quick blue post

I am so in love with these color fun mosaics!
They have become one of my favorite parts about this photo process.
I love the way all the color and textures look in one snapshot!
here is our royal blue mosaic from last week.
(credits underneath)1. Pier 1 glasses, 2. IMG_0179-1-1, 3. Blue drive home, 4. Steps, 5. $ 1.00 foot stool, 6. rake, 7. P4020005, 8. shadow stories, 9. Cat food, 10. IMG_0151.JPG, 11. book spine, 12. topesblue, 13. Kleenex, 14. blue cup, 15. P4030001, 16. Redo, 17. hats, 18. blue recycle, 19. Books and Throw, 20. blue swirl, 21. Dominoes, 22. Kitchen cabinets, 23. Tin cans, 24. my bedroom wall, 25. IMG_0060-3, 26. Untitled, 27. P4020001, 28. Wallpaper, 29. Nuts, 30. stairwell junk, 31. P4020004, 32. blue numbers, 33. screensaver, 34. China Garden, 35. P4010018, 36. Armoire topper

My observation from doing the blue week is there is a lot of packaging and signage with blue.
Wonder what kind of marketing research is behind that? hmmmm.

There is still time to submit your purple photos to the flickr group here.
some beautiful floral photos have been posted for purple - check it out!

Sunday, the group will begin a new color...GRAY.
I know, I know, gray is kind of drab/dreary, but I thought it would make some interesting photos & maybe be a little challenging and different.
Interpret as you like...I'm sure there will be some cool submissions.

Oh, and one more thing: TGIF tomorrow....it's been a long week people!


leslie said...

that really is eye candy
maybe that's why it is used so much in marketing

Anonymous said...

blue is my fav color