daily blessing 11.29.07

Queen of diamonds - inspiration @ work today, specifically Christmas inspiration.

daily blessing 11.27.07

5 of diamonds - carry out...because sometimes it is a blessing not to cook!
Gotta love Pizza Hut.

daily blessing 11.27.07

4 of clubs...simplify describes my blessing at work today...who knew black and white could be so fun???


daily blessing 11.26.07

3 of diamonds - nice cleaned off desk after a holiday. {doesn't last!}

daily blessing 11.25.07

2 of spades - day of taking family photos...


daily blessing 11.24.07

King of spades: I love looking through all my Christmas decorations and discovering ones I had forgotten.

daily blessing 11.23.07

10 of spades: who doesn't love a little shopping at 6AM on black Friday?


daily blessing 11-22-07 *Thanksgiving...

How appropriate for a daily blessing!! :DHAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


Sounds I *heart* - Sara Berry jack

I really like the way this layout turned out. This is actually for two different challenges. The overall design is a jack from Sara Berry for this week's scrapjacked challenge. The content is the journaling prompt from the From the Journal Jar site: "what are your favorite sounds."

When thinking about sounds I enjoy what God has created for me to hear. Things that evoke feelings or bring back memories. Senses can definitely do that...sounds, smells, things you see or taste.

Each sound described has a different feeling for me. Spring is my favorite time of year and when I can go outside and hear the crickets and tree frogs at night, I know spring is near. I love, LOVE spring.

The sound of snow falling is simply a cool experience. It is such a still, clean, quiet sound. Especially early in the morning before people are trying to venture out in their cars. Quiet can be a great sound, but the soft rustling of snow hitting the surfaces is just calming.

Another calming sound for me is the Spring River. We have spent lots of time laying on the banks of that river - the best times are Sunday afternoons when hardly anyone is around and you can just lay back, feel the sun, and listen to the river. We always go to Spring River Oaks and just hang out. It is true peace. All your worries, problems, and life can just be on hold for awhile. My hubby and I have had a lot of times on the river that are great memories.

Nothing beats the sound of a steady rain on a tin roof - it's a true country thing to love I suppose.

Distant thunder may be a strange sound to love, but I do like the sound of a storm. Although it makes me a little anxious, a good old thunderstorm (minus tornadoes of course) is a great sound to experience every once in awhile.

daily blessing 11-21-07

10 of clubs - love to take my time when I can.

daily blessing 11-20-07

3 of clubs - love me some chicken chimichangas!


7 of hearts - hootie, hoot hoot to short work weeks!!!!
Also to Sam getting to come home today from the vet...poor guy looks rough, but he's alive and wagging his tail. You know a dog is good when they're wagging! Answered prayer.


Unpubbed challenge

Have not done one of these in a while, but decided to snap to it! The Unpubbed famer is also a SISter on Scrap in Style. {Thought that was cool!}
This is a picture from November 10th of my Granny and I standing in her flower bed - we thought her fall colored bush was so pretty. She was in such a great mood that day. So happy to see my mom & I. I am looking forward to going to her house for Thanksgiving on Thursday. She is one person who has always made you think about what you are thankful for - for that I am thankful!

daily blessing 11.18.07

5 of spades: Great combo!


11.17.07 daily blessing

Ace of hearts: thankful that my little guy is all clean and clipped. He's had a rough last month, with having his jaw drained and taking antibiotics. {ugly infection of some kind}.

His poor friend, Sam is at the vet hopefully going to pull through from getting attacked horribly by two dogs. We love you Sam and are praying for our furry family member.


11.16.07 daily blessing

Queen of clubs. Yea for Fridays and getting off @ 3:30. A perk I enjoy.


11.15.07 daily blessing

9 of clubs...been feeling the fitness bug lately.

Daily Blessings

Something I've been wanting to start but have not done.

Thanksgiving & the holidays seemed to be the appropriate time to begin what I've coined "Daily Blessings."

