This was last week's 52 Week shot.  Nothing real special about it, but I feel like I look content and relaxed in this shot and that is exactly what I am!

Just something after church at mom's on the farm.  A little post processing work using the One Day action with my own adjustments from My 4 Hens Hippy Dippy Trippy action set.


In reading more and more about photography and thinking about where I want to go next in my own photog quest, I am thinking about my "look".  I don't mean my personal looks! I mean the look of my photography.

You know, most photographers have a trademark look, something to keep them distinct and different from everyone else.  I don't really know what my trademark is so I've been going through some of my shots to see what my common thread is.  One thing I have found is I lean toward a warmer tone in my shots. In fact, sometimes I think I tend to go warm too much and try to occasionally cool things off!

If you notice other things that set my photos off from others, I would love any input! Or if there is something you think I should work more on, or a look I should include more or less, I welcome any feedback or constructive criticism.  (I have my big girl panties on so don't worry about hurting my feelings!.) :o)


Jamie said...

I've been thinking about that same thing myself... when you figure out how to figure it out, let me know! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I think your photos are AMAZING! I always love (ugh.. I don't know how to describe...)...your lighting techniques....you always seem to incorporate the sun in your photos...and for me that stands out... :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Marit said...

It's obvious... you see it yourself and Julie mentions it too... it's the warm colours and lightning you bring into your photo's. It's typical for YOU and I love this/your style!

Bekka said...

This is gorgeous, and that is exactly how you come across!