This was a quick shot I did while heading to a conference last Sunday.  These trees at my workplace  are absolutely stunning right now. This shot had no real plan I just aimed and fired.

In the words of Bob Ross, it was a "happy accident". :)
It reminds me of watching fireworks in July, so I call it "autumn fireworks".



So I was going for an old glamorous Hollywood feel in this week's photo.  I thought my Mom had an old pair of cat-eye style glasses (she used to wear them back in the day) but alas we could not find them. :( 

We did find my old pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer style shades though so I decided those would be as old school as I was getting for this shot. 

I obviously did some post editing on this one to give it a dramatic feel. 

Oh and remember me showing you my branding last week for my photo stuff?  Well, I worked on my site yesterday and thought I'd hook it up here. My blog will probably undergo a facelift to emphasize my photography, but I have not given up on Clever Notions either.  I hope to pick up my crochet hook soon and crank out some crochet candy flowers.  I also have some headbands in various stages of production so I will have some ready soon. 

If you know me at all, you know I am constantly trying new things and starting new projects.  This photography thing, though, is something I've been working toward for awhile.  It was not something I could just plunge into all at once. 

Any advice you want to give is welcome so feel free! Click my logo below to see what I've got so far.


5211-39 & 40

The last two week's worth of photos have a fall feel, don't you think?

I played with some fun textures and overlays on this first photo. I really need to do more of that.

The weather has been splendid the past few days...perfect sunny days and mild temps. I am so digging it! If Fall would stay like this I would be a little more welcoming. Guess Fall doesn't care if I welcome it or not...it is coming, ready or not!
Oh, and I have taken my photography a little further. I have actually designed a logo and built my smug mug site a little more with pricing. Super excited about the possibilities. Maybe some changes around the old bloggy blog soon.

What do you think?


5211-36, 37 & 38

Once again, here I am playing catch-up on my 52 week project.  I feel so bad for neglecting the 52WP blog and flickr group, but life will go on.  I know there are several people still going strong with their project and so I'm certainly happy about that.  

Here are the last 3 weeks worth of shots...

Week 36: Planking

Week 37: Remembering 9/11 and praying for our Nation
 Week 38: Smile!

So once again, I will say that I hope to get back on track with m blogging...of course we all know I've said that many times before! :\



Just a warning before you read further....I don't want to offend you if you are into the hair feather phenomena, so you may want to stop reading here!

The hair feathers.
I'm just not a fan.
I have no clue.
I mean if you got in on the feathers and then got out when everyone and their dogs were getting them, that's cool, but at this point in time I think it's time to let it go.

SERIOUSLY People, do you really think your dog wants to wear another animal's covering hanging off his ear?  It's really kind of creepy if you think about it. 

Now, let me say, for these younger girls, who want to sport a funky hot pink or lime green feather for a few days, yes.


If you are considered an adult (which I realize can vary), or unless you are Steven Tyler, then please just say no to fowl decor in your locks.

 So here is my attempt at humor when it comes to the whole hair feather thing.

Again, I hope I don't offend. If you are rocking the feather, then glory be, rock that sucker. 
This is just my opinion and that's one reason for my blog...to post my opinion! :)    

ETA: I have also read something which may or may not be accurate, but apparently the roosters that grow these skinny little striped feathers that most people are wearing, don't survive the plucking process.  Now, I'm not a freaky animal activist by any means, but that just sounds rather cruel and sad to me.  Anyway, just putting that out there. Here is the story I read.



Here is this week's self portrait:

Yes, in fact I do give you TWO THUMB'S UP! :)

Have a super week y'all!


5211-31 through 33

Yes, I'm a blog writing loser these days!  
I cannot put my finger on it, but I hope I come out of this writing funk soon.
Sadly, the 52 Week Project blog has suffered even more. 

Oh well, here are the last three weeks of pictures:


5211-32: (I know, it's a little creepy!)

5211-33 (decided a Hipstamatic pic was in order):

I do hope if you are reading this you are enjoying your weekend and your August! 



It is incredibly hot and dry right now, and the day I took this shot there was a chance of rain, so I was wishful thinking!  
It actually did sprinkle a little bit, but it was still dusty. :(  




Week 29...super quick, super random, and super green!

I am midway through my first week at the new job and am LLLLLLoooooving it!
Next week is going to be super hectic but I'm up for the challenge 
and ready to hold on for the ride. :)

And, can you believe it's almost August?  What's up with that?


5211-28 and Vintage sheets

I thought it was high time that Mr. Angus made another 52 Week appearance.  
Trust me, it was hot. 
How do I know?
(The wagging tongue is a huge giveaway!)
The sheet, is a pretty vintage that was given to me by my friend Sonja.  I love vintage sheets and I love that there are awesome people who know that and stay on the look-out for me. :) 

If you follow the link and see that ruffle quilt that I talked about last year, well, I have not even started cutting any strips to begin this project. In fact, another wonderful friend of mine's mother made Carlee one. 
Me on the other hand....I'll probably do something a little simpler 
than that for my first quilt project. 

