A little sneak-a-peek!

So tomorrow will be the big reveal of the August Crazy Daisy Kit Co. kit, but for now, a little sneak of one of my projects with this kit. I love it by the way! And check out the uber-talented Grace Tolman, my fellow DT member with her awesome beach photos & more sneaks from her August projects!
Don't let this one sell-out!
Be sure to pre-order yours!

August Pre-order


Yes, I'm still here

It's been yet another crazy week around here.
I've been out at the county fair every night.
Tomorrow is a day off and because of Hippy having an injury we won't be going to Southern Regionals tomorrow. I hate that Alex is missing that show, but I'm honestly looking forward to an unplanned day of rest!

I have some scrapbooking to finish up and photograph for the upcoming August kit at Crazy Daisy Kit Co. I am loving that kit, btw!

In the meantime, here is a little sneaky peek of some of the luscious paper in this kit!
I'll have more tomorrow.

Also, check out the latest posts on the Crazy Daisy Blog.

My new online friend and neighbor Lisa Hodge joined the kit club last month and is this month's featured member!

I love what she did with that tissue box. :)

I'll be back tomorrow with more!


bday couple & schnauzer thoughts

I love this picture of Cody & Amy that I snapped at the Mexican restaurant Friday night!
This was their belated birthday dinner.
We were in Florida during the week of their birthday so we did an informal night out to eat.
They look very happy in this picture...don't you think?{This picture will be making another appearance soon in my July Journey book.}

On another note, here is a photo of Angus I snapped this evening after his haircut & bath.
We were sitting outside - which he loves to do.
He always looks around and takes in everything.
I love his little wrinkled up head - he looks so inquisitive~
More from the July Journey this week.

Our county fair begins so I will once again be having a crazy busy week.

Stay tuned...


More from my journey

Got more of my July daily book or "July Journey" completed during this crazy week I've had.
These pages cover our vacation in Florida.

This mini book has been more of a challenge for me than my December Daily book. It's been hard to keep up with vacations, long work days, and just being gone more.

I know though it will be another treasure once it's complete!

I'm hoping to catch up on this project today and work some with my new Crazy Daisy Kit for August. I know I have mentioned this in other posts, but it's worth repeating....this August kit is probably my fave so far and will blow you away too I'm sure!

Check out Ali Edward's blog today. She's already getting a head start on her 2009 December Daily album. I really love this project and highly recommend doing one for yourself. Even you non-scrapbookers can do this!


Back to the real world

So my two weeks off were good.
It really didn't go super fast, but you know vacations never seem to last long enough.
Tomorrow I return to the "real" world of work and although I dread the daily grind of schedules, meetings, make-up and heels, I am anxious to see my work buddies and hear about what's been going on in their lives for the past two weeks. (and probably share a few stories of my own) *wink*

Just a few photos from my week on the beach.
I truly enjoyed every single moment of it.
I tried to take in and savor all of it.
I had honestly forgotten just how much I loved beach....the sand, salty water & ocean breeze.
If you are in or around Destin or Ft. Walton, you must go to Dewey Destin and enjoy their fresh seafood in true Florida casual style. One of my vacation goals was to eat some really good seafood - and I don't mean the Joe's Crab Shack or other commercialized "seafood" spots, I mean true fresh seafood - we truly found it at this place. Don't expect fancy - you eat outside in a basket on a picnic table - but holy cow check out the king crab legs Alex got. This was the morning we left. I had gotten up early pretty much every day to enjoy the morning sun on the beach, but I had promised my friend, Suellen that I would get my cup of coffee and head out to see the sunrise. As I did, I was having a little talk with God and thanking Him for allowing me the opportunity for R&R and the beautiful week He had given us.Low & behold as I was taking some pictures to the east of the sun reflecting on the water, this very pleasant looking lady who I had noticed earlier walking past me was coming back with, again this pleasant look on her face. She was pointing the opposite direction from where I was snapping pictures and said "you are missing that rainbow, that is what you should be getting pictures of!"

