Red and Orange

Two fun & vibrant colors indeed.

First is the red mosaic from last week:
(credits underneath)

1. Canisters, 2. Jake's red hat, 3. Ladybug, 4. truck, 5. tail light, 6. march2009 035, 7. DSCN1023, 8. Untitled, 9. bags, 10. Stop, 11. Go Hogs! Maybe, some year again!, 12. Lady Rebels, 13. march2009 034, 14. Red Mustang, 15. Strawberries, 16. door, 17. Cherries, 18. red skillet, 19. red2, 20. Winter Park FM_090220_0595radishes, 21. stool, 22. Untitled, 23. SamRonald, 24. IMG_0904, 25. Don Juan Rose, 26. DSCN1022, 27. red3, 28. Do Not Enter, 29. IMG_0336.JPG, 30. red bird, 31. colander, 32. DSCN1019, 33. kitchen2, 34. Red barn, 35. DSC_1185, 36. Red Stools in KFC

Next...on to this week's color: ORANGE

There is so much eye candy in here so far this week. Check it out (link)!
I am especially loving some of the tropical looking flowers that have been added. Gorgeous photography - some true talent and imagination.
Inspiring and fun.

Here are some of the ones I've taken so far.
Since we begin our new color each week on Sunday, I always try to take color fun pictures at Mom's when I'm over there after church.

I remember this antique orange juicer from when I was a child. It belonged to her grandmother, and namesake - Tommie! I love the way it has the same texture as a real orange peel.

Who doesn't love orange slice candies???
Mom just happened to have a little candy dish filled with them Sunday.

Mom did someone give you a head's up on this week's color?And here we have Mom's favorite toy...(well, besides her 4Wheeler and Rhino! Oh, yeah, and her new Wii.)
This is the Bad Boy and she mows like 250 acres with it!

I kid!
It's more like 160 acres!
That woman loves to mow.

Here is one of my favorite snacks right now since Honeycrisp apples are nowhere to be found.

A sweet & juicy naval orange.
I also have a new thing for Ugli fruit. (yes I spelled it correctly)
Ugly they are...but dang they are good!
(look for them in the fruit section they are from Jamaica.)
*****sorry....I got sidetracked, here is the orange!******

Last but not least is a cute little monster that was given as a symbol of a huge project at work.
I think he's quite adorable.

We have some new participants in the color fun group this week and I am so excited to see all the different things people are photographing.
Join in anytime!
Flickr, by the way is very user-friendly and easy (and free) to join.
Let me know if you need help joining in.


Green mosaic

Finally got the green mosaic done and posted.
Photo Credits below.}
Doing this color fun thing has been even better than I had hoped. I am so glad people are enjoying it. The coolest part is how everyone is engaged in conversations with each other in the comments over at Flickr; and it has even spilled over to Facebook.

It amazes me how easy it is to develop new friendships when you have common interests. I would love to have even more people participate in this - it is so simple and there are no rules. Participate as much or as little as you wish.

Just join our Color Fun Flickr Group.

We are currently doing Red, but I've posted a discussion in our Flickr Color Fun Group to choose next week's color: Royal Blue or Orange?

So far, orange is winning out!
Any votes are welcome here too.

Here are a few of my own favorite Red photos that I have taken this week:

Happy Weekend!!!!


As promised last week

I took a bunch a pictures of this fun little guy a couple of weeks ago at Mom's
He is so cute & full of energy.
I used some of my favorite PW actions I do love taking animal pictures....about as much as I enjoy taking kids or random objects as odd angles real close up (that's for you Amy!) :P
They are a little challenging though because they don't fall for the old say "cheese" stand-by, and it's real hard to keep them still - especially high energy pups like our little friend 'Im' here.

On another note, Easter is right around the corner.
I love Easter - I love the fact that Easter is the story about my Salvation.
It's about ultimate sacrifice and the beautiful event of resurrection that took place after the darkness. Everytime I hear about that huge stone being rolled away I get chills - it is like the best love story ever written. And the coolest part is that it was written for each of us.

Read it for yourself in Matthew 27-28

The other part about Easter that I love is that it signifies Springtime and sunshine and colors and sandals. Painted toes and bonnets and eggs & chocolate.

I found this nifty technique to dye eggs that I am SOOOO going to try this year.
Dying Easter eggs with silk ties.
I think the possibilities are endless!
If you have done this and have any pointers -OR- good or bad experiences, please let me know.

More Red photos and the green mosaic coming tomorrow.


Congrats Lady Rebels

How appropriate that the color for color fun week is RED!
Thought this would make a good one for the Flickr group.
There are already some great shots over there for red examples!
Go check it out and post some of your own.
I'm very proud of these girls for hanging so tough Friday and Saturday to be undefeated in the Rumble in Raiderville tournament they played in Jonesboro.
It was a long day and everyone was completely pooped, but that trophy was well worth it!
I'm glad Alex decided to play softball again - I quite enjoy watching this group play.
Here is a cute shot of Alex & Tracy Jane.
Softball is actually what caused these girls to become friends in the first place many years ago when they played summer ball
They've been through their share of ups & downs as all friends do.
I think it is cool they are playing together again.


