Red barn

Red barn
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one of my favs from Jacki's bridal shots I did for her.


Automatic OLW

I've been wanting to do a LO using several Angus snapshots for some time. I decided Automatic was the perfect word to use. I also used some chalk and colored pencil which was somewhat out of the box for me. I also used some of my Red Velvet Art Kit Club papers and stickers. TFL


Unpubbed Challenge

I have finally fit in some time to do the Unpubbed challenge. {Yea Me!} Although I always check out the site dedicated to those of us "unpublished" scrapbookers, I never seem to be able to fit in the time to actually sit down and do one.

Time has obviously been an issue for me lately as seen from my lack of posts on this blog. Hopefully I can get back on a daily or at least every-other-daily schedule.



Are you really my wedding photographer?

Yes. that is what this picture screams!

My friend Jacki is getting married on Saturday and of all things, I'm the photographer! I'm excited*nervous, and hope everything goes well. We did almost 400 bridal shots yesterday and I'm pleased with the way they turned out. This one was by accident as I had the manual setting for an indoor shot and this was completely candid.

I will post more later, but I would hate for her future hubby, Barry to happen to see the bride online before the wedding. EEK!


stay tuned

Okay, so I'm way behind in my blogging efforts, but I have so much to blog about! Just cannot seem to find the time - why is that???

I did make a cool Etsy purchase (my first - how exciting!) I would love to set up my own etsy shop. Hope to get to that at some point. Anyway, I bought this sweet fabric which I want to craft into something really great from here. They were quick to respond and had a special offer going at the time. {anyone who knows me knows how I LOVE a deal!} Their shop is closed now, but I hope to order more yummy fabric from them.

More to come...stay tuned.


cool finds for sale

After some yard sale-ing this weekend, I made some cool finds that I have listed on eBay. I really thought about keeping these (and may if they don't sell!) and trying to use them for some kind of scrapbooking project. Here is the listing for more info -OR- if you want to make a bid ;)

I have also listed some cool old (1960s) knitting magazines. I absolutely dig all the colors and pictures in these. I don't knit - although I would like to learn sometime, but just don't need another hobby at this point!!! Anyway, I would say that the patterns and pictures of techniques in these books are top notch. I doubt the patterns you could pick up at your friendly "wally-world" would ever compare!

Go here for all my listings posted today.

I've been off work for a few days and did not do ONE scrapbook page! Hard to believe! I have however been crafty...sewing. I completed a project that I have wanted to do for a while now. This purse.
This was made from some vintage fabric found in a table runner at the Stock Exchange in Viola + an old raggedy shirt found tucked away at my house for the lining + an old Air Force belt {so I'm told by Rick} also from the Stock Exchange. The flower was made from the same found treasures + some red rick-rack + a huge button that I received in my Red Velvet kit in June. Yes, I am carrying this crazy looking bag.

Some like - some not so like. oh well, Vera Bradley had to start somewhere right??


July 5 or 6

July Fourth was grand! I got to pretty much spend the day in my jammies - which was kind of a goal, I did some cooking {turnips, my first time} and I did some crafting {a purse project that is almost complete} and I did shower and we had a cookout and fireworks @ C&A's. It was a typical event with friends, food & fun. I love this time of year with super long days. Last night I looked outside at 9:10PM and it was still not completely dark. I *heart* that!

Yesterday (july 5) was nice - I spent time with my Granny and Uncle Tommy and friends. We had a nice visit and got to play my cousin's new Wii...Okay, let me just say that was too much fun! We simply must have a Wii. I even have a tennis injury and I think I'm a little sore from throwing fast pitches and bowling!!! How weird is that???


Hot Chicks!!!

and I mean hot like fire! We spent Saturday on the lake - and yes, we did use sunscreen! We all had some sunburn going on and by the time this photo was taken, we knew it! It was a great day with all the family. Alex, Brooke, me and Amy (in photo) + James, Cody & Rob. This was a trip in lieu of a canoe trip down Spring River {it's just gotten a little wild for us}. This was much more fun and we were able to relax and visit and laugh and all the good stuff you want to do with your family.

I dig this cross processing which I came across from Elsie Flannagin's blog. I started searching for an action that would have the same effect. What I found were several free actions here to *sort of* duplicate this and a plethora of others.
I love the way this picture turned out. The composition and feeling portrayed. Thought it made a great retro shot.