Proud Moment



Our familiy

So happy to have some updated pictures of us all together.

This is my oldest stepson Cody and his wife, Amy (who has lost 70 pounds by the way) YAY AMY!!!!
Cody and Amy

Middler...Brooke and husband, Rob. They live in Orlando and I miss them like a fat kid misses cake!
Brooke & Rob

And Alex (the graduate!) with her boyfriend, Jessy.
Alex & Jessy

These pictures just make me smile!



I am taking a break to rest after my quick cleaning spree this evening I must blog about my super duper excitement!  I needed some happiness after my recent "blah-ness" and today has been one of those great days that I have something to look forward to. As I sit here at 10PM, I am waiting for my middle stepdaughter, Brooke & husband Rob to arrive in an hour or so from their all day drive in from Orlando.  I'm just so excited about them coming.  It's like I feel we have not seen them in far too long.
They are coming for Alex's graduation Friday night and I just look so forward to spending some time hanging out with everyone visiting, laughing, eating, you know, family stuff!
I have taken off work for the rest of the week for this occasion as has Amy, my DIL so I hope to snap lots of candid pictures as well as some family shots while we are all together.

I will blog more about the upcoming days later, rest assured! 

I have a feeling there will be a lot of these type of moments over the next couple of days!
(photos: circa November 2007)


Week 18

just for record's sake I am posting last week's self-portrait. 
Hate that I got out of order - oh well!
This is outside my Mom's house - I was sitting on one of her rock flower beds in front of the garden gate from her childhood home.  (I love that gate!)

It's cold and rainy here today - blackberry winter - always seems to happen in May.


for serious

I really do have good intentions of B.A.B.B. (being a better blogger).
Scout's Honor.

I will begin by saying thanks to all my blogging friends that have left me such sweet comments and messages. It really does mean alot...and to anyone else who stops by from time-to-time, I really do hope to get back to myself soon. And to those spammers that seem to have found my blog, um, can you please stop? K-thanks!

I must say Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I have truly had a great day - pretty low key, but full of messages, cards, calls, gifts, cards and time to worship and time with my own special Mom!

I am truly blessed to have such a great family and my Mom has been a real inspiration in my life - I hope I can be half as caring and giving as she is.

My selfie this week includes her:

I may not be a biological mother, but I am a Mom.
I have been blessed enough to be stepmom to three great people and they also helped mold who I am today.
I do hope I have had a positive influence on them as well.
I love them dearly and realize my life would not be complete without them in it.

Things are getting better - my MIL is improving slightly and we hope she continues.
Please continue to keep her (and us) in your thoughts & prayers.

Alex graduates Friday - I am shocked by that to be honest.
We've had some recent rough patches...just the normal stuff, but that situation is also getting better and I could not be prouder than I am of her and her accomplishments.
I look forward to seeing what lies in her future...she is destined for greatness!
Alex Senior 2010