Good Buds

These two are great buds. I am very proud of Alex for being so good to her little friend, Molly Grace. They truly adore each other. Molly mocks Alex and Alex looks after Molly - It's like Alex is FINALLY the big sister. She has always just been the little sister. She does it all: piggy back rides, fixing her hair, helping her put on her shoes, riding her around on her horse, and playing whatever Molly wants to.

It will be fun to continue watching Molly grow - she has quite a spunky personality... hmmm sounds like someone else I know!!!

I am thankful that Alex is patient and kind. I hope she will always be that way with Molly and everyone else she encounters. I hope Alex can always be someone that Molly and other younger kids can look up and "mock."


Edible Color

Say it with me now...."YUM-O." Fresh Veggies - compliments of one of my bff's Karla. Wow two posts in a row featuring Karla. I just couldn't pass up this photo-op of color goodness. It's twice as nice when it's eye candy and belly candy! She always shares her garden goodies with her friends. I'm sure this is only the beginning of her harvest. Everyone pray for rain at her house.


Angel Annie

I wanted to introduce Annie Grace - the beautiful daughter of Matt and Amber. She is also step- grandbaby to one of my dear "BFF's" Karla.

Welcome Annie Grace. You will be embraced by many who love you!

{If you want to download the angel wing brushes for photoshop I found them on another scrapbooker's blog here. I think they are so cool to use and seem to be a big trend among digi-scrappers.

the border is another jessica sprague freebie found on her blog under Photoshop Friday.
Many other tips and tricks are on there as well.}


flickr fun

Just a fun mosaic I put together with the flickr tool here.
The banner at the right of my blog was also made there. This was Alex's first Prom back in April. They had a ball! I'm sure she will have many more.


Whew, what a week

I have totally neglected my blog over the last week, but I have truly not had time. Here is why:

Yes, last week was VBS (vacation bible school) and I taught the first and second graders. It was exhausting but went very well. Those kiddos were great!

Most of the kids in my class I knew, but there were some new faces. A couple were even at church this morning. How great is that???!!!

Joe Rex was in my class and did a fabulous job, he is so incredibly smart, it's crazy! I had one with perfect attendance, Malina and she also won the door prize backpack with the "Game Day Central" logo. Here is Malina sporting her new bag and there is Joe in the background along with my "Assistant Coach" Joyce. She was quite a blessing indeed!
I just prayer that the seeds we planted with come to fruition with these children. They are amazing.
I also picked up a few new scrapbooking items yesterday when I was in Searcy at the Scrapbook Attic. They had 20% storewide...cool beans!


Scrapscene Flower contest

I'm unveiling my crazy loofah flowers for the Scrapscene contest: The color is a little off. I tried adjusting it but it still looks kind of wacky. The background cardstock is a tan color, it looks a little too yellowish here. Anyway, you get the idea! This picture is me and my hubby, James in Daytona Beach on our super, quick trip with Cody and Amy (stepson & DIL) on my stepdaughter Brooke's wedding day in Orlando. When I journaled "no swimsuit required" that doesn't mean we went skinny dipping! It simply means there was not enough time to swim! It was a whirlwind trip for the wedding, but we HAD to go to the beach...I mean who goes to Florida and doesn't at least walk on the warm sand and dip their toes in the saltwater??? It was a great morning on the beach that day. I'm so glad we made the time to go. With all the stress going on with the trip and the wedding, it was just what we needed! We spent a couple of hours walking on the beach and sat on the pier watching the surfers for a while. Then (after a slight arguement) we ate outside at a great seafood restaurant...not exactly the seafood we wanted but it was good and the waitress was super sweet.

I have uploaded this layout to Flickr for the contest. Tonight is the deadline to enter...there are some FABULOUS entries. Check it out here. I'm anxious to see the winners!

BTW, here is a picture of the bride + groom {rob): Are they not a gorgeous couple!!?? Love is just oozing out in this picture!

On another note, we had our first night of VBS tonight and my class went so well. Those first and second graders were great and I think they actually learned something!


I received my goodies from Red Velvet Kit Club today. I am so psyched about the new stuff I got~!I have never ordered from a scrapbook "club" or monthly kit before so it was a treat to myself and well worth it. I have already used a little of it for this page:
Which i I have uploaded for the Scrapscene flower contest on flickr. There are some really cool layouts*flowers on there. You can enter three times and I have a crazy idea with loofah! {We'll see how that turns out.} The deadline is Sunday, so i hope to get it done. I also entered an older page that I had of Alex from her second scrapbook. It was a scraplift from a layout of Elsie Flannigan's in Creating Keepsakes a year or so ago.
Another blog I've been perusing is Unpubbed. (as in unpublished scrapbooker). I may put something together for their challenge as well. I find it fun to do some of these challenges and having the opportunity to win new scrapbooking supplies!!! They really make me push my creativity and try new things in my crafting.
Okay, enough scrapbooking...off to do some of my online class work. :p


eYe {can}Dy for the week

More from my "farm photo session" last week. I'm thinking of actually printing these large size and framing them for my office. I love the dimensions and texture of these pictures. I think they would be nice to look at during the day at work - especially this winter when it's cold and dreary...what better way to bring delight than daisies!?

{In the spirit of Scrapscene's flower contest, i thought these pictures were inspiring! Check it out - i hope to get some ideas out that are floating around in my head.}


My 'One Little Word' word

The word: Stop.
My take: one of my favorite 80's songs.
Subject: Yummilicious peach sherbet.
My layout:

Thanks OLW team for a great challenge. I had a lot of fun putting this one together, and I have not been able to get that song out of my head since!