little sneaky peek

So I got my new June kit from Crazy Daisy Kit Co. and let me tell you it once again rocks!
I'm so excited about the exclusive felt book that comes in this kit.
Here is a sneak from the CDK blog
I don't consider this book a "mini-book" either! It's like a 6x9 book with several blank pages.
I've been working on a project with it and am very excited about its transformation. Let's just say it involves my sewing machine and some paint!

Go on over to the Crazy Daisy Kit Co. blog and meet two more members of the design team.
JJ Sobey and Grace Tolman.
Wowza, can we say "INSPIRED!?"
I cannot wait to get to know these ladies more.

More sneak peeks coming soon!

Here is a LO I did for the Category Stories "What's Cooking" challenge:
Jacob eating one of his favorite foods: Spinich! That kid loves all food really and is not afraid to try anything.
Have a great week!


work retreat. an oxymoron?

I don't talk too much about my job on here, but thought I would share the past couple of days from my "work" world. Mind you this is certainly not a normal day at the office, but this is one of the reasons I enjoy and appreciate my job.

I work with some great people.

Trust me, to work in the world of higher education at the community college level is not glamorous by any means. The pay kind of sucks and sometimes the bureaucracy, politics & funding (or lack thereof) can be discouraging, but working with local people who want to better themselves through the educational programs & degrees that a community college offers and seeing the "life-change" in their lives makes it worthwhile.

Although I work in the marketing/PR/advertising part of the college, I have also taught a freshman orientation type course called College Success Orientation. The class has gone through several changes and there has been some confusion as far as curriculum, etc. A retreat was planned by those in charge so we could have some in depth training/best practices sharing, and team-building.

Enter the past two days of my life.

The retreat at
Gastons on the White River.

Our group shot on the back deck overlooking the river.
Dinner cooking.
That salad was quite tasty with fresh lettuce from Nancy's garden. (thanks Nancy!)
Yes, I ate the whole thing!
View from the back deck - The river is so beautiful and calming and after meeting all day inside the meeting room, this view was our reward.
This little guy was our guest. Some kind of caterpillar we presumed.
He was a little weird looking with his red head and mohawk style 'do. Walked down to the bank behind the cabin to get a closer view of the water.
No worries or stress when you look at these views!
We were impressed with this rock work along the riverbank.View of the River Villa from the river.
see those shrubs along the back?
some slithering creatures like to inhabit those we discovered!
I rose early yesterday morning before our breakfast meeting to enjoy some of the nature trail.
What a beautiful way to begin a day.
Cleared my mind, had a little talk with God, snapped several pictures, watched some birds and jumped a doe still napping. (don't know who jumped higher, me or her!)
Loved this sign!
They were everywhere, along with informative signs about the local creatures; and benches strategically placed to sit and watch the river go by.
We had our lunch & breakfast meetings at the Gaston's restaurant.
Loved all the decor: collections of antiques everywhere.
One part of the restaurant had bicyles and tricycles hanging from the ceiling.
Another part had old boat motors hanging.
Good food and spectacular views.Believe it or not, there was a lot of work done during this two day excursion. I truly think that working in a beautiful & calming place like this is very conducive to productivity. No distractions by what is going on in offices and computers and a five minute break to walk outside and breath the fresh air along the river is a much better break than going to check your voicemail and emails!

Much was accomplished, relationships were built and laughs were had.

So thankful to have a job like this - and to be able to work with such good people.


creating is good!

So I had in mind to be outside more this weekend, but yesterday's pouring rain allowed me time to do some creating and today has been kind of touch and go - sun then clouds, mixed in with a few sprinkles, but a nice breezy day. I have been sitting out off and on today reading The Shack. Been wanting to read it, but not a big reader. I've been sucked in though and look forward to reading more.

I did more layouts with my May Crazy Daisy Kit Co. goodies and believe it or not, I still have tons more to work with! I'm amazed at how far these kits have gone! I even utilized some of my March kit into some of these LO's. Check out the Crazy Daisy blog for some great inspiration from the new design team members. Trace is being highlighted so go check her out and leave her some love on her blog.

I am so loving all the bright colors in the May kit. I think I pretty much used them all on this layout with pictures from Alex's birthday/New Year's Eve. =)
(that awesome blue Swiss dot gathered ribbon is from the March kit! I love that stuff!)
The next two layouts utilize one piece of scalloped cardstock. I took my metal ruler and ripped the scallops off leaving a center square of just less than 8 inches. I like the nice smooth torn edges it left. I mounted the square onto a piece of black cardstock to use for a layout in my 8x8 album. I love finding ways to stretch my papers out to more than one layout!

this is another one for Molly's album, someday I'll give them up Brandi! ;)I took a piece of shaped chipboard from my March Crazy Daisy kit and spraypainted with red to give me a background for this little layout that also utilizes some little scraps from the other papers in my May kit. Just cut out some little thumbnails of summery images added some of the letter stickers (with the bottoms cut off) and voila!
I may have to do one of these for each season.
Love the Creative Type challenges and decided to give this one a go!
The numbers game.
I have been such a Hambly hoarder, I just thought it was too pretty to be hiding in my paper stash any longer!
Decided to pick some random numbers from my life right now and put this together.
Yes, that is 1485 Twitter updates....I am addicted!
Follow me if ya wanna.

