Mosaic in Gray

This should catch up to the current week for our mosaic summaries.
(Credits underneath as usual)
1. gray trunk, 2. Nail in the deck, 3. DSCN1406, 4. Ice Chest, 5. Culvert, 6. retro kitty, 7. DSCN1409, 8. P4150017_1, 9. gray brushpile, 10. Alicia's Gray Sleeve, 11. DSCN1411, 12. grey fountain, 13. truck interior, 14. Baby, 15. DSCN1418, 16. trout babies, 17. DSCN1289, 18. diptych 1-11-09, 19. DSCN1413, 20. My cat before he lost ten pounds, 21. Shop and shed, 22. gray bunny, 23. DSCN8493, 24. P4160004, 25. DSCN0134, 26. Old bed frame, 27. Gray Kitty, 28. deck, 29. Hoof and shoe, 30. DSCN0046, 31. Taken by Rock House, 32. DSCN9388, 33. Fence, 34. trout feeding, 35. crossing the dam, 36. DSCN3738

Glad this is caught up, now if only I was caught up at work! Speaking of work, tomorrow could be the beginning of a new era at work when our Board members interview final candidates for our new President. Saying a prayer tonight that the right person is put into that position.

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore my family & friends? Well, I do, so there!
Random, I know, but sometimes I take those relationships that are closest to me for granted, so I just felt like putting that out there.

okay, enough random brain stuff.

peace out.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwww these mosaic's are COOL! :):):):):):):):):)

sassymo said...

Love the Mosaic...very cool. You got some beautiful shots.