Week 44 Halloween!

Well I must admit that I love me some Halloween!  
Not because of the scary or evil factor. 
No, I just love to dress up!  
Yes, I'm just a big kid at heart.

I have actually don't three different costumes over the weekend.  

First we have Week 44 of my 52 week project:

This was my original costume idea for last night's festivities at our church, but I changed at last minute from this butterfly, gothic-y fairy character to this scarecrow:

This is a costume I made almost 20 years ago for a Wizard of Oz, Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow costume contest my friends and I entered.  It has been used many times over the years and actually won me first place last night! 

Friday at work we set up a trick or treat table for the kiddos at the daycare associated with the college where I work, and our theme was witches, so there I am (far right) as a witch.  (digging those witches hats we found at Wal-Mart!)

I must say that being a Christian, I know that this secular holiday is not really "celebrated" but I do enjoy the fun that surrounds October 31st - the Fall chill in the air, the candy, food, smells and of course the costumes!!! 

I just think you have to know - and teach your children - that this is a make believe holiday and embrace the positive - eliminate the negative - make it a time for fellowship and fun and a lesson in NOT being afraid.

Isaiah 43:5 Do not be afraid, for I am with you...
Psalm 28:7 The LORD is my strength, my shield from every danger. I trust in him with all my heart...
Make it a day for treats and love and smiles! :) 


more fall from the farm

Just sharing a couple of pictures from the farm on Sunday 

The colors are my favorite part of fall, what is your favorite part?


Week 43

What glorious weather we've been having lately - perfect temps and beautiful colors abound...although we desperately need rain and had we had more of it earlier the fall colors would be unstoppable right now!

But alas, I'm satisfied with this weather - and wish it would stay like this and not get cold and gray. Dreading that already.

So I knew my weekly shot had to include some of the brilliance of Fall - and where better than the farm!  This is on my Mom's place, formerly my Grandparents - this is right along the river and these yellow leaves made a beautiful glowing canopy - how perfect!?

My 43rd week shot was a toss up - I went with the second of these simply because it was more fun and whimsical!  I used Pioneer Woman's Colorized action and added some of the yellow back into the leaves I was playing with.  The first one just had a color boost added...the leaves were really that pretty. 

Get out there and enjoy this weather and grab some Fall shots - regardless of your camera - it must be captured and enjoyed! :)

PS: so happy that some of you have an interest in my 52 week self portrait project!   More on that later. :)


Week 42

So Week 42...
I cannot believe there are only 10 more weeks to go!
This has been one of the best experiences I must say - a little daunting at times and somewhat intimidating, but I have really grown in my photography skills as well as my self-esteem.

This was taken in my hotel room at Hot Springs during a conference I was attending.  Used the lamps as my light source.  I love the warm color and design of the sofa!

I am seriously considering doing this again for 2011 but starting a separate blog and Facebook group for others to join.  For those of you reading my blog who are not on FB, I've changed my profile picture to my 52 week picture every week and have an overwhelming amount of people keeping up with my progress and looking forward to seeing them each week. I thought there might be some interest from others playing along.  Any takers?  I was thinking of adding in some prompts or ideas if people were stumped and needed some inspiration. 

I welcome any other ideas for this project!
Are we not FB friends????  Well, let's fix that right now!


Cardinal Sin

It dawned on me that I had posted my headbands in my Etsy, but never blogged about it!
Geesh, that's like the Cardinal Sin, right?

One of these days I'll get back on track with my blogging.
*pinky promise*

I have several of these going right now in many different designs...time is just working against me (or maybe it's my age, I'm not sure)!

If you are an Arkansas Razorback fan, this is a must have!
And if you are not....Well....you should be! ;0)  WPS! 
(That's Woo Pig Sooiee for you non-Hog fans)

 Available with red base or white

Girls can be hunters too, and there is no reason you can be cute in the woods, right?

Love vintage?  I have several great fabric choices in the works.

Great looking and fashionable colors and prints are also happening.

If you have a particular color or theme you might be interested in, let me know.

Oh, I will be having a giveaway coming up too. 
Giveaways are good right?

