Mosaic in Gray

This should catch up to the current week for our mosaic summaries.
(Credits underneath as usual)
1. gray trunk, 2. Nail in the deck, 3. DSCN1406, 4. Ice Chest, 5. Culvert, 6. retro kitty, 7. DSCN1409, 8. P4150017_1, 9. gray brushpile, 10. Alicia's Gray Sleeve, 11. DSCN1411, 12. grey fountain, 13. truck interior, 14. Baby, 15. DSCN1418, 16. trout babies, 17. DSCN1289, 18. diptych 1-11-09, 19. DSCN1413, 20. My cat before he lost ten pounds, 21. Shop and shed, 22. gray bunny, 23. DSCN8493, 24. P4160004, 25. DSCN0134, 26. Old bed frame, 27. Gray Kitty, 28. deck, 29. Hoof and shoe, 30. DSCN0046, 31. Taken by Rock House, 32. DSCN9388, 33. Fence, 34. trout feeding, 35. crossing the dam, 36. DSCN3738

Glad this is caught up, now if only I was caught up at work! Speaking of work, tomorrow could be the beginning of a new era at work when our Board members interview final candidates for our new President. Saying a prayer tonight that the right person is put into that position.

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore my family & friends? Well, I do, so there!
Random, I know, but sometimes I take those relationships that are closest to me for granted, so I just felt like putting that out there.

okay, enough random brain stuff.

peace out.


Purple mosaic

Finally getting the purple mosaic done (yes, I'm a couple of weeks late)
(Credits underneath)
1. Ice storm dawn, 2. purple posies, 3. Candle, cross and flowers , 4. Catmint again, 5. P4070018, 6. morning glory, 7. purple purse, 8. Minnie and Books, 9. Lilac , 10. purple banner, 11. P4070020, 12. Prince, 13. purple onion, 14. Codi and Sach, 15. Theatre Mask, 16. My Granny's Easter Cake 2009, 17. purple dumptruck, 18. Flowers in Rita's yard, 19. Butterfly, 20. The icing up close , 21. Kitten, 22. purple iris, 23. purple blanket, 24. Hollywood, 25. More flowers, 26. reeSa, 27. Fatena, my niece, 28. Red Hat Society, 29. sunrise mistake, 30. purple balloon, 31. Hat box, 32. Hydrangea, 33. Flowers, 34. purple flowers, 35. Purple bows, 36. purple hyacinth

I'll try to get the gray mosaic done & posted tomorrow.
Join in the aqua/turquoise fun this week at Flickr

Meantime, how about our Conway boy Kris Allen on American Idol?
I'm so psyched that he is doing so well, that he is so nice, that he is a Christian!
Top Five Baby!


New color, shower, and a weekend layout

Okay the color fun week last week was gray....not as much participation, which I can understand. I mean gray is a little...well, um, Gray!
There were some interesting submissions and I will put together a mosaic from gray (and purple.) yes, I am a slacker.

Anyway, decided we needed another bright color to get us going again, so this week the color is aqua/turquoise. Probably one of my favorite colors.
Join one, join all.
Color Fun Flickr Group

I have set a goal for myself to take one picture a day, but there are certainly no rules, post as many or as few as you wish.
Here are mine so far:
That outfit is from a baby shower I attended yesterday at church.

Here are some other shots including the mother-to-be and her hostesses.
It was fun, we played some fun shower games and had fun & food (of course).

How adorable are these "pacifiers" made from Jelly Bellies and Life Savers.
Look at this beautiful hand-knitted blanket and hat made by Wanda.
Did not know she had these hidden talent.

Debi drew these work-of-art of a baby on top of her head.
There were some other great "works-of-art" too I can assure!
Had to throw this cute boy in for good measure!
I love his disgusted look - He tires of me following him around with the camera saying "Angus, Angus" to try to get the perfect shot.

Finally, a fun little page of Molly wearing her Tinkerbell costume during Halloween.
I certainly dig how she's sporting her cowboy boots with her costume! :)
These pictures were perfect for the Scrap Mojo challenge: Use something from Peter Pan that you love and use a frame somewhere on the page.
I made the frame by the way out of cardboard, gesso and glitter.
After telling Brandi that I was putting together a page with these pictures, and she told me Marcus calls her Stinkerbell, I thought it was the perfect title.

This is a new fave!
Eventually, I will pass it on to Brandi for Molly's scrapbook,
but I think I have to keep it for awhile to admire! :)

(sorry Brandi)

Alex's softball team is in the finals of their Regional tournament and they have made it to the State Tourney starting this weekend.
Hoping they win it!

Crazy week ahead!



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recent days

Just thought I would post some random pictures from the last several days.
I'm kind of creeped out by clowns in general but clown feet, not so much.some darn fine fried fish by my bro-in-law - his specialty.incoming storm - luckily this one went around us.
My favorite: dogwood.
This says "Spring" to me.

Easter egg hunt a week late. Real Easter too wet & sloppy for the hunt.
God is good.
Who else could produce such spectacularness?!
(I don't think that is a real word, but it sounded good!)

Plan to do the ScrapMojo Peter Pan challenge using these photo of Miss Molly A/K/A "Tinkerbell" from Halloween. Possible titles: Tinkerbell: With Attitude, Tinkerbutt, Stinkerbell. Any other suggestions?


more creating this weekend

I have just felt "it" this weekend.
What's "it" you ask?
The creating bug is what "it" is.
and let me tell you, "it" has felt good to create.
Again I used a lot of goodies from the Crazy Daisy Kit Co.

