've shared quite enough about December 1st and I'm pretty certain everyone is sick to death of hearing about my fabulous 40th birthday, so I'll skip on to December 2nd.

ON my way home from work, this stunning sky was begging to be remembered!

dec 2 sunset

December 3rd was quite eventful.
I worked in my office in Ash Flat, which has this great view out to an old cattle field and woods. At one point I looked up from the computer screen to see deer and cattle graze, squirrels run, and birds flying, all at the same time! Two doe grazed back there all afternoon and at one point they were pretty close to the building.

dec 3 deer

dec 3 deer
You can even see the edge of the parking lot in this last shot!

The night included Alex's 4H Banquet.
Alex was honored with being selected Senior 4Her of the Year again this year.
Dec 3 4H banquet
She also was recognized for her outstanding work and in being selected as a Teen Star and State Ambassador. It was very touching to hear others say such wonderful things about Alex and her abilities in writing, working with younger kids, elderly, animals, and always willing to work hard for what she wants. What a great example she was to all the other 4Hers (and adults) who were attending the banquet!

dec 3 4H Banquet

dec 3 4H Banquet

I am so proud of her and hope she keeps on being true to herself and always reaching for her goals, no matter how difficult they may be to achieve.

dec 3 4H Banquet

Today was happy mail day from Crazy Daisy Kit Co.!!! Got my December kit and oh it is so awesome! (picture will follow - promise!)


december daily beginnings

Promise to catch up but did want to share my cover.

I got my little book ready to fill over last weekend.
My awesome Canon photo printer died so I am going to fill my days in batches as I get my photos printed.

Here is my cover.
December Daily journal
I simply took two pieces of corrugated cardboard (one side is white) and cut them to a manageable size.

I used a little silver glimmer mist, then added some vinyl letters and sprayed red and silver spraypaint to mask my DEC.; It seeped under and at first I was going to trash it and begin again, but it grew on me and I decided to roll with it!

I added a little Sharpie outline, a couple of stickers on bottom for the 09, and some houndstooth gaffer tape and called it good.

There is a flickr group that Ali Edwards set up for this project.
Already lots of inspiring work posted!

more to come...


my cup runneth over

Wanting to blog about my most special day yesterday,
but honestly cannot put my feelings into words.

I was totally overwhelmed with birthday wishes, gifts, cards, and even surprises!!!
I really do have the best family & friends a girl could ask for.

I don't think there was one moment that I didn't have a smile on my face or a tear in my eye yesterday.

My friends at work had a nice lunch for me and mom came to eat too.

I got beautiful flowers from Nancy & Dan.
I was showered with fun gifts & cards.

I had dinner plans which turned out to be a surprise party!
I got 40 thoughtful gifts and 40 reasons they love me sentiments from my friends.

I got a Seaseme Street cake!  (we are the same age you know?)

All in all in was the perfect 40th birthday and I was Queen for a day!



Thanksgiving Day 2009
Since today is the last day of my life in the decade of my thirties,
I thought it fitting to make a list.
You know us bloggers, always a list of some sort!

I call this list 39.

  1. dog person
  2. wears knee highs
  3. manly hands
  4. aura of Cherokee Indian
  5. facebook addict
  6. homebody
  7. pretty junk mail collector
  8. tries to be organized
  9. reformed smoker
  10. no prescriptions
  11. hard worker
  12. worry wart
  13. prays-a-lot
  14. people pleaser
  15. frightened of mice
  16. recent texter
  17. camera lover
  18. common sense
  19. bad singer
  20. tattoo
  21. ugly toe
  22. simple
  23. college grad
  24. map reader
  25. not responsible for violent actions when poked in the midsection
  26. ferrero rocher hoarder
  27. puppy breath sniffer
  28. war movie hater
  29. stepmom
  30. crafter
  31. creature of habit, yet spontaneous
  32. fruit eater
  33. never liked to talk on the phone
  34. ocean/sand/sun 
  35. music lover
  36. wants to learn to quilt
  37. family-oriented
  38. country girl
  39. going to Heaven
I am going to Heaven...someday, but God willing not today!

When I turned 30 I was totally distraught and depressed.
I'm grabbing 40 by the horns.
So here I come 40, ready or not!


    Cyber Monday Free Shipping

    So in honor of Cyber Monday tomorrow, I'm offering free shipping on my JOY notecards through midnight tomorrow (Central time). 

    There is also time to order prints for Christmas, but time in ticking on these if you want custom framing.

    Let me know ASAP if you want a quote or if you want to order prints and get your own frame (recommended in lieu of trying to ship a large frame).

    I encourage you to buy handmade for your gift giving!  There are lots of Cyber Monday sales over at Etsy.  I'm truly amazed at the quality and craftsmanship that I have found on Etsy.  It is truly a place to find that one of a kind gift for everyone on your list!



    for a most blessed, low key Thanksgiving!
    We missed our annual trek to Conway, but we got to go to my Mom's which I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Not just because it's my Mom and family, but it was nice to come home and enjoy relaxing and lazying around instead of driving most of the day.

    I did miss seeing all the Whitten/Garrett clan, they are so much fun to spend holidays with!

    Here are some shots from the day.

    I should add that I have a pretty monumental birthday coming up next week so we went ahead and celebrated that along with Thanksgiving.  I got my Aunt Kathi's homemade, fresh banana cake that is OH SO DELIGHTFUL!

    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    (told you it was monumental - 4 is a monumental age ya know!)

    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    BTW, Mom if you are reading this, I'm very proud of you for not chopping my head off!) :)

    Jake enjoyed the cake also! This was the first of two emptied plates!
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Handsome Joe!
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Father & son
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    James &

    Memaw were anxiously waiting to get a piece of that cake!
    Thanksgiving Day 2009

    and what Thanksgiving is complete without some football?
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Thanksgiving Day 2009

    There is one more photo of my Mom playing Guitar Hero but she was unhappy that I posted it on Facebook, so I'll refrain from posting it here. Love you Mom!

    Black Friday for me was spent sleeping in and hanging out in my PJ's.  Put up the tree and id not, I repeat, DID NOT fall for the obscene early morning shopping craze.