Just sharing a bit of randomness from last weekend's walk- 

Sometimes textures and random colors just look cool to me.


Spring Peeks of Green

 While at my Mom's last weekend on our little nature walk, I was more than THRILLED to see some small signs of better things to come!  
Look at these sweet little spring green buds. 
Something so small and simple, yet just makes me smile ear to ear!

 These yellow beauties seriously made me giddy!!!

I love you Spring and I am waiting for you with open arms! 



Well, I decided I was not going to mess around this week about posting my Week 8 pic.
I actually took out my camera today and used it! 
First time I've done that in awhile except for my 52 Week Project shots.

I am so ready for Spring and color again.
It felt so good to just be out today and have nowhere to be.
I felt FREE!
This was actually taken by my Mom.  She and I went on a nice little nature walk around the farm today and I wanted to capture more of this pretty golden field, and since my remote only reaches so far, I set up the shot and had her do the snapping!   I'd say she did pretty good capturing my jumps! ;)

Funny thing about "jump shots" are the outtakes!  I will do a post with those later...they are definitely good for a laugh. :D


Week 7 - since V-Day was in this week, I thought some heart bokeh was definitely in order!  This was actually not how I had this pictured in my mind, but my mind isn't always right, so I rolled with it - Hope everyone had some extra love in their life in honor of VDay!

I'll admit I'm not a big VDay fan, but I do love love, so therefore I'll play along!

There are three things that will endure -- faith, hope, and love -- and the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13


Valentine Candy

This won't make you fat though!

With all my hospital sitting, I've been making some new Crochet Candy in 
reds, pinks, and purples. 

You know, in time for the day of reds, pinks, and purples!

{Valentine's Day, Silly Gooses!}

Obviously, I didn't get these done and into my Etsy shop in time, 
but I have them if you are interested. 

Seven bucks.

I wore that red, purple and green one today with my purple cardi.

It was cute.

You'll have to trust me on that, because there are no pictures to be had.

Oh, and the beauty of these flowers? They won't wilt and die. :)



(I know...two posts in one day...too bad it's just me playing catch up!)

Week 6 was something brilliant that hit me at one of those weird times when creativity hits us creative types.  (I was probably in the bathroom or something, who knows)   :\

I call this one: Post-its rock my face off!
Thanks to my Mom for the use of the post-its! ;)

I do hope to have something of substance to share soon!
Meantime have a good week and I appreciate the prayers I've been getting from you all for my Mother-in-law and our family!


I know I promised some meaty posts like two weeks ago, but alas it has not happened.
I'm just spent both physically and emotionally so I'm just going with the bare minimum at this point. I do hope to be back to normal (as if THAT is possible) soon.

The Sunday afternoon I did Week 5 I had a little creative boost so I went all "sad gypsy/pirate" up in here.

I was pleased with the results of this one. 
I'm all seriousface.

The tears and sadness are just kind of 'me' lately with all that is going on but we all have to have some sadness and tears in our life occasionally.
It makes us appreciate the smiles and happier times. Right?