Dusting out the cobwebs

Wow, I cannot believe it's been almost a year since I have posted anything on the old blog. I am not sure why I quite posting altogether, but it makes me sad that I have neglected to write about the humdrum that is my life.

I must dust out the cobwebs and get back to sharing more on here. It seems that there are people who do visit from time to time and must think my life has either A. become so exciting that I don't have time to blog, or B. life has gotten so boring that subject matter is just not available anymore.  I'm here to assure you that option A. is just laughable! My life is definitely not boring either. I really cannot put my finger on a reason for my lack of writing, but I truly want to turn that around.

First, I must change that banner header! How funny that it's welcoming 2012 and here we are halfway through 2013!! Also, must update on Project House 2012  2013. No, we are not done. Yes, it was a larger undertaking than expected. Maybe Project House 2014? We are just doing what we can, when we can and hoping we get done before the kids put us in a nursing home!  I will update on where we are with photos later.

I have been developing my photography more and more and have been blessed with opportunities to photograph some lovely people over the last year. Time seems to be my enemy so I do not market too much, but I stay as busy as I want to with family and friends, and family of friends of those family and friends. I feel very fortunate to have this outlet that satisfies several desires. I love the creative side of it. I love that I'm in full control. I love that I get the chance to make new friends and interact with others. I really is fun!

Crafts and art has pretty much taken a turn into a vast, empty vacuum. Yes, I pin cool projects like the next girl, but getting those projects off the ground is a whole other story! I need to change this.

Grammyhood seems to be my favorite past time these days. Getting to spend time with the two sweetest babies on earth is truly blissful! So much love in my heart for Carlee and River!
They are my motivation. They are my joy.

A little more catch up to come. For now, napping is a priority!