Maybe something like this one:

I am also loving this embroidery hoop wall art:
(source: The vintage sheet blog) <--tons of ideas here!

Oh and my friend Mandie is selling some delightful vintage sheet fat quarters in her Moxie Mandie Etsy shop, so check those out if you are needing some cool pieces.

If you know of any other vintage sheet ideas, please link me up!



This was last week's 52 Week shot.  Nothing real special about it, but I feel like I look content and relaxed in this shot and that is exactly what I am!

Just something after church at mom's on the farm.  A little post processing work using the One Day action with my own adjustments from My 4 Hens Hippy Dippy Trippy action set.


In reading more and more about photography and thinking about where I want to go next in my own photog quest, I am thinking about my "look".  I don't mean my personal looks! I mean the look of my photography.

You know, most photographers have a trademark look, something to keep them distinct and different from everyone else.  I don't really know what my trademark is so I've been going through some of my shots to see what my common thread is.  One thing I have found is I lean toward a warmer tone in my shots. In fact, sometimes I think I tend to go warm too much and try to occasionally cool things off!

If you notice other things that set my photos off from others, I would love any input! Or if there is something you think I should work more on, or a look I should include more or less, I welcome any feedback or constructive criticism.  (I have my big girl panties on so don't worry about hurting my feelings!.) :o)


orange flowers in my yard

I have no clue what these are (tiger lilies?)
I do know they are just stunning! 
I love flowers, I just don't have a green thumb.

These have the most interesting shape. 

I have had several different lilies come up this summer. 
I have planted some because they are so low maintenance and hardy
I do remember planting some but I really didn't remember these last year.  
I decided this would be another pretty canvas for one of my found Pinterest quotes:




I know, I know, you expected Carlee bath pics didn't you?!? 

Nope. Not this round.

We've had some welcome sporadic showers around these parts this week. 
SOooooo, when you have showers, you get puddles, 
and when you get puddles, you get a nice little bath! 

Welcome July!
Thanks for some of the wet stuff you've had with you. 

Also, if any of you wanted to download the little free photo print download from the Queen Anne post last weekend, just let me know and I'll arrange that.

{AND You my friend Julie are too sweet for pinning that....made me :):):):) }


Queen Anne

Every summer, I admire the pretty Queen Anne's Lace that grows rampant around these parts. 
It's dainty, lacy, weedy self grows along the roads and in the fields.  
I'm sure it may be a nuisance to many, but to me it just splendid looking!

I decided these shots would be fun to experiment with.
I've been a pinning fool on Pinterest lately and one of my favorite boards to pin to is my "Good Words for the Soul" board which is basically quotes, quips, scripture, funny and serious that I either find or repin. 

 I love this one in particular:
I cannot read it without feeling good. :)

This one is so simple and so true! 

I searched high and low on the internets but could not find who authored either of these lovely quotes.  If you know, please advise so I can give proper credit.

Now here is a little question for you, would you be interested in printing one of these for yourself? 

I was thinking of making these available as a free download.  Why, you ask?  

Well, let's just say I've had a great week and I just feel like doing something.  Why not a giveaway?  My Pinterest quote board has really spoken to me. I go through and read it often when I need a laugh or a little pick-me-up so I'm hoping these might do the same for you! :)
BY THE WAY: If you are on Pinterest, follow me. If you are not but want to be, let me know, I'll send you an invite!

I think I am going to print mine to frame and hang in my new office at work!


Some happiness to share

As captured by my Instagram yesterday: I call this my Perma-Grin look!  Why all the happy and smile you ask?  Well, I have accepted a new job this week and I couldn't be happier!

It has been time for something new in that aspect for awhile so when this opportunity came along I jumped at it and landed it!

Looking so forward to new challenges...it feels like a huge weight has been lifted and I truly believe that God has been preparing me for this for sometime now that I look back on the last few years.  I have asked Him "Why?" on so many things and now I know! I love when I finally get the answers.  It makes me know that I MUST trust Him - I mean I know I must trust Him, but sometimes it is easier said that done!  

So, let's just say this perma-grin is brought to you in full by my great God!

This is another Instagram from yesterday.  This little message was put on the public restroom mirror at work that I use many months ago.   I have looked at it daily just knowing it was put there for me! Well, yesterday when I saw it, I actually burst into tears!  Tears of happiness for knowing without a doubt it was for me!  The cool part about it is I am sure it has touched others who frequent that ladies' room in the same way. 

People are so cool when they do little things like this that make such a huge impact on others....I know whomever put this message up was totally led by God. 

I plan to put up a little message similar to this in a random public place and I challenge you to do the same! You never know who or how many people you may impact!

