Are you really my wedding photographer?

Yes. that is what this picture screams!

My friend Jacki is getting married on Saturday and of all things, I'm the photographer! I'm excited*nervous, and hope everything goes well. We did almost 400 bridal shots yesterday and I'm pleased with the way they turned out. This one was by accident as I had the manual setting for an indoor shot and this was completely candid.

I will post more later, but I would hate for her future hubby, Barry to happen to see the bride online before the wedding. EEK!

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jackimarlin said...

WOW! This woman is truly a beauty!! She was so lucky to have you take her wedding photos!

Just kidding! I'm honored that I have made your web page. You did a wonderful job with our photos. We love you for being there for us! And... if you want to add a picture in where I don't look like a horror film extra, go ahead. ; >