Thanksgiving Day 2009
Since today is the last day of my life in the decade of my thirties,
I thought it fitting to make a list.
You know us bloggers, always a list of some sort!

I call this list 39.

  1. dog person
  2. wears knee highs
  3. manly hands
  4. aura of Cherokee Indian
  5. facebook addict
  6. homebody
  7. pretty junk mail collector
  8. tries to be organized
  9. reformed smoker
  10. no prescriptions
  11. hard worker
  12. worry wart
  13. prays-a-lot
  14. people pleaser
  15. frightened of mice
  16. recent texter
  17. camera lover
  18. common sense
  19. bad singer
  20. tattoo
  21. ugly toe
  22. simple
  23. college grad
  24. map reader
  25. not responsible for violent actions when poked in the midsection
  26. ferrero rocher hoarder
  27. puppy breath sniffer
  28. war movie hater
  29. stepmom
  30. crafter
  31. creature of habit, yet spontaneous
  32. fruit eater
  33. never liked to talk on the phone
  34. ocean/sand/sun 
  35. music lover
  36. wants to learn to quilt
  37. family-oriented
  38. country girl
  39. going to Heaven
I am going to Heaven...someday, but God willing not today!

When I turned 30 I was totally distraught and depressed.
I'm grabbing 40 by the horns.
So here I come 40, ready or not!


    Cyber Monday Free Shipping

    So in honor of Cyber Monday tomorrow, I'm offering free shipping on my JOY notecards through midnight tomorrow (Central time). 

    There is also time to order prints for Christmas, but time in ticking on these if you want custom framing.

    Let me know ASAP if you want a quote or if you want to order prints and get your own frame (recommended in lieu of trying to ship a large frame).

    I encourage you to buy handmade for your gift giving!  There are lots of Cyber Monday sales over at Etsy.  I'm truly amazed at the quality and craftsmanship that I have found on Etsy.  It is truly a place to find that one of a kind gift for everyone on your list!



    for a most blessed, low key Thanksgiving!
    We missed our annual trek to Conway, but we got to go to my Mom's which I thoroughly enjoyed.
    Not just because it's my Mom and family, but it was nice to come home and enjoy relaxing and lazying around instead of driving most of the day.

    I did miss seeing all the Whitten/Garrett clan, they are so much fun to spend holidays with!

    Here are some shots from the day.

    I should add that I have a pretty monumental birthday coming up next week so we went ahead and celebrated that along with Thanksgiving.  I got my Aunt Kathi's homemade, fresh banana cake that is OH SO DELIGHTFUL!

    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    (told you it was monumental - 4 is a monumental age ya know!)

    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    BTW, Mom if you are reading this, I'm very proud of you for not chopping my head off!) :)

    Jake enjoyed the cake also! This was the first of two emptied plates!
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Handsome Joe!
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Father & son
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    James &

    Memaw were anxiously waiting to get a piece of that cake!
    Thanksgiving Day 2009

    and what Thanksgiving is complete without some football?
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Thanksgiving Day 2009
    Thanksgiving Day 2009

    There is one more photo of my Mom playing Guitar Hero but she was unhappy that I posted it on Facebook, so I'll refrain from posting it here. Love you Mom!

    Black Friday for me was spent sleeping in and hanging out in my PJ's.  Put up the tree and id not, I repeat, DID NOT fall for the obscene early morning shopping craze.  


    so thankful

    I'm not a big card maker, except for the cards I'm selling in my Etsy, but I decided to whip this one up with my November Crazy Daisy Kit Co. I sent this one to my Granny to let her know just how thankful I am for her. 
    so thankful
    Had to join the bandwagon of thankfulness on the blogisphere:
    • my faith in Jesus Christ
    • the power of prayer
    • my family
    • my friends - online & IRL
    • my job 
    • my church family
    • my God given talents
    • my Angus dog
    • my camera and love of photography
    • the freedom of speech that this blog allows - nobody to correct my spelling, punctuation or use of abbreviations.
    • my design team work with Crazy Daisy Kit Co. - it has been such a blessing & a treat!
    • water
    • my health 
    • food to eat & a roof over my head
    • my love of food (sometimes too much) ;)
    • all of the inspiration that is right here at my fingertips on the world wide web.  
    So thankful for so much.  
    Best wishes to you and yours.

    Seeing a pattern?

    Yes, I've been hot and cold on ye olde blogge as of late.
    I guess it goes along with my moode as of late!

    peaks and valleys right?

    One thing that is bringing me down is all the early Christmas stuff.
    It just gets earlier every year and overshadows one of the best holidays IMO, Thanksgiving!