I begin my new job on July 18 and am just so excited!!! For those of you who have prayed for me on this, all I can say is THANKS from the bottom of my heart! Oh and for those who are local and would know, I am going to work at UACCB as Assistant to the Chancellor. 

Oh, and if you use Instagram, I'm kwhitten and we can certainly be friends. :)


Dear Carlee

I decided it was high time I update the blog with some new Carlee Claire eye candy since I have not done so since she was born.  I have just been keeping my Facebook updated so more family and friends can see her.

Excuse me while I write a little personal note to this sweet angel
who has overtaken our hearts. 

You my dear have left me with a feeling in my heart that I cannot express in words.
I know....you are not my blood granddaughter, but that does not matter to me and I hope it won't matter to you, because becoming your Grammy has been the most delightful thing! 

It absolutely pleases me to no end to watch you and see what in the heck you are going to do next!  
You totally crack me up and when I see you or talk about you I know my face lights up with PURE JOY! 
The expressions you have are just too funny and your personality is already larger than life!
I could just sit and watch you for hours! 

Well, I could if you would stay still long enough!!

Let's just say you are a tad bit high maintenance! 

I mean this newborn shot of you was taken at 2 weeks old and you wallowed yourself right off the quilt and turned yourself over!
You even lost your umbilical cord during this little photoshoot!  Crazy Girl!

You never stay still long!  
Always have those arms and legs going....so incredibly strong for such a little munchkin!

That pretty red hair keeps getting more red!
A trait from your paternal grandmother, Nana Hall.
Who would have thought you would come out with red hair with two blond headed parents!?  I love it though, it just fits your personality at this point! 

And your eyes continue to stay blue and you always have a little spark in them!  
Another trait that totally matches your disposition at this point of your life. 

You have been pretty fussy so far...colic... (BOO)
and I think you have learned how to work the system just a little bit. ;)
You have such a wonderful Momma though and she takes every measure to make sure you get some relief and works so hard to keep you happy.
We all like to take turns dancing, jumping, moving, and patting to try to keep you content. I prefer to hold you upright and bouncing you up and down while pacing; and of course I love to sing to you!  I am pretty sure you love my singing voice...especially when I make up songs about you or sing "I found a little baby bumblebee."
(It can be our little secret though you don't have to admit outloud that you enjoy my singing)  

Your Daddy really gets wild and crazy when he's trying to make you content...but you love it!  

You sleep pretty well at night...however, you don't take many naps during the day AND you prefer to fight sleep!  You don't have trouble eating and again, your Momma takes every measure to keep herself healthy so she can keep you healthy!   

There are days that I just can't stand not to see you!!!  
Your Momma has been so good to send me and your Grandma Cindy phone pictures though, which I like to call my "Daily Carlee fix".
Those have been the highlights of my days the last month and a half and I like to show them off to my friends.  :)  

You, little angel are truly a piece of Heaven and I just adore and love you to pieces!  
I do hope we can be friends.  
I have tons I want to teach you and do with you and for you. 
Mostly, I want you to learn about God. I want you to know that you are ultimately His child and that with that in your life you will live to your fullest potential.

A most deserving and happy little family.  
I'm pretty certain your Momma and Daddy love you more than life itself!  
They will make sure you are safe, happy and secure.

You are one blessed little person who has enough love surrounding you to fill the ocean!


Sexy tractor

AND I AM Back!
Go me!

I really don't know that I would call tractors sexy per se, but anything that is weathered, used and still functional is!  <--Yes, that could be me I'm describing!  

Just a few photos of a weathered Ford tractor that caught my eye.

Speaking of eyes...the old Ford is looking pretty wide-eyed from the front:

Still showing the brand on one side:

But the other side...not so much!

If this tractor could talk, I wonder what he'd say!

I'm feeling like my camera and I need to rekindle our old flame, so I am hoping to bring more randomness from behind the glass real soon!


5211-24 through 26

So, I'll admit it....I'm officially a horrible blogger!
I mean, it's bad when you cannot even post once per week.

I seriously don't know why my interest in blogging has not been there. I have gone back to older posts to see what used to excite me enough to blog about...and I loved some of those posts that really were for no other reason but for me to read.

I think blogging has gotten to the point of worrying about who is going to read my posts or how many people are following my blog to see if what I say is interesting...That's really not why I even began blogging in the first place! Why do we as humans get so caught up in what others think?  *sigh*

I want to start blogging again for one person and one person only: ME! If anyone else reads it, well, that's okay, but I'm going to vow to quit worrying about such things!

NOW, for the real post...the last three weeks' 52 Week Project photos.
Each one of these photos have been for challenges on the 52 week Project blog. These have been so much fun and a nice change of pace from just trying to think of a new idea each week.

This was for the Message Challenge

And this one was the Dad Challenge

And this week's challenge is Multiplicity!

I hope to be back before mid July with more. :)