December Daily

I have finally completed all of the Thanksgiving festivities and will post more on that subject tomorrow.

I did want to share a little project that will begin taking shape tomorrow - the first day of December.

The first day of December not only marks the day of my birth, it also marks the first official day of the Christmas season. The birthday of the most important figure to ever be born - EVER! Christ. Thus the name Christmas! If you know me, you know one of my pet peeves is how some establishments and people have a hang-up with using the name Christmas for this season. I mean, come on, let's call it what it is: CHRISTMAS! Another peeve is when people use xmas. I know most don't mean anything by it, and use it only as an abbreviation of some kind, but it is just one of those fingernail on the chalkboard things for me.

Okay, I'll jump off my soapbox and get back to my project.

The uber talented Ali Edwards inspired me (along with a bazillion other scrapbookers) to do this project. I'm excited to begin tomorrow documenting a snapshot of each day leading up until Christmas. My hope is to have at least one photo of the day and a little remembrance of some kind for each day.

Here is a picture of my little book. It is comprised of kraft paper, transparencies (actually unused x-ray film - thanks Amy!), Anthropologie catalog, envelopes, Hambly, Christmas scrapbook paper, and will have other goodies before it's complete.

I'll try to keep the blog updated with photos of the book throughout the month.
Something new in my Etsy shop, a little different too.
Check out my little JOY notecard set.
I can also customize these to include your name, initial, another sentiment, etc.
If you are interested, let me know!
And thanks to Deltha for this great idea!
Finally, I want to introduce the newest member of our family: Nutmeg (Meg for short!)

She is my Aunt Joyce's new dachshund and how dang cute is she???? I love dogs, and she is precious. She is supposedly 7 months old. I'm thinking she is one lucky pup to have Joyce as her new Mommy. She has been there about 24 hours and is already spoiled! I love it!
More Thanksgiving #3 tomorrow along with a Birthday breakdown!


Thanksgiving #2

Today was the *official* celebration.
We had the perfect weather.
In fact this entire week has been perfect weather.
for that I am thankful.

Something that always stresses me out during the holidays:
having so many places to go - making choices.
"your family this year, my family next." etc.
This year I didn't worry & stress -
something new I'm trying.

Having so many places to go and family to see.
for that I am thankful.

So much I take for granted.
So much to be thankful for.

We drove to Conway today to have Thanksgiving with Hubs' side of the family.
We have not gone there for TG for two years.
What a fun group!
A large group.
So large I cannot capture them all.
Luckily our niece Cassy takes the "traditional" Thanksgiving family photos each year.
Everybody complains.
but I think secretly they are all happy she does it.
Here are few from my Canon:
Alex & her cousin Callie
Father & Son
Brooke & Rob (voted biggest & best teeth by the family!)
Daddy's Girl
Wow! A picture of me!
A pretty nice looking group indeed!
A random observation for the day:
I've used the word "indeed" more than once today.

No shopping for me tomorrow.
I'm making some sort of stand against it.
and I pretty much don't want to get up at the buttcrack of dawn.
Black Friday is way overrated in my opinion.
Plus I made that whole handmade pledge thing.
I cannot break my pledge.
The Etsy police might hunt me down!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.


Thanksgiving #1

This is a photo heavy post!

Thanksgiving is seriously one of my favorite holidays.
It's like Christmas without the pressure of gift buying.
It's all about family and being thankful for them.
And if you know me you know I'm all about family.
I love spending time with my family.
and the turkey & dressing is pretty cool too!

I am excited because this year's events are spread out.
No pressure again - which is awesome.
I am so over holidays with pressure to be 20 places at once.

Last night we spent time at my Dad's with the DeShazo side of the family.
They are a fun crew.
My stepmom Velisa had a glorious meal complete with all the traditional TG trimmings.
Dad smoked a fab turkey. Seriously, it was great.
I ate a crapload of it too!

My uncle and his friend, Wayne were here from San Diego.
It is always fun to hang out and (attempt) to catch up.
I wish I could see them more often.

