Election Day

So it is finally here...yippee.
can you sense my enthusiasm?
Sorry, but I just cannot get excited.
Have not been throughout this process.

My candidate wasn't an option.

I have wavered back and forth (or should I say right & left *snicker*)
on who I was going to select.
I pray I made the right decision.
Not that it really matters in the grand scheme, because I truly love to vote.

I have always been proud to vote.

In fact I vote in every local election, whether it's school board or dog catcher!
This time though, I just could not muster up the enthusiasm.

I REALLY pray for whomever wins.

I would not want the job personally.
I pray for an honest leader & one who will maintain integrity and honesty.
There is so much at stake.

My homegirl,
Sasha had something on her blog today that I had not thought of...
No matter who wins tonight, history is being made.
First black man or first woman in such a position.
Who'd thunk it?


Lucy Mills said...

no, I wouldn't want the job either!! I cannot imagine that level of responsibility and power...yikes.

Anonymous said...

Great post...