Yellow blooming

I am seriously loving all the interpretations of color over at the flickr color fun group.
Really, you should join in this week for bright yellow!
The colors are starting to pop out and these are the days I love to get my camera to clicking!

You knew I would have to photograph the jonquils to kick off bright yellow color week!
I was also pleasantly surprised to see the forsythia beginning to bloom at Mom's today and thought the yellow looked splendid against the bright blue sky!
Ahhhhh ...these are the days I long for:
warmth & sunshine. I could have done without the crazy wind, but I can live with that!

I now have a clean car, whoopie!
I'm bad to let my car go through the winter without cleaning her out.
It was a chore, but well worth the effort this afternoon.

We had a nice cookout at Tony & Jennifer's - grilled burgers. Yum!
Their neighbors brought over some homemade deer sausage... DElightful!
Finally met the other Kim. What a sweetie.
Good times. I love spring/summer cook-outs.

Of course, with longer days come shorter nights.
It's already 9 o'clock. I really need to get myself ready to call it a night - losing that hour kicks my butt!
I am hoping this perfect weather will last.
bring on a new week!


Lynne said...

Deer sausage...what does that taste like? Chicken? lol

As for all your flower pics...I'm so jealous you can't even imagine...oh wait...I blog/facebook about my dreams of spring often so you probably can. :-)

*kim* said...

I completely understand your longing for spring! I am afraid ours will be cut short this week...we are in for more cold. :(

Lucy said...

Mmm lovely pics...so glad spring is arriving...