Another Win!

It is my lucky week I guess!
I have won another giveaway.

Luckily, my gal pal Mandie saw the post, because I somehow missed it.
(it will teach me not to "mark all as read" on my Google Reader when it seems so overwhelming.)

Anyway, if you have not checked out the kits that Kerry Lynn and her team has put together at Kenner Road, you are missing out on some dandy stuff! She has a knack for mixing new with vintage and each kit has unique finds. The team is loaded with talent and I always feel inspired after seeing their creations.

Check out the blog, they are always having giveaways.
They have a Facebook too (for all my FB friends!) ;)

Here is my win:


Cannot wait to get ahold of this one!

I love to be a winner and not a loser!

Oh, and I finally did a mosaic of the yellow pictures.
(not all of them, I can only do 36 at a time)

How happy does that make you?
{credits underneath}

1. Girl scout cookies, 2. yellow forsythia, 3. DSCN0777, 4. IMG_3441, 5. IMG_3432, 6. toys, 7. yellow jonquils, 8. Trix are for Kids, 9. IMG_3435, 10. DSCN0874, 11. IMG_3439, 12. forsythia 2, 13. feed bags, 14. forsythia, 15. art, 16. DSCN0778, 17. slinky, 18. broken debris, 19. yellowmug, 20. slinky, 21. olf faithful crocs, 22. Yellow Pepper, 23. electrical cord, 24. DSCN0849, 25. DSCN0862, 26. Yellow Pepper, 27. yellowlight, 28. Fire Hydrant, 29. Splish Splash, 30. Cart tire and water hose, 31. Jonquils and Sign, 32. Yellow Tile, 33. DSCN0880, 34. DSCN0886, 35. Ellens Truck, 36. DSCN0870

Get in on the Green color fun! Post them here to the flickr group.


Green Food

I guess I have had green on the brain this week, what with the Color Fun and St. Patrick's Day and all, I'm even eating green! That along with the fact that I am on my "diet" or in the words of Dr. J, "a food reduction plan". I'm not big on the word diet! Anyway, I grabbed the camera to capture my green photos. Last night's green bell peppers for the one skillet spaghetti dish that we love. and the "oh my goodness yummy" fresh asparagus that I could eat every single day! Okay, so I got a little crafty last weekend and whipped out this page using some of the Retro Modern collection from SIS Boutique.

And I cannot believe I have not reported about my big win!!!!!
OMG, I'm so excited!!!!
Run, don't walk over to
I've been getting Angie's daily emails for over and year. She always has the latest products, trends, techniques, and designers....and she has contests to win products and kits.

Guess who won a
Crazy Daisy Kit?
Yep, it was me. Here is a little sneaky peeky of the yumminess! I had never heard of this kit club, but they are cool: each kit has a mini-book.
I love mini-books, so I'm anxious to see it.

She will be starting a new contest tomorrow, so again, go check out Scrapscene.
You might be the next winner!

I took lots of new pictures last Sunday of Im (prounounced "M") the dog. (remember him?) I'll try to get some posted this week...he is so playful & precious!


In honor of St. Patrick's Day

So tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and although I'm not as huge of a fan of the holiday as my friend Karla, I still enjoy the day - especially all the green.

Thanks to Mandie's suggestion, this week's color fun is GREEN!

Here are mine so far:

There are already tons of good ones uploaded to the Color Fun Flickr Pool.
Go check them out.
And while you're there, join the group and upload some of your own green photos!

I'll put together another mosaic this week featuring all the fun yellow photos. There were some really good submissions.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


the big Event

So I've been all caught up in the big Prom event for Alex since Thursday.
I took off work so I could help make the following images possible.
Let's just say, I completely overdid it!
I'm still sore 4 days later, but I suppose it was worth it.
Why am I sore you ask?
Okay, I want you to notice all the shiny wall coverings in these photos.
I pretty much cut most of those on the floor which meant squatting up and down on and off my knees. Holy crap my thighs hurt so bad and my knees are bruised!
I also cut my hand on a tape cutter and pinched my thumb somehow.
To top it off, I fell off a chair!
Oh yeah, I have bruises from that.
See that gold flourish looking thing?
I was decorating that when I fell off the chair.
Okay, so enough about my sad ailments, let's move on to the big night!
Here is Lindsay doing Alex's "do".
She wanted "big hair" for the occasion.
I'm pretty sure Lindsay can do that for her! :)
The next few photos are from their dinner at Bruce & Carolyn Dietsche's
I love this picture of Alex.
Here we have Alex & Matt, who broke up a couple of weeks ago but still went to prom together.
I think they make a great looking couple, but I suppose teenagers need to explore life before getting so serious in a relationship.

