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I've had a love affair with taking pictures for a very long time.

Even as a young child, I loved snapping pics, then in high school when I took Arthur Meade's (aka Artsy Fartsy) photography class I knew it was something I might kind of good at.  Not that I could or would try to make a living at it, but just something that I could do and enjoy.

I got away from photography for a while....I mean not totally, I always have taken pictures, just got away from really thinking about photography.  You know I was a full auto, point and shoot girl.

Digital changed everything.

Then when I took my last job in marketing and PR and started learning about Photoshop and the endless possibilities from the editing side, I have never looked back.

Over the past couple of years I have been asked to take pictures for people, photograph weddings, etc, but just kept it at a minimum for quite awhile. After a lot of encouragement and much prayer, I decided it was time to just take a leap of faith and start calling what I've been doing on the side a "photography business". Although I'm still trying to stay small at this point, learn and grow slowly, I have full confidence in my ability and hope to continue my small successes as they come on the side and as my life permits.

Please feel free to visit at my photo site!

I also try to stay inspired daily by what I see around me and if I can capture a small piece of that beauty in a photograph, it makes me feel great, even if it's with my iPhone! :)

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