When I turned and saw this rainbow over the horizon, I could do nothing but sit in awe of the spectacle that was right before me! It may sound hokey, but it was as if God had sent me this beautiful vision to enjoy on my last morning as a message of peacefulness.
I felt as if my vacation was complete and it was okay to return to the real world awaiting.
So, real world here I come ready or not.
I am refreshed and have a renewed sense of life and attitude.
Hope you are ready for me!


ft. walton beach

Just some shots from our first days of vacation. We arrived about 2:30 on Sunday, just in time for our check in at 3. The condo is fantastic! Internet....no so much, but I highly recommend the Islander Beach Resort on Okaloosa Island. I'll try to get some shots of the interior before we leave.

We spent an hour or so on the beach after we checked in and got our junk unloaded.

The water was perfectly clear and blue/green and the sand here is always perfectly white and powdery.

We went to eat at Fudpuckers and to the grocery store.

Alex, Colby, Tony, Jennifer & kiddos went crab hunting.
Here is their loot...

Monday I got up before everyone else and took a nice walk on the beach by myself...well, me and the camera of course! :) It was gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful sounds of the waves while taking it all in.
I ventured out for a few things we forgot at the store then we took to the beach.

For about 20 minutes, then the rain set in.

Up to the room for about 20 minutes, then it somewhat cleared off, so we went back down to the beach.

For about an hour, then more rain set in - Actually more of a thunderstorm!

Went in for some lunch and hung out awhile until the rain cleared.

It was still sort of cloudy, but I didn't let that stop me! Back to the beach.

It was a pleasant afternoon, but it never got totally clear. The water was not as clear today either, but I am hopeful tomorrow will be.


more from july

Here is more of my July Journey from July 5-9:

Still lots of paper from my kit that has not been touched yet! Love the versatility of this one.
It's sold out, but if you hop on over to Ali Edward's blog she will be giving one away.

Also go ahead and get your subscription now for August's kit, especially if you love butterflies+Jenni Bowlin! Sneak peeks are up.

Can we say "SWOON-A-RIFIC?"
Holy Cow!

Okay, I'm leaving in less than an hour for Florida! I'm so excited!

Hope to share some pics during the week.



back home and leaving again

sorry I have been so MIA....had great intentions of posting Day two and three of the horseshow.
Unfortunately I simply did not have the time.

I have caught up on my July Journey through yesterday and hope to photograph and post it before leaving for vacation tomorrow.

If I'm MIA on my blog hopping, please forgive me, I'll be back at it after vacay!

Hope to post some beach pics soon!!! :)


Day one - 4H State

We had a busy day yesterday.
Up at 4:30AM
Drive to LR.
sit & wait.
Speed classes.
Show running behind schedule.
Queen's interview.
Dinner at IHOP at 10:30PM.
Shower & bed finally at midnight.

During the down time between classes, Alex & Colby found some interesting ways to keep themselves entertained:

Climbing up the concrete structure to the cattle barn next to where we parked the trailer.Not as easy as it looks!
They also tried to feed Hippy some French fries.
He looks interested, but fries are not sweet enough for his liking.
Maybe they should have tried a little ketchup!

Colby, Alex & Lee waiting for speech & interview - Colby is the reigning Junior Queen so she was there to introduce and help out. Today will hopefully not be so crazy - stay tuned!


The first 4 days

Mind you these photos are not the most choice, but I did want to post my first few pages of the July Journey project I'm working on this month. I am currently working on the 5th & 6th, so I'll be up-to-date when I leave tomorrow for a three day horseshow.

Mind you a lot of this is pretty repetitive if you have read my blog the last few days, as I take a lot of what I put in there from my thoughts and memories of my day-to-day life, which is included in my blog posts many times. In fact, I took a lot of my December Daily entries straight from my blog posts.

Maybe....but this is how I choose to combine my life's tidbits into my scrapbooking.

The bulk of these pages have been completed with the Crazy Daisy July kit. I've linked that up so you can get on over there and get your own! Love those red, white and blue papers, stickers & embellies! I also mixed in some Hambly, gesso, spray paint, and some other randomness.

So without further adieu here is July 1st - 4th:
Depending on the internet situation at the hotel, I hope to keep the blog updated with State 4H horseshow reports this week.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend....ours was low-key and traditional!


Fourth of July cookout

No explanations for these today, just some images from my evening at Mom's for the traditional cookout and fireworks shooting!

I'll try to come back later with some photos of the first few days of the July Journey!

Good Times!