I know I promised some meaty posts like two weeks ago, but alas it has not happened.
I'm just spent both physically and emotionally so I'm just going with the bare minimum at this point. I do hope to be back to normal (as if THAT is possible) soon.

The Sunday afternoon I did Week 5 I had a little creative boost so I went all "sad gypsy/pirate" up in here.

I was pleased with the results of this one. 
I'm all seriousface.

The tears and sadness are just kind of 'me' lately with all that is going on but we all have to have some sadness and tears in our life occasionally.
It makes us appreciate the smiles and happier times. Right?


mandiegirl said...

You sassy thing, you!

Love you friend!

Charlie said...

Love the pic! and I appreciate the "have to have sad times" line, as I'm there too. Thanks for always being so honest in your posts. It's one of my favorite things about your blog!