This first one was for a challenge over at The Creative Type.
The prompt: A picture is worth a thousand words. The idea is to get words on the photo.
I'm all the time taking pictures of the sky so I decided to use one for this prompt.
This is a 6x12 size.
Another one I whipped out this weekend was for the weekend shopping challenge over at SIStv. It starts with ten items and each person who participates chooses three items to use on a page then replaces those items with something new. I love doing these when I have a chance.
My three items:
  1. bird/birds
  2. orange paint
  3. two circles.
This is an 11x8.5
I love those little birds. They remind me of the Partridge Family! :D
They are Hambly.
We all know how I feel about Hambly!
Last but now least is one I whipped out rather quickly this afternoon.
This pretty much is all done with the Crazy Daisy Kit.
I am seriously in love with those orange Basic Grey letters!
(as you can tell - I've used them on most of my LO's.)
Anyway, I channeled my inner Debee Campos on this one with the spray paint drips!
That arrow thingie is really cool.
That is something new to me from Prima. It comes with a transparency sheet, the color design and the cardboard part has the shapes in cardboard and chipboard (more like the Tim Holtz grungeboard). I used thd chipboard as a mask. Also used some gesso...my new bff!

The photo is from New Years Eve/Alex's birthday.
The girls were singing and dancing the Bangles' 80 classic: Walk Like an Egyptian.
Another 6x12.
The Color Fun color this week is Gray.
I know, not so color fun, but I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone would do with it.
Here are a couple of mine from today:
Join in at any time! No strings attached!

I have some other pictures to share, but I'll spare you tonight o'blog'o'mine.
Peace out..


Crazy Daisy Kit creations

first of all: WARNING! This is a heavy photo post.
I have not posted much in way of scrapbook/crafting lately with all the color fun I've been having.
I have posted about some of my current winnings in way of scrapbooking.
I thought it was appropriate to post what I've done thus far with at least one of those fun wins.

I'm telling you this kit I won from Crazy Daisy Kit Club is freakin' awesome! It was chock full of great papers and elements which all coordinate.
Seriously if you are in the market for some new scrapbook goodies, I would highly recommend one of these kits.
I am currently coveting their April add on kit.

I also go a little gesso crazy one this page and the mini album that follows.
Man, gesso rules my craft world - the stuff is like crack cocaine!
(sorry I had to use that phrase due to hearing it twice this week and thinking how funny it sounded in the situations I was in) I digress...sorry.

Get you some gesso if you don't have any.
If you do have it...break that stuff out!

This was a picture from Christmas that totally cracks me up b/c we looked so warped.
I even broke the sewing machine out for this.
Kind of like shaving your legs for an event.
This mini is one of my favorite projects to date.
I've got a thing for mini books I've determined.
The mini books are Crazy Daisy Kit Clubs specialty. It's what makes them unique.
They have a mini in each month's main kit.
Again, I went a little wild with the gesso, but I love how it came out.

The thing is, I have tons of stuff left from this kit.
Heck, I could probably do several more layouts and possibly another mini book with the rest of this kit.

I hope to break out the kit I won from Kenner Road.
I seriously drool over each and every kit Kerry and gang puts out there. They sell out super fast, so if you decide to buy from KR, do it when they go up or it will be gone quick.

I hope to get a little more scraptime this weekend.


quick blue post

I am so in love with these color fun mosaics!
They have become one of my favorite parts about this photo process.
I love the way all the color and textures look in one snapshot!
here is our royal blue mosaic from last week.
(credits underneath)1. Pier 1 glasses, 2. IMG_0179-1-1, 3. Blue drive home, 4. Steps, 5. $ 1.00 foot stool, 6. rake, 7. P4020005, 8. shadow stories, 9. Cat food, 10. IMG_0151.JPG, 11. book spine, 12. topesblue, 13. Kleenex, 14. blue cup, 15. P4030001, 16. Redo, 17. hats, 18. blue recycle, 19. Books and Throw, 20. blue swirl, 21. Dominoes, 22. Kitchen cabinets, 23. Tin cans, 24. my bedroom wall, 25. IMG_0060-3, 26. Untitled, 27. P4020001, 28. Wallpaper, 29. Nuts, 30. stairwell junk, 31. P4020004, 32. blue numbers, 33. screensaver, 34. China Garden, 35. P4010018, 36. Armoire topper

My observation from doing the blue week is there is a lot of packaging and signage with blue.
Wonder what kind of marketing research is behind that? hmmmm.

There is still time to submit your purple photos to the flickr group here.
some beautiful floral photos have been posted for purple - check it out!

Sunday, the group will begin a new color...GRAY.
I know, I know, gray is kind of drab/dreary, but I thought it would make some interesting photos & maybe be a little challenging and different.
Interpret as you like...I'm sure there will be some cool submissions.

Oh, and one more thing: TGIF tomorrow....it's been a long week people!


It's all good

So after my little pity party about Easter, I find out that hopefully our Pastor will just take a temporary hiatus until his health improves.
Keep Praying people! Thanks!

Here is a shot of our Easter service yesterday - our choir did a sort of mini cantata and they were fantastic! They had really been practicing and working hard on this and it was quite evident.
Mom is the pretty lady on the back row, fourth from the right. :)
Also wanted to share a few shots from our first horseshow of the season.
Mind you the outfits are the same from last year.
Just no motivation to sew new ones and these will work for awhile.
Although poor Molly's sleeves are way short. Hopefully I can fix them.
Notice how many of us it takes to get her ready!

This was right before the lead in class.

Guess who came away with the blue!???
Yea Molly!!!! (and Alex & Taco of course!)We are ready for another big year....
over & out....