It's all good

So after my little pity party about Easter, I find out that hopefully our Pastor will just take a temporary hiatus until his health improves.
Keep Praying people! Thanks!

Here is a shot of our Easter service yesterday - our choir did a sort of mini cantata and they were fantastic! They had really been practicing and working hard on this and it was quite evident.
Mom is the pretty lady on the back row, fourth from the right. :)
Also wanted to share a few shots from our first horseshow of the season.
Mind you the outfits are the same from last year.
Just no motivation to sew new ones and these will work for awhile.
Although poor Molly's sleeves are way short. Hopefully I can fix them.
Notice how many of us it takes to get her ready!

This was right before the lead in class.

Guess who came away with the blue!???
Yea Molly!!!! (and Alex & Taco of course!)We are ready for another big year....
over & out....

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Anonymous said...

great pictures!

your church looks beautiful... what a wonderful Easter Sunday