    I understand the reason...the almighty dollar.
    Christmas has just become so commercialized - heck I'm as guilty as the next person of falling into the game.

    Anyway, I hope to "catch the spirit" in the next week (after tomorrow's Thanksgiving celebration of course!)

    Wanted to share some shots from Alex's horseshow banquet last weekend.

    HHSA Banquet 09

    Unfortunately her Dad couldn't go so her escort was Dan when the Queens were called to the stage for their awards. 
    HHSA Banquet 09

    Molly & Austin were excited about their trophies given in honor of Butch Honey,
    a great man that we lost last year.
    HHSA Banquet 09
    Molly Grace won her very first buckle and boy was she excited!
    She was showing everyone her prize
    HHSA Banquet 09
    Pretty girls, eh?
    HHSA Banquet 09
    HHSA Banquet 09
    Molly's new baby brother, Marcus Allen had his first Santa experience
    HHSA Banquet 09

    however, I don't think this was Elaine's first experience!!! :)
    I love this woman!
    HHSA Banquet 09


    Christmas ideas

    Okay, so I'll admit this post is one hundred percent self promotion, but just roll with it.

    I am really excited about the interest I've had so far from friends & colleagues in my Country Text prints & notecards for the Christmas season.  

    I just thought I'd shamelessly plug them here on my blog for my two or three readers who might need a unique Christmas gift idea.  HA ;)

    I am taking orders right now for JOY notecards (who wouldn't love to get a unique, one-of-a-kind Christmas card in the mail?), letter prints to take and frame yourself, or framed words, where I'll take care of the framing for you.  

    After some time and lots of "ciphering" I've got pricing for some standard framing.  I'm using a local frame shop and have been very pleased with their work.  The pricing depends on the number of letters, so unfortunately in your name is Featherstonehaugh (1996 Guiness World Book's longest last name), it will cost much more than my friends who have the last name of Orr!  

    You can go through my Etsy shop (linked up over there in the top right hand corner) --------->
    or just shoot me an email at kwhitten at gmail dot com and let me know what you would like. 

    Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled blogginess! =) 


    Doing it Accordian style!

    So each month I say it, but I truly love this month's Crazy Daisy Kit!
    Take this mini accordian album by Bazzill for instance:
    I made this for a little gift for my great friend Nancy.  She and Alex began this Fall/Halloween gathering a few years ago adn it has now grown into a fun annual tradition that is one of my favorite events.
    I made the album and included photos through the years:
    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    november crazy daisy mini

    Get yours while you can! 

    finally a full peek

    I realize I never posted the full layouts I did for November's Crazy Daisy Kit.

    Love the colors and patterns in this month!

    This is an 8.5x11 using a a self portrait from a few weeks ago during our very short peak fall foliage time:

    November Crazy Daisy KIt

    November Crazy Daisy KIt

    November Crazy Daisy KIt

    This is a layout about Jake's obsession with the Wii!
    November Crazy Daisy KIt

    November Crazy Daisy KIt

    November Crazy Daisy KIt

    More later!



    So for consistency's sake, I just thought I would do everything several days late this week!
    For instance, the Fall Prompting prompt that I have been posting on the weekend that I totally forgot about.

    I just know people have been sitting on the edge of their seats to find out the prompt.  My phone has literally been ringing off the hook with inquiries!

    Okay, okay, I'll just get to it.  The prompt is "Giving".

    How appropriate I thought since today was Veteran's Day.

    Who else is more giving than our Country's vets?
    All gave some, Some gave all.
    Took this at our community's American Veteran's Memorial during the Veteran's Day ceremony today.

    Get out your camera, dust it off, and join in the fun at our Flickr group: Fall Prompting

    weekend recap - yes, I know it's Wednesday

    So it's already Wednesday and just where did Monday and Tuesday go?

    A little recap of last weekend in pictures for you:

    Took Friday off and went to spend some time with my sweet Granny and my uncle Tommy who has been here from San Diego.

     my cousin's cute dog Rocky:
    Went out to eat Friday night for Nancy's birthday.
    How cute are they?
    dan and nancy
    Alex & Molly are always up to cheese for the camera!
    alex and molly

    Went Saturday to our friend Kelly and Lance's wedding.
    It was seriously the sweetest wedding...very Fall oriented.
    Took place outside at the groom's parents home. Perfect weather too!
    It was an afternoon ceremony and the setting sun made a gorgeous glow on everything.
    Kelly and Lance

    wedding fun

    Kelly and Lance


    Kelly and Lance

    Is that cake not the best?  Kelly's daughter, Jacki made it: Italian Cream, one of my faves!  Note the cute detail of the horseshow cake stand!  :)