Many different inspirations for this: Ali's "Daily Something" which I was doing for awhile, but kind of dropped off. The idea is to create SOMETHING everyday - whether it be a story from to remember the day. from Ali's blog:
...Here's the short version: the idea is to develop a daily creative habit of some sort focused on everyday stories. Each day of our lives presents us with hundreds of different stories to tell - pick just one and make something quick and easy that keeps the focus on the story. Some days will have really long stories and others will be super short (just like some days you will have lots of time and other days it will be a struggle to fit it in)...

Another inspiration is Elise Blaha's daily cards. Oh these are cool. What a great little way to create something everyday.. There are many people doing these daily/weekly/yearly cards. I love that you use a plain old deck of cards.

Then we have Dianna - a SISter from SIStv who puts up a "today I'm thankful for..." post on the message board. I thought about just posting on my blog each day at least one thing I'm thankful for or a daily blessing, but I thought...duh incorporate all of this together...HELLO!

My biggest inspiration however - is my faith in God and knowing that each day is filled with so many blessings - in fact - waaaaaayyyyy more than I could ever "scrap", create about, or even deserve!

I hope others (scrappers, nonscrappers, lurkers, friends, family, etc...) will post their blessings as well. I challenge you...no, wait, I dare you - I DOUBLE DOG dare you to post your blessings in the comments, link to your blog, website, or other cyber-spot!!!!


Do you have a nickname?

why yes, yes I do!

A new challenge blog I have discovered is called From the Journal Jar. I missed doing the first challenge which was Where do you live?, but I got in on the second one: Do you have a nickname? I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I'm sure I have other nicknames, but the ones I journaled about on this layout are the ones that stick in my mind. One that is another recent nickname given to me by a man on our foundation board at work is "kitten". I think because he sees my emails a lot and my email is kwhitten@... he sees it as "Kitten". He has a nickname for everyone though. He cracks me up...His name is Son and I have started calling him "Sonshine!"

I actually dig giving nicknames to people. For example: I call Alex's friend Sami, "Spammy"; and Seth is "Stealth." I call Molly "Chicken Little" for some reason. Mostly the ones I use are quite silly, but nicknames are, right???!!!

I look forward to the next challenge from the journal jar! ; )



They are falling....falling....falling....
Does this look like fun or what????
I *heart* these kiddos!



I did this LO {too late} for the OLW challenge that was due last night - oh well. I enjoyed putting this together! I love these pictures of Nancy painting her sweatshirt at the 4H day a few weeks ago. It was a "delightful" day and I took lots of pictures (of course!).


Alex minus metal plus new buckle equals SMILE :D

Yes - the braces came off last week and over the weekend was the Hillbilly Horseshow Banquet, where Alex won Junior High point and an absolutely gorgeous Montana Silversmith custom buckle - Thanks to fellow HHSA'er Mitchell Spurlock. Other winners pictured are Lee Thomas, Allison Davis and Hoss Douglas.

Alex, Colby and Courtney are always hamming it up for the camera! These girls are gonna break some hearts I have a feeling. We are so blessed that Alex has such good friends everywhere she goes. We'll see these chicks again in the spring when horseshows crank up again.


yes, I did scrapbook tonight

major +wow+ i know!

I did the Category Stories KC challenge. First time I've ever done that one and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love their concept of drawing a random winner instead of choosing a favorite. Kind of gives everyone a chance just for doing their challenge. I used the tree photo that I have previously posted a picture of on this blog somewhere below lost in blogginess blogland, along with some masking tape for my journaling.

The other is for one of the Week 5 fashionista challenges over there at Scrap in Style. Specifically, Becca Sutton's challenge of using something you are "saving" for a special LO. I am so bad to do that! I've had this little transparency forEva - why? What in the world am I saving it for? Button? Yes, I have a ton of them, so why not use them? This pink lace and even this paper. So silly to save stuff. Love this pic of Alex - it is also somewhere below in this blog.
I've just gotta start scrapping more, makes me feel so much better! ;D