So, I have to return to work tomorrow. UGH!
But it's okay, I am feeling good about some projects that I am finally getting done. YAY!
We have a cookout over at Cody & Amy's this evening.
It's been a good long weekend - doing a variety of things I love. Could have used a little more sun on my transparent legs though! (remember my to-do list?)

Happy Memorial Day and be sure to remember those who have given their lives so that we can live, speak and worship freely.


rainy day fun

Needing some entertainment for a rainy day?
Well, let me suggest getting yourself a schnauzer and a box turtle.
Angus (the schnauzer in my life) was having a fit to go out so I gave in (as always) and let him out on the back porch thinking he would run out into the rain, do his business and get back to the dry porch pretty quick.
Little did he or I know there would be this innocent, unsuspecting little box turtle taking refuge on the back porch to escape the weather.

I saw what was getting ready to happen and ran back in to grab the camera. (you can never miss a photo op!)

Angus knew whatever that thing was did not belong there,
and immediately moved in for the attack.
I mean a schnauzer HAS to defend his territory, right?

Well, he saw right away that whatever this little creature was, it was alive.
"Let me back up and rethink this whole thing. Wouldn't want to get hurt!""Okay, I'm going to move in here and take a closer inspection."Notice the turtle is unwavering in his stance.
...So is Angus.
"Maybe I can scare him from this side."

Well, we'll try this side."

Finally Angus gets a little more brave and crouches down, ready to move in for the attack.
Oh, yes, he is one brave schnauzer.
I've heard those box turtles have been known to take out whole litters of schnauzers
in one fail swoop!
Be careful Angus.

Finally, Angus makes his move and the little turtle decides he best scoot on away before he gets carried off in the crushing jaws of the furry brave monster known as Angus.
never mind that blurry last shot. I had to intercept the turtle before Angus really did get hold of it. I mean it only took him 15 minutes to move in and run the turtle off the edge of the porch.

I know most of you will not find this as humorous as I did. I was LOLing during this entire escapade. If you have a schnauzer or any dog for that matter, you can probably appreciate the humor of this. If not, you probably didn't make it through to this point anyway, and it really doesn't matter anyway now does it?

****please note: no turtles....or schnauzers were harmed in the making of this rainy day fun. The turtle was captured and set free in a dry spot of the yard - away from the clenching jaws of the crazed Angus.

On another note, I did some scrapbooking this weekend and will be back later with a new post and some of my random pictures from the weekend.
Happy Rainy Sunday!


Yeah Baby

What a fantastic morning!
Me & my cup-o-joe sat outside and felt the warmth of the God's beautiful morning light.
It's going to be a good day. I can just tell.
Just like Angus is looking forward to see what he will get into next, I want to grab this weekend by the horns and enjoy what I can find.
Part of my weekend goal is to take some random photos and thought I would start this morning.
We are attending a little graduation/birthday get together for our friend Dylan today at the river. No, I will probably NOT be sporting a swimsuit just for the record!

Got more accomplished on this list, so I really feel like I can get some much needed R&R the rest of the weekend.
  • sleep past 5AM again today, but up earlier.
  • finish a couple of layouts with my May Crazy Daisy kit. did one!
  • get some sun on my transparent legs. hopefully this will happen today.
  • pick up some graduation gifts.
  • put together the church directory and print a draft before Sunday. got through the C's!
  • pedicure (self-inflicted - I don't like others touching my tootsies)
  • change sheets & do a little laundry.
  • give Angus a bath.
  • take some random pictures just because. plan to do more of this.
I'm really happy to have gotten so much done.
I also did some photo backups which needed to happen.

Added some fun music from my youth to my online playlist: The Cure & Yaz! (total blast from the past!) Even found some Kris Allen on there already! :)

If you are ever interested, head on over to
My playlists. I have gotten a lot of this from other online blogs or sites that I frequent. It's really simple to jack a song from someone list to add to your own. I enjoy a variety, so my second list called "mix" is just that: a huge mix. If you have a playlist, let me know, I would love to hear what you are listening to.

Go ME!


my looooong weekend has begun

So after starting 10 hour days this week, I made it through without falling asleep once at work.
That is a good thing.

I'm so excited that I have officially begun my 4 day holiday weekend about an hour ago.
That is a good thing.

no horseshow or other commitments Saturday.
That is a good thing.

My hometown boy, Kris Allen won American Idol last night!
That is a good thing.

(you see where I'm going with this right?)

