Week 35

Not much to say about this week's photo, except here it is!  A little post processing to soften and pop the eye. (ew, that sound gross, sorry).

Photographed a wedding Saturday - over 1400 photos! wowza.

I really need to blog some of the latest photos I've done.  Maybe I'll get a spark this week to do that in between editing!


Hello green goodness ETA

You know when you are asked what your favorite food is?

I never really know what to say. 

I love all kinds of food.

I think though my favorite food is definitely avocado.

I mean I seriously, absolutely, definitely LOVE avocado,
like to the point of eating one with every single meal!

Is that weird?

I know they are full of fat, but it's the good kind of fat, 
so it's really okay to eat them a bunch, right?

If you happen to be reading this and grow avocados 
and need to get rid of some, you can go ahead and ship them here to me.

I would love you forever.


ETA:  Thanks to Charlie for this avocado tidbit from the comments:
Also, did you know that you need 2 avocado trees to get avocados? I know this because when I was a kid my mom and I grew a tree, from a pit we saved from an avocado... but no fruit! Then a neighbor planted one... and VOILA!!! 

Thanks Charlie! I thought that was too interesting not to share. ;)

What is your favorite food?


Week 34

Sorry my blog has been pretty much quiet lately.  

I got through these phases...hopefully I will feel more inspired soon.

Meantime, I must share my Week 34 selfie:

These girls are my "prends"...."prends", you say?

There is a story....my prend on the right, Judy's grandson couldn't quite say friends yet several years ago so he called them prends.  It has stuck! Judy's fun website can be found here.  You can learn all about her grandchildren!

My prend on the left is Karla.  You can find her blog here and she and her husband's new project website here.

We had a little pool-time date today and I knew I wanted to include this memory in my 52 week project! These girls are are awesome!  We have made so many fun memories together over the last 8 years.  We met through work and our friendship just grew.

I can always count on them to make me laugh, give me encouragement, pray with me, let me cry on their shoulders, complain to, eat with, inspire me to be a better person, and mostly to be friends without any hidden agendas.  People, that is hard to find!!!

Thanks my prends for just being who you are and true to yourselves. I hope we have many more hairy-legged pool-time dates. :)


I'm a weiner!

Or in real English language, a winner!

How cool will I be wearing this adorable creation???

Thanks to a fabulous little giveaway over at Mandie's Mumblings
we'll see just how cool soon!

Thanks Mandie. Your creativity is amazing and I'm very blessed to call you FRIEND!  :)

For those of you who have not ever visited Mandie's blog, I highly recommend it for some inspirational photos, crafts, thoughts and stories from her life with sweet hubs, Gabe!


Week 33

After seeing Kara's post a few weeks ago, daring her readers to take a self-portrait without make-up, I decided I would make this one of my 52 week photos. 

Now Kara is just adorable and has this great 18 year old young, dewy, innocent, peaches & cream complexion, so you can trust me when I say that I, a forty year old woman, who has not always taken the best care of her skin, AND who has worse break-outs now than when she was a teenager (CAN someone please explain that one? grrrrrr), was very apprehensive about doing this particular photo, but decided to just go for it. 

Decided while I was at it, I'd just go for the whole hair-in-a-towel, straight-out-of-the-shower look.  I mean if you are going to do this, why not go the whole way right!? 

Luckily the odd overhead+natural light from the window cast a nice glow which hopefully helps hide some of my flaws in this unedited, naked shot. :)


In my mail

I have had a couple of awesome things in my mail, comingled with a sea of bills of course.

Today I received my little order from the cutie patootie Deana!
Her Etsy shop:

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have never had any baker's twine, but admire its many uses in the crafty/scrappy world.  Deana sells 10 yards of red and white twine in her shop for a buck, fifty.  Hellooooo??!!! You must get some!

I was also tickled with my buttons and I'm real certain they will make an appearance in some Fall Crochet Candy soon. :)

{Please excuse my crappy photos, but I was too excited to wait for better lighting conditions. :) }

I also received the sweetest card from my sweet friend Mandie. (Could I overuse the word "sweet" anymore? geez)

I love to get handwritten notes and cards in the mail.  Especially ones that contain B-E-A-utiful photos taken from my sweet friends. :)  (there I go again)

photo source: Mandie's flickr

This was part of our color fun photo challenge (which I am again embarrassed to admit I've let fall by the wayside.  (note to self: weekend goal is photo challenge)

I will be framing this pretty-ness for my office as a reminder of friendship.

