winter arrives

This is a shot leaving work today at 4:30.
Doesn't it just look cold and wintry?
I've said it before and I cannot say it enough...I've just not a winter/cold weather fan.
This sky is quite picturesque though.

I worked in AF today.
I absolutely love the atmosphere & environment that my office there offers.
It just makes for a pleasant day.
I love the set up in this office.
Sitting at the computer and being able to see what's going on outside...
it's divine.
I share this space and we have gotten along quite well with our decor.
I have set up some of my favorite ATC's along the windowsill.
These are from a favorite photo ATC swap I did over at SIS.
Tis fun to look at them.
Inspiring, creatively.
and beyond those little pieces of art:
The beautiful view outside.
Even with the stripping of green that old man winter has offered,
it is wonderful to look out to the beauty of the awesome country where I live.
I see the occasional deer and other little wood wanderers.
My "roomie" has put up a birdhouse on the outside of our window.
We have seen lots of birds on our sill this fall.
I love it being able to "be" outside the four walls of an office.
I'm blessed indeed!

A shot of my planner with my note regarding something I need to do this weekend.
We are having a holiday event to try to help our students (and each other) called
Care 2 Share.
The idea is similar to a swap.
Where friends get together with nice or gently used items or clothing and swap stuff with each other.
We are going to offer our students three items upon showing their student ID, or they can swap the regular way.
We are also offering free gift wrapping.
Hopefully we can help folks pick up some Christmas gifts.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Stacy over at Taylor Tidbits has tagged me and I promised to comply, so without further adieu:
Here is the tag list:
1- Show both left & right handwriting.
2- list 5 of your 50/50's.
3- 5 pet peeves and
5- 5 things that don't mix well.

Here is my handwriting using both right & left

Not bad if I do say so myself.

My 50/50's:
  1. brown or black. I love wearing both equally well. Probably black would win out.
  2. chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Depends on the brand I think.
  3. down comforter or good & worn in quilt. Really a toughie.
  4. antique or modern decor. I tend to lean toward antique.
  5. Country or Rock. Depends on what day it is.
Pet peeves (only five, but rest assured there are more.)
  1. laziness
  2. someone riding my bumper.
  3. being poked.
  4. Sci-fi channel.
  5. stepping in someone's gum on the ground.
Five things that don't mix well:
  1. flip flops & socks.
  2. my taste & my pocketbook.
  3. me & cold weather.
  4. reading & being sleepy.
  5. photos & water.
Okay, so now I am tagging some of my lovely fellow bloggers.
Karla Marla
Jeanie O
Lynne (probably already tagged)

Have fun ladies!

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