Another Win!

It is my lucky week I guess!
I have won another giveaway.

Luckily, my gal pal Mandie saw the post, because I somehow missed it.
(it will teach me not to "mark all as read" on my Google Reader when it seems so overwhelming.)

Anyway, if you have not checked out the kits that Kerry Lynn and her team has put together at Kenner Road, you are missing out on some dandy stuff! She has a knack for mixing new with vintage and each kit has unique finds. The team is loaded with talent and I always feel inspired after seeing their creations.

Check out the blog, they are always having giveaways.
They have a Facebook too (for all my FB friends!) ;)

Here is my win:


Cannot wait to get ahold of this one!

I love to be a winner and not a loser!

Oh, and I finally did a mosaic of the yellow pictures.
(not all of them, I can only do 36 at a time)

How happy does that make you?
{credits underneath}

1. Girl scout cookies, 2. yellow forsythia, 3. DSCN0777, 4. IMG_3441, 5. IMG_3432, 6. toys, 7. yellow jonquils, 8. Trix are for Kids, 9. IMG_3435, 10. DSCN0874, 11. IMG_3439, 12. forsythia 2, 13. feed bags, 14. forsythia, 15. art, 16. DSCN0778, 17. slinky, 18. broken debris, 19. yellowmug, 20. slinky, 21. olf faithful crocs, 22. Yellow Pepper, 23. electrical cord, 24. DSCN0849, 25. DSCN0862, 26. Yellow Pepper, 27. yellowlight, 28. Fire Hydrant, 29. Splish Splash, 30. Cart tire and water hose, 31. Jonquils and Sign, 32. Yellow Tile, 33. DSCN0880, 34. DSCN0886, 35. Ellens Truck, 36. DSCN0870

Get in on the Green color fun! Post them here to the flickr group.