Like everyone else I know in the South, I'm posting snow pictures!
If you're on my facebook or flickr, chances are you have already seen these, but I had to blog them too!
ALSO, this is a monumental post...it's my 500th blog post!
WOW, that is unbelievable, no?
Here is the welcome sign into Ash Flat...a place that has had crazy weather events for the past three years...from F5 tornadoes, to floods, major ice storm, and now this blizzard!
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010
Alot of these were taken from the warmth of the Dodge truck and some even through the windshield driving down the road, so don't judge the photography please!
the sun came out this afternoon and it was super bright and beautiful!
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010
we drove around some back roads to get a glimpse of the untouched snow.
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010
Unfortunately James stopped and we slid off into a small ditch -
and got stuck!

The best part of the story is how I was texting Alex about it and she was LOL'ing me! Then, later that evening, you'll never guess who ended up in that same rut!? You guessed it..Alex & Jessy! LOL to them. =)
My friend Jeanie was taking pictures of objects that look like faces...check this out:
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010
I even found some groups over at Flickr for these types of found items!
(There is a group for everything on Flickr.)

I'm a sucker for animals in the snow.
Brody is always willing to have his photo taken:
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010
Angus....not so much!
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010
Dog was not amused at all I'm thinking:
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010

The snow came down all day and night yesterday and it blew a lot - in fact it completely covered our back porch (covered porch). This chair was underneath, as was part of the wood.
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010
Snow in Arkansas Jan 2010

More to come tomorrow I'm sure - got to do my 5th week of self-portrait!


crochet flowers bring snow showers

Been in a crochet flower frenzy the past few days.
Enjoying these especially:
crochet flower

Here is the tutorial if you'd like to give it a whirl:

Alex even liked it!

She asked if I could put it on her hat and I think it looks smashing.
crochet flower

I have found a few more flowers and even a cute little crocheted heart.

Has given me something to do in during this crazy snowy blizzard that we are experiencing!

If it ever stops coming down, I'll take some pictures to share.
Happy Snow Day! :)


Weather Anniversary

So it's "that" time of year again.
"that" being in quotes because I am putting emphasis on it.
"that" is not that in a good way, I'm here to tell you!

Today is actually the one year anniversary of the beginning of the devastating ice storm that hit my area last year. 

Next week, on February 5th to be exact, is the two year anniversary of the devastating F5 tornado that cut through my area in 2008. 

In other words, "that" time of year has not been good in my neck of the woods for the last two years.

Oddly, we are now facing the possibility of more ice this week.

Last year on this date, here is what it looked like:

Two years ago on February 5th it looked more like this:

Personally, I would rather be looking at this:

But "that" is just me!


loving this concept!

Just a quick post to link you up to a fantastic blog that I found through Twitter!
(I love twitter like a fat kid loves a Krispy Kreme)

Anyway, the concept is so simple,
yet so powerful.

A photo is posted everyday of a regular woman.
Then anyone can comment about what they see that is beautiful about that person.
Here is a better explanation straight from the blog.

I have added it to my blog reader and have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photos each day and commenting, or just reading what others have said.

We all need some positive words in our lives and I think Jodie has found an interesting way of doing just that! 

Check it out:


I heart crochet pretties

I've also been on a crochet kick this week!

Apparently, there's a granny square craze going on and I just had to catch the bug!
If you are interested in crocheting (beginner level) some of these lovelies, you should totally check out Pip's great tutorials.

Scroll down to the beginning and watch her videos...I promised anyone can do it!
I tried to take some photos of what I've done, but they just were not good pictures at all, so I'll try again.

She also has a flickr group full of granny square eye candy!

I am already dying to try some of the different types of squares (or non-squares) though..
check these out:

photo credit: donnac368

(photo credit: Elizabeth Cat)

And you must click the link here to check out the squiggle crochet!

(photo credit: Irm952)

To die for?  I'd say so.
(Photo Credit: Solange C)

There is no lack of inspiration when you start looking around- I could go on and on!
If you have any other resources, please share.
I'd love to have some other go to places for a crochet fix.


