jack of diamonds - Finally a snow day today! It was gorgeous AND I have found out I have another one tomorrow. Cannot believe I get TWO snow days in a row. I feel like a kid again. :D


queen of clubs - I do love art, but sometimes I feel more love and today was one of those days.

I do think art is a blessing to behold!

Snow by the Hour

First of all let me just state exactly how thrilled I am to have a snow day....FINALLY!!! Thought I would capture the snow each hour today to see how quickly it would pile up.

This morning when we got up we had a light dusting I took this picture at 8AM Central:

Shortly after, it began to snow and at 9AM, it looked like this:
It was really snowing then - big, beautiful, wet snowflakes. At 10AM we had this to look at:
It slacked off then and at 11AM, this is what it looked like:
Currently, it is not really snowing, but there is some type of precipitation coming down. I'll continue to take pictures throughout the day if it cranks up again.


let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

It is forecasted and I'm so thrilled!!! I really think this time it WILL snow. I just want one snow day, that's all! I'm really excited about the idea of staying home all day and being in my pj's. I know it's still a longshot, but it would be so awesome. I think I'm more excited than Alex for a snow day.

I'm ready snow, bring it on!
...then please go away and bring on the spring....thanks!



5 of diamonds: Yes, I have it! I cannot help it! I know it's early, but I get this time every year.


3 of hearts: Big Old Nap is just what the doctor ordered for me today! Sometimes a nap can make you feel worse ...sometimes better . I was blessed today with the latter.

Alex's Daily Something Cards

Alex now has the daily fever...for now at least. She decided last night after looking through my cards, she wanted to try to make one. She is calling her "daily something" (she also looked through my daily something lo's that I was doing for awhile). I think she has done a pretty darn good job on these. I hope she continues to do them.
I love her prom dress card! I didn't even freak too much after she cut into this piece of Love, Elsie that I was "saving"...I'm such a freak to save scrapbook paper...I mean what in the world am I saving it for??? I thought she did the Love, Elsie justice on this. She might have to start her own scrapbook blog!!! :D


4/52 Elsies 52 week challenge

Cannot believe I actually finished my fourth week within the fourth week!

Make Your Own Chipboard AccentsChipboard is so popular right now! By making your own chipboard accents, you can add a custom look to any scrapbook page.

I fashioned these hearts from chipboard, glitter, paint and glue. Very messy and fun. I was going to add more to them, but decided I liked them more simple. Of course, the photo is Angus, my little Bub! I love this picture of him. He is a great dog!


9 of spades - Not that it made you break a sweat but the warmth of the sunshine and above freezing temps was awesome today! Also the warmth of family was a plus!


for the birds...

Not the day, the day was TERRIFIC! But this cute little bird seed thingie-ma-jigger IS for the birds. What a splendid day - it was actually above the freezing mark and the sun was out and I have totally caught a full blown case of spring fever!

Mom & I went to visit Granny, Cindy and Judy today which is always fun. Cindy hung out some bird feeders and we just visited and caught up.
Found out my Uncle Tommy is coming in a couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to that.

Got my T2T February box in the mail today - cannot wait to get the one from Diana. I am sure it will have all kinds of scrappy goodness.

I love this Overlooked project from SIStv's fashionista, Ashley Wren and need to do my page as well as put together my coffee cup photo and story here. You don't have to be a scrapbooker to play along and I welcome anyone to jump in there and give 'er a shot.


Elsie 52 Week Challenge Week #3

Week #3 challenge for the 52 week challenge is:
No matter how you turn it or what you add to it (think buttons, lace, eyelets and embroidery floss), ribbon is a terrific page border that can be attached in so many creative ways -- with eyelets, brads, staples, embroidery floss and more.
I decided to choose a picture of Joe for this week since I did Jake for Week #2. Joe or JoJo or Joseph Rex (Rex was my Pa Hutch) is Jake's big bro. Joe has been dubbed "the six year old singing sensation!" This little guy is smarter and has more talent than most adults I know. He is full of faith and music and is truly a superKID!!! I love him dearly for his sensitivity.

Already working on this week's challenge (week #4) Homemade Chipboard!


2 of diamonds - When one forgets to set the coffee the night before and therefore does not have coffee when one arises to begin their day AND it's below freezing; one realizes what a blessing the automatic coffee pot is!


