My favorite color

What is your favorite?

For me, I just cannot pinpoint my favorite.
So when someone asks me what my favorite color is, I simply say ROY G. BIV! (this was how I learned the colors of the rainbow)

I decided I would celebrate my favorite color with an updated profile picture for my social media profiles.

I love spring and the vivid colors that come along with it.  It is truly a gift from God to see the Earth come to life.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of color!


A year of Firsts

It has been so much fun to watch Carlee have all the "firsts" that all children have at one point or another. 
First tooth
First words
First food
and of course many first holidays throughout their first year.

Last weekend, Carlee and I (Grammy) had our first outing to the park together.  It was a pretty quick trip as we were meeting PeePaw to eat, but we had fun. That kid just enjoys everything. I love that about her.  She is social, not afraid, and just takes everything in. 

Of course we had a little photoshoot at the park so I thought I would share those.

I must explain what she is doing in the pic above...whistling. Yes, whistling! It is the funniest thing. She learned to whistle a month or so ago and does it pretty regularly now.  She calls up the horses and their dog, Jill.  Her little personality just cracks me up! Definitely a character. :)

Carlee had another first today...the Easter Bunny!

She was totally un-phased and fairly un-impressed quite honestly.

She did enjoy the whole egg hunt thing. Didn't really figure out you are suppose to run around and gather as many eggs as you can, but I am sure that will come with time. ;)  She did love the eggs and finding what was inside.

Luckily she had Blakeley to help her gather eggs.  Thanks so much Blakes. :) (She even forfeited her own age group's hunt to help Carlee...what a sweet girl)

I love this sweet pea!