THANKS MANDIE!  I do value your long distance friendship.

speaking of Mandie, watch her blog for a giveaway.  I'm anxious to see what it shall be. :)

I have received a couple of other sweet cards over the last weeks...each with words of thanks, words of encouragement and prayer for trials in my life, and words of wisdom.

I am truly blessed. :)

By the way, I have noted as I re-read this post an abundance of smilies - -JULIE, you are rubbing off. ;)    AND more parentheses than normal.  



Week 32

Twenty weeks and counting!  Wow.  
Christmas will be here before we know it friends.

Meanwhile, yesterday's selfie was pretty uninspiring.  
I could not think of anything clever or different,
so I had to use some post-processing for a twist. 

Here's to hoping for 20 more clever ideas!


le county fair

Okay, so that "le" doesn't really work in that context, but I'm too lazy to click back up there and delete.

Sad, but true.

Last week was so very busy.  I was at our county fair EVERY SINGLE NIGHT OF IT!

Yes you heard me correct.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday...I was there.

Did I mention it was incredibly hot?

well, it was.

I do love the fair though I must admit.  (UNlike my friend Karla). psssht, she doesn't know what she's missing.

Now, I must say I normally have entries in the fair...photography and crafts and such, but I never got around to getting my stuff ready (reference that lazy thing again).

In fact, one of my favorite parts of the fair is looking at all the exhibits.  Ask me if I walked into the exhibit hall one time on my five nights at the fair?

You:  Did you go visit the exhibit hall during all your time spent at the fair, Kim?

Me:  Well, since you asked, I must say 'no' I did not even go see all the exhibits!! 

You:  Wow, you must have been busy and you are so incredibly beautiful. Are you a model?

Oh sorry, I got carried away with our conversation.

I'll shut up now and post some photos!
...for your county fair viewing enjoyment:

that silly kid!
A couple of ladies from my hometown working the ticket window (one of my jobs during the week) They were dressed as carnies!

I encourage you to attend a fair this fall.....and I do recommend waiting until FALL!


Etsy update

Just a quick update on the blog about my Clever Notions Etsy shop update.

I had made myself a white Crochet Candy with tulle and pearl button for a more vintagey, shabby chic feel and have enjoyed wearing it on a pearl necklace. It's made several appearances in my 52 week project:

Here with two necklaces I put together for a longer look:

And here shortened up:

I have never thought of myself as a "pearl girl" but with the crochet flower it feels a little more modern and funky and I have worn it quite a bit!

So I decided maybe I didn't need to keep all the fun to myself and made some similar Crochet Candy for the Etsy shop.

You can purchase her by following this link.  She is white with tulle and a pretty pearly red button and clear beads on a red and white plastic beaded necklace.  However, she is made with a pin back so you can detach and wear her as a broach or add to your own pearl necklace.

Here is another fun little flower with a shabby feel, the Lemon Lace


The lemon lace is made with a pretty yellow cotton yarn and some vintage lace.  She can be purchased with a pin back, or as a hair clip or headband.  Lemon Lace can be found here.

These bright fun colored Crochet Candy flowers have been one of my favorites to wear!  I have made a few different combos and unfortunately I only had a little of that green yarn and am longing for more!  It's the perfect shade of green. It also matches the green beaded necklace perfectly for the Vivid Fruit and Fun necklace. 

This flower is made with the pin back so it can be worn as a broach or attached anywhere else you need a pick-me-up!

There are also a couple of headbands in these fun colors.  

If you have a specific color combo you would like to have in the Crochet Candy, I'll be happy to customize them. 

I'll even give you a special deal....free shipping through August 15th if you purchase and tell me you read this on the blog.  How cute would you or your daughter be wearing one of these the first day of school?! ;)


Week 31

This week's picture has a lot of meaning to me as my aunt was admitted to the hospital for a battery of tests over the weekend.  She simply asked for people to pray for her for the best outcome of said tests.  
Although she has not gotten the results as of today, I continue to pray for a good outcome and regardless of what the tests say, I will do as 
1 Thessalonians 5:17 says and Pray without Ceasing.  

As I went to church Sunday and ran home, changed clothes and left for the hospital for a visit I snapped my self-portrait for the week as a reminder.

I appreciate any prayers you can lift for my aunt as well.  
Turns out this quick shot will probably be one of my favorites when 
I look back at this project.