Goin' to Cowboy Church

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This is the cutest picture of my Granny in her Cowboy Church "git-up". She wanted to hold something for these pictures that my aunt judy took and she handed her this tin bucket. She looks as though she's headin' off to milk old Elsie the cow or something! She had fun with it and enjoyed her day.


saturday shadow

shadow saturation
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After a little vivid green saturation.

This was me taking pictures at our annual golf tourney. It was early morning and this shadow of me looked pretty cool. I usually don't like pictures of myself either!



that is me...missing in action the past few days. it has just been crazy and life has not allowed me breathing room to blog. sad, i know!

hope the situation will improve.

new haircut tomorrow.

will post a picture...even though i absolutely cannot stand pictures of me.

will sacrifice for the sake of the blog!

I will post a before later.

exciting i know!


Gray Kitty was Found

Okay, here is me a non-cat liker. (better than cat-hater I thought!) We had this stray kitty come to live in our shop sometime over the summer and we have all grown quite fond of him. He is actually a pretty cool cat - as cats go I suppose. Anyway, this story is odd, so bear with me...

Alex's friend, Seth was at the house Friday night after their football game. They were playing playstation or something. When Seth left, evidently the cat had jumped into his car through an open window (a recent bad habit of his - jumping in your car when you open the door.)

Anyway, Seth had no clue the cat was in there, until he was rounding the curve down the road (dirt road) near his house and the cat jumped up on the dash and jumped out the window. How freaky that must have been for Seth.
He had no idea the cat was ours -{ I guess he is ours by now, since we've actually been purchasing cat food and feeding him. Does that constitute me calling him ours?} Anway, sorry, got off the subject. The next day (yesterday) he was telling Alex about the crazy event and she asked him what color the cat was - of course he described the gray kitty (as I lovingly call him) to a tee.

They went on a search - to no avail. We even searched today - to no avail. James - my hubby - finally went searching on foot this evening and guess who came running out of the woods???? You guessed it, Gray Kitty! Or as Alex named him, Maui. James brought him in and we fed him and celebrated his return by letting him lay on back of the couch for awhile - he snoozed for a bit, before kicking him back out into the shop - his world, his domain, his kingdom!


Whew, what a weekend

Well, we made it through the Arkansas State Horse Show again this year over Labor Day. A great time was had by all! No, Alex didn't bring home any big awards, saddles, trophies, etc., but she brought home pride in what she did and that is most important. She had a great ride in Girls Western Pleasure and looked so beautiful in the show pen (thanks to her friend Colby letting her wear one of her outfits.)
Alex, Colby, Courtney and Molly Grace (of course) had a blast throughout the weekend. Between the dance, the midnight football game, roasting marshmallows on the gas grill, and just hanging out, they had to be completely exhausted (I know I was!) They sported their great shirts furnished by Inkspot Graphics in Melbourne and looked too cute. NO, they didn't place barrel pick-up, but they had a great run.

Alex is always sad when State is over...she says it is kind of like the after Christmas let down. She still has the Show of Champions in a couple of weeks so there is a little something to look forward to.

Here's more fun pics from the weekend...