52 is underway

I cannot, I have tried, I failed.
365 just ain't happening for me.

Soooooooooo, I decided maybe just maybe I could try 52.

52 weeks that is.
One photo, once per week.
and to make things interesting and different,
I will be taking self-portraits.

I know...what am I thinking???!!!

I totally cannot hardly stomach looking at pictures of myself.
I certainly feel like a fruit-loop taking pictures of myself.
So I thought it would be a great idea.  I'm really not crazy, I promise.

I just needed something to spark me and get me out of my comfort zone.

So I'm doing it.
Here is week one:

Yes, the "in the car shot"
How very lame you are saying.
But, it has been darn cold this week - too cold to get outside, plus I am a little late to the party on deciding to do this.
Mainly, though I loved the accidental lens flare that I captured in this shot.

I have found a Flickr group to join, 52.2010
I also have a couple of friends playing along and would love to have others.
Let me know if you are doing something similar so I can watch your progression!
and we form a support group for this craziness! :)
Happy New Year + one week!


sarah said...

it's not lame! i think a 52 project would be fun!!! and you can think of it as a starting my adventures picture.... cuz u are in the car of course! ;) lol

have a great weekend!


Deana said...

So pretty... I love that shot! I agree that 52 weeks is probably more attainable that 365. I would have fallen off the wagon already myself! LOL!

Have a great weekend, Kim! :-)