Congrats Lady Rebels

How appropriate that the color for color fun week is RED!
Thought this would make a good one for the Flickr group.
There are already some great shots over there for red examples!
Go check it out and post some of your own.
I'm very proud of these girls for hanging so tough Friday and Saturday to be undefeated in the Rumble in Raiderville tournament they played in Jonesboro.
It was a long day and everyone was completely pooped, but that trophy was well worth it!
I'm glad Alex decided to play softball again - I quite enjoy watching this group play.
Here is a cute shot of Alex & Tracy Jane.
Softball is actually what caused these girls to become friends in the first place many years ago when they played summer ball
They've been through their share of ups & downs as all friends do.
I think it is cool they are playing together again.


MandieGirl said...

Congrats to Alex, and Yay! I was wondering what the next color was (though I have more green to upload tonight still!), and I already know what my first pic withh be! :)

Tommie said...

My congrats go out to the Lady Rebels. I am so proud of Alex, I remember those summers long ago when she first played summer ball, of course my love is basketball, I love all sports. Alex has grown up to be a super young lady.