bday couple & schnauzer thoughts

I love this picture of Cody & Amy that I snapped at the Mexican restaurant Friday night!
This was their belated birthday dinner.
We were in Florida during the week of their birthday so we did an informal night out to eat.
They look very happy in this picture...don't you think?{This picture will be making another appearance soon in my July Journey book.}

On another note, here is a photo of Angus I snapped this evening after his haircut & bath.
We were sitting outside - which he loves to do.
He always looks around and takes in everything.
I love his little wrinkled up head - he looks so inquisitive~
More from the July Journey this week.

Our county fair begins so I will once again be having a crazy busy week.

Stay tuned...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These photos make me happy! :):):):):):):):):)

mandiegirl said...

Hope it's not too hectic of a week and that you have a great time! :)

jeanie oliver said...

this july journey has almost kicked my butt! but I am only about 5 days behind!

sarah said...

i could've pointed out your angus as a schnauzer from afar ;) hehe!!!

aren't they adorable with the wrinkles on their head, esp when they're busy getting curious over everything. :)

how old is angus?