All my siblings were there.
We had a blast playing Wii.
I pretty much suck at Guitar Hero.
I can sing like a bird though in Rock Band! tee hee.
I am the next American Idol you know!

I pray that others can enjoy and be thankful for their own families this year.
I have two more TG celebrations to go.
Am I blessed or what?!

Granny and Tommy

James & Jerry
Velisa & a pumpkin pie :)
Guitar Hero Diva: Haley!!! She rocks.

Wayne & Tommy - more wii fun.
Kyle & Alex had an intense game of boxing.
I am pretty sure it was a KO by Alex.
Love this one of Granny & Hadley
(he is not a fan of having pictures taken...little turkey!)
Kyle on the baby grand. He is so musically inclined.
I love, love this picture!
so much that I scrapped it tonight:
Last but not least:Matt & Alex.

I could kick myself for not getting a picture of my sister Sarah & her boyfriend Heath.
What was I thinking?

I also didn't get one of Cindy or myself! (per usual)

We also celebrated my birthday...great gifts indeed!

More to come...


winter arrives

This is a shot leaving work today at 4:30.
Doesn't it just look cold and wintry?
I've said it before and I cannot say it enough...I've just not a winter/cold weather fan.
This sky is quite picturesque though.

I worked in AF today.
I absolutely love the atmosphere & environment that my office there offers.
It just makes for a pleasant day.
I love the set up in this office.
Sitting at the computer and being able to see what's going on outside...
it's divine.
I share this space and we have gotten along quite well with our decor.
I have set up some of my favorite ATC's along the windowsill.
These are from a favorite photo ATC swap I did over at SIS.
Tis fun to look at them.
Inspiring, creatively.
and beyond those little pieces of art:
The beautiful view outside.
Even with the stripping of green that old man winter has offered,
it is wonderful to look out to the beauty of the awesome country where I live.
I see the occasional deer and other little wood wanderers.
My "roomie" has put up a birdhouse on the outside of our window.
We have seen lots of birds on our sill this fall.
I love it being able to "be" outside the four walls of an office.
I'm blessed indeed!

A shot of my planner with my note regarding something I need to do this weekend.
We are having a holiday event to try to help our students (and each other) called
Care 2 Share.
The idea is similar to a swap.
Where friends get together with nice or gently used items or clothing and swap stuff with each other.
We are going to offer our students three items upon showing their student ID, or they can swap the regular way.
We are also offering free gift wrapping.
Hopefully we can help folks pick up some Christmas gifts.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Stacy over at Taylor Tidbits has tagged me and I promised to comply, so without further adieu:
Here is the tag list:
1- Show both left & right handwriting.
2- list 5 of your 50/50's.
3- 5 pet peeves and
5- 5 things that don't mix well.

Here is my handwriting using both right & left

Not bad if I do say so myself.

My 50/50's:
  1. brown or black. I love wearing both equally well. Probably black would win out.
  2. chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Depends on the brand I think.
  3. down comforter or good & worn in quilt. Really a toughie.
  4. antique or modern decor. I tend to lean toward antique.
  5. Country or Rock. Depends on what day it is.
Pet peeves (only five, but rest assured there are more.)
  1. laziness
  2. someone riding my bumper.
  3. being poked.
  4. Sci-fi channel.
  5. stepping in someone's gum on the ground.
Five things that don't mix well:
  1. flip flops & socks.
  2. my taste & my pocketbook.
  3. me & cold weather.
  4. reading & being sleepy.
  5. photos & water.
Okay, so now I am tagging some of my lovely fellow bloggers.
Karla Marla
Jeanie O
Lynne (probably already tagged)

Have fun ladies!


More from the HHSA Banquet

So I had to share more of the fun pics from our Hillbilly Banquet last night.
(that doesn't mean it a banquet for hillbillies, it's our association name.)
sorry had to get that straight.
Although some of us them have hillbilly characteristics.
That woman right there in the middle is truly one of the funnest people I know. Elaine Thomas. Her personality is as bright as her sweater and beaming smile.
(you should've seen her shoes!)
I've never met anyone as carefree and fun-loving!