Can't be explained really

I do not know why I cannot seem to keep the old bloggedy blog up-to-date these days.
I blame the weather.
I blame everything on the weather.
Well, weather and hormones.
Oh and men - gotta blame them for stuff too.

Anyway, I have had no scrapbooking mojo as of late.
However, I did enjoy my first prompt in my art journal.
And as promised, here is a peep at what I did:
art journal
and a close-up:
art journal close up

Here is Week 4 of my self portrait 52 week project:

I did some experimenting with texture on this one and some other actions, which honestly I cannot recall now!

Speaking of action.....
(get your head out of the gutter!)
If you are looking for some fun actions to play around with in photoshop, you must check out coffeeshop photo
She has tons of freebies and lots of instructions.

I promise to be back tomorrow with a little something new!
Some crochet love.  ♥


odds and ends

First of all I am so excited that I have completed the first prompt in my art journal!

It felt so freeing to write, paint, mask, cover, tape, glue, ink, and gesso at will!

I will post photos soon...just never took a picture while the light was good.
I also worked more on my cover. 

I urge you to join in the fun over at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
This prompt is WHAT?
What is holding you back?
What is stopping you?
What are you afraid of?
What is keeping you from your potential? WHAT?!?

I love that Rachel showed her pages and even shared some fun techniques to try...which I did!

I have also taken my 3rd week's photo in my 52 project:

I am actually enjoying the process of doing this so far.
It has kind of made me think about lighting, position, and creativity more than I expected. I hope to push myself artistically with this as the year progresses. Today was such a beautiful springlike day I decided to break out some bright colored jewelry for my selfie. The crocheted cuff was the beginning of a dishcloth that I never finished last year. (I'm on a crochet kick again) I thought it made a cute cuff bracelet with some vintage trim laced through.

I photoshopped the color back in to this after converting to B&W. I actually like how it turned out!

The girls at Crazy Daisy Kit Co. have been busy getting February kits ready.
Check out the sneak:

How Yummy is that pink, green and black????

Kim and Jennifer are running a special right now too.  If you sign up by January 31st, they will throw in a special gift!  Who doesn't love extra schtuff?   Pre-order your now for shipping on February 10th.

Here is the link-up straight to the kit.

Stay tuned for pics from the art journal.


art journal

Although I have art journaled sporadically in a spiral bound book I bought a couple of years ago to keep on the shelf for those "art journaling" times, I have decided I need to do more of it.  
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't enjoy the traditional scrapbooking that I do, but I just feel the need to put more down sometimes. Does that make any sense at all?

Through my friend from Twitter, Susan @ladymisssusan, I found a spot that I hope will fill this void I'm feeling in my art:  A Year in the Life of an Art Journal blog, where my same friend Susan will be guest hosting. Go Susan!!!  There are some other familiar faces and names that will be hosting as well.  Several of the ladies whom I got to know over at SIStv. 

the part I like most is that there are only two prompts a month.  I think that is totally "doable" for me.  Sometimes I try to commit myself to doing too much and then feel like a failure if I don't.  This, I think I can do.  

So if you are at all interested in taking this art journey with us, come join!
They also have a NING community with an active board here.

I decided that I would alter a thrifted book that I had picked up a year or so ago.  Here is what I have so far, but I still plan on some more layers. 

I'm also in the process of gluing pages together for my canvases. (tutorial on that through the blog).

This journal may not be something that I will share freely on here, but I do hope the process of doing it will be evident through other parts of my life.

Finally - the completed December Daily

I thought before Valentine's Day, I would go ahead and post pictures of the completed December Daily.

I will admit that it lost it's sparkle toward the end and the last few pages are less that spectacular!
Oh well, it kind of goes along with my blah mood lately I suppose.
There are some pages that, now, after going back through it I really like, but it is definitely not as lovable as last year's Daily.
I totally realize this is not the kind of thing that you want to look at on a blog.
To me it is one of those tactile projects that has to be seen and felt...no worries if you don't feel like looking...I mostly posted it for my own record.

December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
 December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily
December Daily

December Daily
*Wiping Forehead* Glad that's done!