Whew, what a weekend

Well, we made it through the Arkansas State Horse Show again this year over Labor Day. A great time was had by all! No, Alex didn't bring home any big awards, saddles, trophies, etc., but she brought home pride in what she did and that is most important. She had a great ride in Girls Western Pleasure and looked so beautiful in the show pen (thanks to her friend Colby letting her wear one of her outfits.)
Alex, Colby, Courtney and Molly Grace (of course) had a blast throughout the weekend. Between the dance, the midnight football game, roasting marshmallows on the gas grill, and just hanging out, they had to be completely exhausted (I know I was!) They sported their great shirts furnished by Inkspot Graphics in Melbourne and looked too cute. NO, they didn't place barrel pick-up, but they had a great run.

Alex is always sad when State is over...she says it is kind of like the after Christmas let down. She still has the Show of Champions in a couple of weeks so there is a little something to look forward to.

Here's more fun pics from the weekend...

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