Dan and Nancy were called on stage by Kenny (the 08 President of HHSA) so it could be announced that the Family of the Year would be given in their honor because of the years of service and being such a strong family in the association.
It was quite a surprise and well deserved.
Emily, Alex & Colby getting their awards for Girls' Western Pleasure.
All the little kids got to decorate pumpkins for a contest. You know these two "kids" had to get in on the action. Colby explained theirs wore crowns! I thought Alex's had a pacifier, but she promptly corrected me that hers was sticking her tongue out!
Loved Lee Thomas' pumpkin which looked like some kind of pirate-cowboy.
Especially love the eyes.
Aye matey!
Alex won Junior High Point again this year and got a gorgeous buckle!
She also won Junior Sportsmanship award.
Along with these two honors, she got a cool pink hoodie and nice wooden frame, and racked up on cash!
These two beauties are great friends and always have fun together.

Banquet teaser

Definitely one of the better pictures from the night (minus the wacky-wonky color).
That Molly never ceases to amaze.
I told the girls to "strike a pose"
What does she do?
Turn to see what Alex & Colby are doing and proceed to do exactly what they are doing.
I mean they must be cool and know what they're doing right?
Check the leg action & the head tilt.

She is a total crack up!
More HHSA stories and fun tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait for this one.


What does Spring plus Fall equal

These are some out of car window pics I took going down mom's driveway last Sunday.
I was doing a little editing on these in Photoshop and came across some actions I downloaded from deviantart. The one I decided to try was entitled "spring."
I thought it would be cool to see what it would be like to mix a spring action with a fall picture.
Here are the results.
Odd. But kind of pretty!

This dang week has absolutely flown by!

Where did it go?

So it is two weeks from Thanksgiving.
You know Christmas will be right behind...
If you are wanting to order any CountryText alpha-prints for gifts, please let me know as soon as possible. Especially for a custom frame job.
If you are local, drop me an email or call.
If not, go to my Etsy and shop away!

While you are there, do check out all the awesome eye candy that Etsy has to offer.
Make some Christmas purchases.
Etsy has the coolest search options.
Browse by color, location and a plethora of other ways.

I can promise that the individuals artists and crafters will appreciate it much more than Wal-Mart or the other big boxers. (disclaimer: I am not a Wal-Mart hater, I shop at Wal-Mart almost daily, my family works at Wal-Mart, they have rolled back prices...just sayin').

Plus, the quality will be fantastic.
That is one thing I've noticed about most artists or crafters who sell their own goods, they take great pride in their craftsmanship and want to make top notch items. There is gorgeous stuff on there. I have found a lot of jewelry I would love to have!

Anyway just a Handmade plug I suppose, but do consider at least buying local this year, our local economies need your dollars to thrive in these scary times.

okay, off to wash dishes.



Today is Veteran's Day.

I for one am thankful to those who have served.
Not just those men & women who have actually gone to fight in a war. Everyone who is in the armed forces.

I realize being in any branch of service is some kind of sacrifice.
Something I for one would have a hard time with. I am proud there are those who are willing to make the sacrifices. And be willing to go to war if necessary.

Thank-You -
each and everyone of you.

I attended two different Veteran's Day programs today and it makes me proud to pledge allegience to our flag, hear the Star Spangled Banner (yes I said hear, you truly
do not want to hear me sing it) watch the color guard ceremony, hear Taps, and the 21 gun salute sends chills down my spine.

I cannot imagine what those veterans feel when they experience each of those things.


Mom & I had my "prend" Judy take our photo in front of my Pa Hutch's memorial brick that our family purchased in his honor before the memorial was built.
Mom is holding his Naval photo.
Everyone today who saw it commented how handsome my Pa was.
They are right.
He was also just as handsome on the inside.
Full of life.
A Christian first & foremost.
A great father.
Strong yet gentle.
Hard working.
Fun loving.
and a darn fine cook!
I'm so honored to be his granddaughter.
I hope I live up to his expectations of being his favorite "GD" (granddaughter that is).
He always told me that...but forgot to add that I was his ONLY GD!

He was a little full of it too! ;)

To my Pa, I also say Thank-You!