I do have some things I want to do during the next couple of days and decided to blog them so I might be more accountable.
here goes...in no particular order:
  • sleep past 5AM
  • finish a couple of layouts with my May Crazy Daisy kit. did one!
  • get some sun on my transparent legs. I shaved them, does that count for something?
  • pick up some graduation gifts.
  • put together the church directory and print a draft before Sunday. began this task.
  • pedicure (self-inflicted - I don't like others touching my tootsies)
  • change sheets & do a little laundry.
  • give Angus a bath.
  • take some random pictures just because.
(marked a few off and started on others...after day one, not bad!)

Dang, I didn't realize how many things I wanted to get done. I should probably get started on that pretty quick. I'm pretty sure I've got the first one covered!

This list is subject to change, btw.

Thanks & have a pleasant holiday weekend....let us not forgot the reason for Memorial Day - to celebrate those who have given their lives in service to our Country.

A few images from the last few days in my life....

last Saturday's never ending horseshow.
Alex receiving her All Regional/All-State Award from her softball coach, Becky Rider at the Softball Banquet. and finally....Ms. Tara Renee Rook got her diploma as she graduated from Kindergarten!
YAY TARA!!!Um, hello! How cute is that outfit?


Some pretty flippin awesome news to share!

Guess who made the Crazy Daisy Kit Co Design Team?
Before you answer....

Guess who is the Design Team Leader?

Holy Cow, you cannot guess?

Okay, I'll give you a hint:

She's obsessed with taking pictures.

still nothing?

Okay, here is one more hint:

her eye is pictured on this blog.

Yes, you're right, it's me!

I'm so excited.... mixed with a little nervous!

Check out the announcement over at the Crazy Daisy Kit Co Blog.

While you are there, check out the other design team members' blogs.
I cannot wait to get to know them.

You might also want to pick yourself up a subscription for their kits or try out May's kit and see what you think...it will not disappoint!

Looking forward to creating with these awesome kits over the next few months. :)


brown in review

Our Flickr color fun group did brown (aka doo-doo brown) a couple of weeks ago and this is a mosaic of those photos.
love all the different shades!
{credits below}
1. brown, 2. brown refried beans, 3. brown blouse, 4. chatting ewes, 5. 100_4587 2, 6. cinnamon toast, 7. brown old Old Navy flip flops, 8. brown office decor, 9. Mable and Minnie, 10. brown sunglasses, 11. slate table, 12. Methodist Church, 13. Cup-o-Joe, 14. Not as good as DQ but still yummy, 15. "Horse in Fog" Model Shot, 16. throw pillow, 17. Gator, 18. blowin in the wind, 19. couch cushion, 20. Easter 073, 21. Lonely Tire Swing, 22. brown furniture, 23. Engagement Boots, 24. Ceiling fan, 25. dogsnose

We did black & white last week.
I'll put together that mosaic later.

Feel free to continue to post your color fun pictures to the group.
We are taking a color fun break this week and beginning a new photo fun challenge next week:
Shapes & Texures!
I'll start a new Flickr group for that and let any blog readers who might be interested know when it begins.

Made it through my first 10 hour day today-yay!
30 more hours till an extra loooong weekend. double-yay!


New crush

Paper crush that is!
The May kit from Crazy Daisy Kit Co. has several pieces of Crate Paper and My Mind's Eye papers that are truly delightful! The texture and quality of these papers is outstanding. That Mind's Eye paper is so thick and nice for painting or tearing or crunching up. I'm in love!
It's the kind of paper that you buy and save to use for one of those "special" layouts because it's such great quality.

I'm throwing that philosophy out the window, by the way, and I'm going to start using my stash! I mean, every layout is special, right?

Here are a couple of layouts I put together over the weekend with my May kit.
(that felt tree branch? SWOON! Yes, there is a pack of two in the kit.)

I also channeled my inner Debee Ruiz with the spray paint on this first page.
I love the randomness of the drips!This next page is about Taco.
Taco is a horse.
Not just any horse, mind you.
This horse has been around over 25 years!
25 years of kiddos and competitions
The cool part, is he is still competing.
Hard to believe I know.
He is at home when he hits the arena and although he is super sweet and mostly calm outside the pen, he turns it on when he has to and knows exactly what to do.
I truly feel it makes him happy to do it. :)
That "Happy" title is from a collection of Cosmo Cricket chipboard in the kit.
It's adhesive backed, and it actually sticks, which makes me happy!
More to come from this kit.
Have I mentioned I'm guest designing this month for Crazy Daisy? {heehee}


Big News Revealed!

So I'm now excited to report some news that I have been asked by the nice ladies at Crazy Daisy Kit Co. to be their May Guest Designer!
I was jumping for joy!

They have the best kit clubs - a mini book in each kit!
I'm a sucker for mini's so this is right up my alley.

May's kit is awesome with the Bazzill Blackbird Scalloped Board book.
I have put it together as a tribute and gift for my Mom.
I thought since Mother's Day was Sunday it was fitting!
I overlayed transparencies cut to fit in between each page with a sentiment written about my mom. I added the ribbon so she could hang it if she wants.

Their kits are seriously chock full of papers and embellies. This one has the cute bird stamp and lots of chipboard too.

Keep watching as I'll be posting more pages the rest of the month using the May kit.