4 of diamonds - So glad God blessed me with common sense.



king of clubs-having a to-do list and actually marking stuff off was a true work blessing!

sidenote: love these flocked Making Memories flowers that I received as a bingo prize back in November. First time using them - I'm trying to be less of a scrap-hoarder.

daily blessing.1.21.08

queen of hearts - Not my most favorite cards, but it was a blessing to have my grocery list ready for the entire week's worth of dinners. (too bad it doesn't go get itself and put itself up...and while I'm wishing...it could cook itself too!)


joker - Mom's house is such a blessing, 'specially on Sundays after church for lunch. :)


If only I had shot this 10 minutes before. The sky was gorgeous at sunset today. It looked like a rainbow! Sadly, I didn't have my camera right then, but went back to try and capture it. I think it is still very pretty. I also shot a picture of the moon tonight. After mom called me last night to tell me about the ultra huge ring aroud the moon I couldn't see it, but tonight, wham bam, it was there. Of course snow is in our forecast and it is an old wives tale that a ring is a good indication of snow to come. We'll see if the forecasters get it right. I would like one pretty snow, but then I'm ready for warmer days and flowers and crickets and tree frogs and longer days. I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself and will have to wait a couple more months, but I'm ready!


2 of clubs - I was blessed to receive some happy mail from a friend from SIStv, Diana. She sent me some cute little bling embellies, including these awesome flowers; and some jumbo playing cards; as well as the best lip stuff evah: Lip Medex. What a sweet person she is. Amazing how someone you have never met in person can be such a blessing! I am also her T2T person this month, so I'm excited to get my box from her.

used: kraft paper, color pencils, black ink edges, black pen, and embellies.


Recap from this week

I've been a little lax in blogging except for posting my daily blessings. This week went pretty darn fast. I have missed my prends Karla and Judy. K was in DC at a meeting and Judy and I have just missed each other. The week was fairly productive workwise.
Finally broke down and got a haircut...brought back my bangs...much needed btw. Feels so much better. I also got the long overdue oil change today.
Received the book Understanding Exposure that we ordered at work and I brought it home to try to read this weekend. It's an awesome read and I already feel like I've learned a lot in the first few pages. Looking forward to reading more.
Also still trying to do my daily bible readings and am staying ahead. Go me!
I'll try to post a "new hair" pic over the weekend.

Elsie 52 Week Challenge #2

The week two challenge over here on SIStv was posted last week:
FOCUS ON ONE PHOTO: Convert a favorite photograph into a black-and-white image, then use it as the focal-point photo on your page. It will draw your viewer's eye right into the essence of your layout!

Here is what I did:

This is my youngest (4 yo) cousin, Robert Jacob "Jake". I love taking his photos. He is so photogenic. This was Christmas Eve and my aunt had given him this vintage plaid hat and he wore it around most of the night. How many 4 yo's love getting clothes for Christmas? Well, this one does. He had gotten some kind of remote control flying thing and so we had to go outside in the freezing weather to fly it! I happen to capture him while he was watching it. I love how happy he looks and his little hand is so expressive.

Week#3 went up Tuesday, but I'm a wee bit behind, hopefully have it done this weekend.


2 of hearts - I so look forward to getting up on Friday mornings to put on my most comfy pair of jeans to go to work! It is truly a blessing and a treat, especially on such cold mornings!


daily blessing.1.15.08

2 of clubs - I take for granted my job, but it is truly a blessing to have a job that I mostly love and people that I do love to work with!
used: randome paper for background, bits of ribbon, SEI alpha stickers, felt flower, brad, black pen and MM Date stamp.


2 of clubs - When the headlines talk about all the crazies, I feel so blessed to live in the good old country. Yes, I know bad things can happen here, but not nearly as much. Plus it's just dang filled with beauty!!! :)


jack of spades - nothing like crawling into clean sheets!



9 of clubs...what more can I say???



6 of hearts - Feeling creative tonight and that in itself is a blessing. Just felt like throwing some things down on my card. I like it!

used - pieces of black cardstock (although i pretty much covered it up), pieces of book pages, some packing material, a paper bag flower I cut out quite a while ago and chalked, button, vintage lace, a straight pin, small scraps of pp, black pen and MM date stamp.


? of ? Started my College Success Class tonight with 8 great students. I'm so excited about teaching this class for the next 8 weeks. I see a theme 8 students, 8 weeks. Sounds like Survivor or something! :D

used: pp from a Red Velvet kit (i think) a piece of note pad paper, black pen, staples and MM date stamp.


6 of spades - was wishing I had my camera while driving during the sunset. It was stunning and the colors were so vivid. I tried to recreate on this blessing card with paint. Not nearly as spectacular!



1-9-08 coffee cup
Originally uploaded by kwhitten
This is one of the coolest projects I've seen in awhile. One of the SIStv's fashionistas, Ashley Wren, began the Overlooked project. This is the first assignment.


daily.blessing 1.8.08

10 of clubs - Love these vintage/retro kitchen labels that I picked up at the Stock Exchange - my cousin's groovy shop. Love weeknights when dinner is simple*quick*good! Just like my poppyseed chicken. Had the chicken cooked last night while fixing that dinner, so it was easy peasy!

used matte photo paper as base with ribbon, label and an "e" brad for easy, of course! :) .01 black zig and fine AC slick writer, MM date stamp.