So this last week flew by.
As did the weekend.
Friday evening we attended Alex's FFA Hee-Haw & chili supper.
This is a fundraising annual event that is really fun.
There was a load of people who came.
In fact they had to move in tables & chairs.
(another reason HHS should expand their cafeteria, but that is a tangent I'll not get on today.)
Here we have Alex portraying the fancy insurance lady making a visit to Archie's barber shop.
(Archie is being played by Eli Long)
Here is the classroom scene, full of classic HeeHaw one liners.
Then here we have the big finale where the entire cast comes out on stage for a sing-a-long with the house band aka Hurricane Creek Band, led by former FFA advisor, Charlie Johnson.
You can tell by the kids' faces how much fun they had doing this.
Although Alex won't admit it!
Here is Alex & little Dalany Harris hamming it up for my camera!
Dalany performed too!
She sang the Hee-Haw classic, Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me.
She's quite the little entertainer.
(excuse the icing on the face, but a girl has to have a cupcake after a big performance you know!)
What a fun evening.
If you never got to witness the real Hee-Haw on TV, here is their official site.
And there is tons on YouTube.


Say Anything

One of my favorites from the eightes.
I still get butterflies when I hear Peter Gabriel sing "In Your Eyes".

If you didn't fall completely in love with John Cusack after seeing this flick, you just didn't have feelings!
(or maybe you're a dude, I don't know)

Anyway, I just took one of those silly little quizzes on Facebook called "Which 80's movie are you?" and
I am Say Anything.

I really should watch that next time it's on TNT or one of those channels that shows the "classics" (which is totally weird to think about it being a classic, but whatev)

So I'm a little freaked out that my 39th b-day will be here in less than a month, which leads to the next milestone birthday a year from now. The four-o. shhhh don't say it too loud.

Anyway, I have set myself a new goal to get my butt back in shape.
Seriously, how does it happen? How does one let oneself go?
It just happens I suppose, and it's not like you don't know how to solve the problem...I mean Hello! It's simple, it just takes willpower and energy.

By the time I'm shhhhhhh four-o, John Cusack will be waking me up outside my window with his boombox blaring "In Your Eyes" as loudly as possible.

It could happen!


Election Day

So it is finally here...yippee.
can you sense my enthusiasm?
Sorry, but I just cannot get excited.
Have not been throughout this process.

My candidate wasn't an option.

I have wavered back and forth (or should I say right & left *snicker*)
on who I was going to select.
I pray I made the right decision.
Not that it really matters in the grand scheme, because I truly love to vote.

I have always been proud to vote.

In fact I vote in every local election, whether it's school board or dog catcher!
This time though, I just could not muster up the enthusiasm.

I REALLY pray for whomever wins.

I would not want the job personally.
I pray for an honest leader & one who will maintain integrity and honesty.
There is so much at stake.

My homegirl,
Sasha had something on her blog today that I had not thought of...
No matter who wins tonight, history is being made.
First black man or first woman in such a position.
Who'd thunk it?



And completely beautiful scenery to boot!
What a fantastic day to get out and drive!
Mom & I had a great day on a little shopping excursion.
I was searching for some frames at a store in Koshkonong, MO.
(yes, the town is Koshkonong....Kosh for short)
No such luck. Drat!
Mom did have some luck finding upholstery fabric for an antique chair she is getting recovered.
We made a jaunt through Thayer and stopped at an old hotel built in 1910 that is now a really cool antique store called Creative Poverty. (love that name!)
I made several awesome finds there, from a nifty galvanized something or another that I've hung for a huge magnetic inspiration board (pictures later)
to this fabulous old pot rack:
I know! It's cool, right?
I also caught Gray Kitty sitting so pretty & regal on a piece of firewood.

And of course this cutie patootie who is not the best at getting his pictures taken.
Excuse the blur, but look at those precious eyes!

I love this dog.

and he pretty much loves the heck out of me too.

November has begun.
Time has changed.
Days are short.
Nights are long.
Weather will be getting cold.
I am not a fan of what's to come,
but I'm savoring what it is offering right now!