"Shocolate Ship" Pizza

There is a great little pizza place in Highland, AR called Bia Maria's. They serve buffet style but have very unique flavors, such as chicken enchilada, loaded baked potato and buffalo chicken. They also carry more traditional styles as well, like supreme, pepperoni and sausage.  They also have several choices of dessert pizzas. I loved the peanut butter cookie, but as you can see Carlee is happy with "shocolate ship"!

The coolest part is that they bring fresh pizzas around to your table and offer you a hot piece while they ask if you have a favorite that you would like for them to prepare fresh. It is a relaxed family atmosphere with different sports showing around the dining room on the mounted flatscreens and an arcade a la Chuckie Cheese style where you can cash in tickets for prizes.  

On another note, I'm super impressed by Google+'s ability to put together these cute little gif's out of my automatically uploaded iPhone photos. I did not realize that happened and was pleasantly surprised to discover it this morning while pursuing my uploads for a specific photo. 

Much like my blog, I have not been a very active poster on G+, besides using the "hangout" for video calls with the other little cutie pie in my life and his mommy, but will definitely be using it more and more for this feature. Feel free to connect with me on G+ and I'll add you to one of my circles too. 

P.S. I'm in no way affiliated or being paid by Bia Maria's. I always like to share local places when I find ones worth sharing. We actually have several in my little community worth sharing. :)

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

She is so cute!! We have a pizza buffet here that has a Mac-n-cheese pizza that the boys JUST LOVE!! LOL!!