Thanksgiving #2

Today was the *official* celebration.
We had the perfect weather.
In fact this entire week has been perfect weather.
for that I am thankful.

Something that always stresses me out during the holidays:
having so many places to go - making choices.
"your family this year, my family next." etc.
This year I didn't worry & stress -
something new I'm trying.

Having so many places to go and family to see.
for that I am thankful.

So much I take for granted.
So much to be thankful for.

We drove to Conway today to have Thanksgiving with Hubs' side of the family.
We have not gone there for TG for two years.
What a fun group!
A large group.
So large I cannot capture them all.
Luckily our niece Cassy takes the "traditional" Thanksgiving family photos each year.
Everybody complains.
but I think secretly they are all happy she does it.
Here are few from my Canon:
Alex & her cousin Callie
Father & Son
Brooke & Rob (voted biggest & best teeth by the family!)
Daddy's Girl
Wow! A picture of me!
A pretty nice looking group indeed!
A random observation for the day:
I've used the word "indeed" more than once today.

No shopping for me tomorrow.
I'm making some sort of stand against it.
and I pretty much don't want to get up at the buttcrack of dawn.
Black Friday is way overrated in my opinion.
Plus I made that whole handmade pledge thing.
I cannot break my pledge.
The Etsy police might hunt me down!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.


Karla Rush said...

Looks like you and yours had a good day! Wasn't the weather great for taking pictures outside...

Lynne said...

No black friday buttcrack for me either...gave it up years ago and have never looked back! I'm in Conway and you're right...absolutely GORGEOUS weather for Thanksgiving! (dreading the drive back to IL and back into the freezing temps...we've got the buttcrack of weather up there this time of year)