all things bright & sunny!

I will post the remainder of my hot pink pictures this weekend, but wanted to go ahead and post a new color for the upcoming week.

In honor of our time change for daylight savings tonight, let's do bright yellow! You know like we will get to enjoy more sunshininess in the evening - spring is coming - jonquils, Happy Faces, joyful yellow!

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

edited: okay Mandie was right that bright yellow was a little hard on the eyes. sorry blog readers.


MandieGirl said...

Oy vey. Can hardly read that yellow text. Made me squint my eyes! :) I'm going to try to remember to take photos this week. I haven't even used my camera in almost 2 weeks due to the disappointment of the old computer. :( I'll try to remember this week, though! :)

*kim* said...

Yes, the yellow was a little crazy on the eyes, but I had to make the sacrifice!!! LOL

I sure hope your computer woes are not so woeful soon :(