Inside Project House 2012

Beware, some images in this post may be shocking!
Just because I have not posted about Project House the last couple of weeks doesn't mean there has not been some progress!

While I was in Florida last week, James and crew got the new metal roof put on.  I had a hard time deciding on colors for roof and siding, but ended up choosing a neutral brown tone metal and a gray siding with white trim.  I know....boooorrrrring!  Just didn't want to get too carried away and become outdated in a few years.  Siding is ordered and hopefully we will have it up soon.

They also took down the brick half wall that was on the front of the house and tore off the back porch.


Yay, no more brick!

So today, we began the daunting task of working inside.  However, before we can do a whole lot, there is tons of clean-up that must be done as you will see from these next few images.  I just wanted to get good "before" shots of all the rooms before they were touched so we could really appreciate the finished project! 

 (yes, you are correct, there is no floor in the living room!) 

Saved insulation from the missing floor we presume. 
(WHY would someone save this????)

There was some roof leak which cause damage inside. 

So, today we got all the carpet and padding out (as well as all that fantastic insulation) and started taking out the carpet tacking.  We also discovered a weird floor issue in one of the bedrooms that puzzled James, but I know he will figure it out!  The A/C we are still unsure about - the wires have been cut, so it was a hot day to work.  Luckily the house has an attic fan (one of my favorite features - we had one our house growing up) so there was a little airflow.

I also put out mouse/rat poison and foggers so we could make sure there are no varmints or creepy crawlies taking up residence. 

More to come!


The arrival of River

Again, I have neglected my dear old blog!
BUT, I must say these last two months have literally flown by.
July 1st, really????

I have so much to catch up on with photoshoots, Project House, etc, but my biggest news is this little guy:
Welcome grandbaby #2, River Jacob on June 16th in the wee hours of the morning.

I know it's normal to think your own are more beautiful, but really, is he not the most precious thing ever????

I mean look at that sweet smile! :)

Here he is with his sweet momma! 
I've never seen anyone so excited to become a Mom. I know she is going to be a great one too. 

And, here I am in Grammy Blissdom! 
I am truly blessed to have these babies in my life. 
I just hope I can be a good Grammy to them. 

I want to teach them family values, Christian values, how to make messes...then clean them up,
fun arts & crafts, snuggling, silly songs & dances, that it's okay to cry, and how to love unconditionally.

My heart is full!