Elsie's 52 Week Challenge

So I've taken alot of new "projects" on for the new year. I am a realist and know that I won't stick with all of them for 2008. In fact, I've not done so hot on my 365 challenge so far. I LOVE to take pictures, but it's hard for me to take them of myself on a day-to-day basis. I'm not giving up yet, but I'm just saying...
This 52 week challenge project along with my daily blessing cards which I am already doing anyway, and my bible in a year are three things I really think I can do. I have made my first week's layout and this cutie patootie cover based on Elise Blaha's instructions. I am loving the way it turned out. I used Elsie's paper and the self-adhesive fabric paper for the inside cover from the Roxie line. worked great!
Week 1 prompt which is being provided on the boards at SIStv by fellow Arkansan, Linda is straight from Elsie Flannigan's first book, 52 Scrapbooking Challenges.:

Work those words - Whether it's a quote, a list of your favorite adjectives or computer-generated phrases, journaling on strips of cardstock is a great way to add visual excitement to your page. Be creative and cut a favorite quote into pieces to add to your design.

I'm using regular standard sized notecards for my project. I thought it would be something different and I don't recall anyone else using them so I thought I would try something new.

Here is my week one:
This is a picture from Christmas of my Granny DeShazo and all her grand and great grand. We were taking serious pictures with her, but thought it would be fun to do a silly picture. I used transparency with a white Sharpie and pink acrylic painted on the backside. The picture looks discolored over Haley's face...please excuse that!
These prompts come out on Tuesday (i think) so I look forward to this week's challenge.


king of hearts - I worked out and was sweating again - felt great!
used some older paper with paint, black pen, rick rack & staples.
I was going to start posting my materials and techniques for these each day this year, but keep forgetting.


king of clubs - Almost spring like...very decieving for January 6th, but I am loving the warmth!



jack of clubs - I love days like today. I literally took a shower and put on clean pj's, hung out with Alex, Amy and Memaw, played the Wii, scrapbooked, tried to organize my organizer (LOL that sounds funny), caught up on my daily Bible readings, and made a cake for church dinner tomorrow. I guess I did do something after all!


It ain't easy bein' green

that is my color in the ATC color swap I signed up for and I had fun making all 17 of those little green machines! I cannot wait to get all the colors back and look at everyone elses handiwork on these. This is the first swap like this I have done, so I hope my work halfway holds a candle to the others.

Here is the entire pile of cards. I am pretty happy with the way they turned out actually. My next endeavor is the ATC alphabet swap. My letter: Q. I am also doing a bible verse ATC swap. I am really looking forward to it. Which reminds me...

I have another goal for the new year: reading through the entire bible. My friend Suellen is also doing this and she had one of the bibles set up to read by date. She let me borrow it to bring home over the weekend to catch up. Then I will be following along on through Bible Study Tools (BST) which I found through an online ad on one of my emailed devotionals. I am really excited about tackling this and really think it will be something good to do at this phase of my life. I am going to read the New Living Translation because I can follow it pretty well and understand it.
Happy Weekend!


8 of spades-Friday is a blessing and a short work week.



10 of diamonds-I love my Crocs! The original Crocs are awesome but these Celeste Crocs Rock! <----I made a rhyme! :)



7 of clubs- "Good Times". I am really trying to stay positive on this, the first day back to work after the 2 week Christmas holiday!
using teal cardstock with a card stock sticker from Alohi in the T2T swap on SIS.


jack of diamonds-New Year=fresh start!
using...Hambly overlay, green card stock (same as my "green" atc for swap) and some ink



I cannot believe it is a new year already...
I cannot believe I already have to return to work tomorrow....
I cannot believe I have once again neglected to blog....

I'm not a resolution-ey making person, but I do have good intentions to be a better person in 2008.

I intend to be a better Christian, a better wife, a better stepmom, a better daughter, a better daughter-in-law, a better mother-in-law, a better niece, a better cousin, a better sister, a better grandaughter, a better friend, a better employee, a better photographer, a better scrapbooker, a better manager of money, a better eater, a better exerciser, a better housekeeper, a better organizer, a better blogger, a better cooker, a better shopper, a better {fill-in-the-blank}.
This list could definitely go on. I would love to hear your intentions in 2008.


ace of spades: Happy New Year and Happy Sweet 16 to Alex! I am blessed to have such a fun/beautiful/smart/talented stepdaughter. Actually, I am blessed to have great stepchildren altogether.


6 of clubs-I love to find jeans that fit just right. I also love mine and mom's "after Christmas, Christmas shopping"! So fun to hit those sales.


6 of diamonds - just like Dorothy...there's no place like home! Nothing makes you appreciate it like being in a hotel out of town for a few days!