They both have a bright future ahead of them.
The Girls!
Bailey, Alex & Stevie (I love Stevie's cool streaks of color in her hair).
The group: Ely & Bailey, Alex & Matt, and Stevie & Hunter.
The view is overlooking Hardy & the Spring River from Bruce & Carolyn's den - completely breathtaking! They have a beautiful home that they remodeled a few years back.

The prom dinner, provided by Ely's mom, Melanie and grandparents, Bruce & Carolyn.
The menu consisted of filet mignon, shrimp, grilled asparagus, baked potato,
and chocolate cake a la mode.

{It was all delicious as we ate the same menu when the kiddos left.}Alex's face cracks me up in this picture!
Bruce served the dinner guests and I think he had as much fun as the kids!
BTW, his apron says: "The Lady Can Cook".
Alex had a blast at Prom this year.
She complained of her feet being sore she danced so much!

I am glad my "junior parent" duty of prom decorating is complete. I don't think my body could have stood to do it again!


more yellow....and upcoming event

Some mid-week yellow photos.
I was so excited about doing bright yellow this week, what with the awesome spring weather we were having.
That is until today when it was like 20 degrees or something.
Snow and/or ice is being predicted for tonight and tomorrow.
What is up with that?
Anyway, I will continue my journey of bright yellow this week and hope that it continues to perk me up like only bright yellow can do! :)
This yellow paint makes me feel happy.
Who doesn't love some yellow paint?
This is some leftoever heavy electrical cord from ice storm, generator hookups.This is just some thing random that was broken in the back yard. I honestly have no clue what it is but I'm guessing it belongs to the hubs.

Tomorrow I do my duty as stepmom of an eleventh grader: Decorate for Prom.
Prom will be Friday and I hope to snag some pictures at some point - of course that will require perfect timing on my behalf in order to capture the group during dinner or the meeting spot for all the girls and boys to meet up and ride together.
Wish me luck with that!

Any color suggestions for next week?


Hot Pink eye candy

Here is a quick glimpse at the hot pink lovliness altogether!
So unique!
I love it.
{Credits underneath.}
1. hot pink, 2. Sunday-Princess blanket, 3. Monday - Sharpie, 4. Kelly's favorite cookie, 5. animal crackers, 6. Bella 1, 7. hot pink 3/2 , 8. Tuesday Horse feed scoop, 9. card from Mandie, 10. DSCN0380, 11. Wednesday - Invitation, 12. DSCN0754, 13. DSCN0731, 14. inspiration board, 15. Thursday - Princess Wand, 16. hot pink sunset, 17. Bella 2, 18. DSCN0759, 19. DSCN0761, 20. Friday - Storage box, 21. pink daisy, 22. sippy, 23. Saturday - froggy float, 24. hot pink, 25. hot pink, 26. Tulip Tree, 27. pink pens, 28. teapot, 29. DSCN0802, 30. DSCN0798

Yellow blooming

I am seriously loving all the interpretations of color over at the flickr color fun group.
Really, you should join in this week for bright yellow!
The colors are starting to pop out and these are the days I love to get my camera to clicking!

You knew I would have to photograph the jonquils to kick off bright yellow color week!
I was also pleasantly surprised to see the forsythia beginning to bloom at Mom's today and thought the yellow looked splendid against the bright blue sky!
Ahhhhh ...these are the days I long for:
warmth & sunshine. I could have done without the crazy wind, but I can live with that!

I now have a clean car, whoopie!
I'm bad to let my car go through the winter without cleaning her out.
It was a chore, but well worth the effort this afternoon.

We had a nice cookout at Tony & Jennifer's - grilled burgers. Yum!
Their neighbors brought over some homemade deer sausage... DElightful!
Finally met the other Kim. What a sweetie.
Good times. I love spring/summer cook-outs.

Of course, with longer days come shorter nights.
It's already 9 o'clock. I really need to get myself ready to call it a night - losing that hour kicks my butt!
I am hoping this perfect weather will last.
bring on a new week!


more hot pink madness

Thought I would share the last few days of my hot pink photos before moving on.
I have really enjoyed doing this and hope those other participating have too!

One friend asked me the rules to this.

Well, the rules are: there are no rules!
Just interpret it as you see it.

This was the sunset one night this week - the cool thing is I could probably take a beautiful sunset picture on any given evening where I live.
We are so blessed to have God as the artist and this just proves it!
This is Alex's purse. She's all about Roxy brand and that hot pink logo just stood out to me.
These are my sad old tennis shoes.
Luckily I got some news ones today...finally! Yay me!
Now, I have no excuse not to work out.
Okay that concludes the hot pink.
Join me tomorrow for more color fun: YELLOW
And go check out the color fun flickr group. There are some really great hot pink pictures.

I'm loving all the eye candy this is providing.