Meantime, check out Clever Notions Etsy. I still have some Crochet Candy available too -


Week 41

Well, today is 10.10.10.  
It is also my Granny Hutchison's birthday - hard to believe she's been gone almost 15 years. 

The sunsets have been fabulous this weekend, so I thought I would incorporate my love of sunsets into my 52 week project.

I also want to thank each of you that left sweet comments on my last post.  It was heartfelt and something I wanted to share for others dealing with change - good and/or bad, in their life.  I treasure each comment from you and appreciate you coming here and reading my odd array of ramblings from time-to-time! :) 

This online community can be such a nice refuge for friends, conversation, thoughts, prayers and inspiration!  It gets a bad rap sometimes, but I for one embrace the positive - just like in my "offline" life.



this is the post where I get all philosophical - just fair warning...

Lately there have been so many changes in my life.
Some good, some bad.

The good is that I continue to grow in my Faith. I am relying and depending on God to get me through all this change, and honestly that feels pretty darn good. I feel at peace with all that is going on around me that is totally out of my control. I realize what I can control is how I react to situations and that I have to remain true to who I am.  I am doing just that and it really feels good to be me and look at myself in the mirror each morning knowing that I am certainly not perfect, but my imperfection is what makes me ME!

Some of the bad things that are changing in life....losing people I care about...friends, family and acquaintances. Some have been from dying and some have been through other means.  I have felt hurt and sad over some of the situations, but again, I know it is only making me stronger. Plus, it makes room in my life for more of the good, more of the positive, and more of the people who care about me for who I am...the me: unplugged! :) 

I think we get a little complacent in our life situations, whether it be home, family, work, or church and I suppose God has to shake things up to get our attention and get us back on the road forward instead of wandering off kicking rocks in the ditch. I admit I am a little scared, but a little excited at what God has in store for me. I know I have to be patient - these things happen at just the right time.

Change is always so hard, but as cliche as it sounds, change can be good! I am trying to learn to embrace it or at least take it for what it is and learn to adapt.


Week 40

Well, this week's photo doesn't actually fit into the self-portrait category, but I have lost my camera's battery charger and my camera died so my sweet friend Zeda took this with her lovely iPhone at an event we were attending on Saturday for work in my little town. It was Ash Flat's Eaglefest.

I may look like I'm cutting up in this photo, but this was serious business people...I was a pie judge.  Yes, pie judging is definitely serious business in small town south!  AND, it's a hard job, but as the saying goes...someone has to do it, right? ;)
I should mention, I also judged cookies and chili during the festival.

I have purchased a new charger, so I hope to be back in business by Week 41.  
I also hope to get some Clever Notion headbands listed in the Etsy shop.

And on a sad note, I have had more bad news in my family...my mom's dearest and best friend passed away unexpectedly late last week; and my great uncle passed on Saturday. 
I have really had enough doom & gloom lately, but I am remaining faithful that God will get me through the valley. 
The 23rd Psalm is always a good one to read in the down times.


Hello craftiness

I know my blog has been quiet, but trust me I've been a busy bee in other areas of my life.
Between all the illnesses in my family and losing my aunt, work and other activities; it's just been hectic. 
HOWEVER....I have been crafting!
In fact, I have been working like crazy on my new headbands.
NOW, I must get them listed in my Clever Notions Etsy shop.
Since I live in Arkansas and we Arkansans have Razorback Football Fever, I have made Razorback themed headbands.
These will fit all shapes and sizes of heads, which is what I really love about them.  They are the first headbands that I feel like I can wear comfortably and that stay in place! They are self tying, so fully adjustable.

Here is my friend Laura's little girl, Abbie sporting her new headbands:


I'm extremely excited about these and hope others will be too! 
I have several vintage fabric headbands and other fun designs. Hope to get them on Etsy this weekend, but if my local friends are interested, email me kwhitten@gmail.com or message me on Facebook and I'll be glad to deliver.

I hope to get back on a schedule soon where I can be back to my normal blogging (both posting and reading and commenting on my favorites) soon!

Thanks for all the prayers, kind words, and thoughts over the last couple of months. It's been a sad and difficult time, but God is getting my through and making me stonger. :)