Where did may go?

I'm blown away that this is May 31st....seriously where did the month go????

We had graduations, one year birthdays, medical scares, and a long holiday weekend. 

Alex graduated with her associate degree, Hadley graduated from high school, we had commencement at work, Carlee turned one, my mom had a heart cath which indicated she had 95% blockage in a main artery and had a stent put in, we celebrated a long Memorial Day weekend and got to take Carlee to the creek.

Another milestone which I hope to be blogging more about very soon is that we closed on a house today. This house is not livable at the moment and we got it by bidding it through a foreclosure sale, but we plan to put in blood, sweat and probably tears to get it the way we want it.
So stay tuned as I will be documenting ProjectHouse2012.



For some reason I have been very reflective today.
Maybe it's because we had our "end-of-year" meeting at work today where we reflected on our accomplishments and challenges and looked forward to what's ahead.

Or maybe it's because my dear friend had a big interview today that will change her life tremendously whether she gets the job or not.

Or maybe it's that this angel who landed in our lives last year will be turning one on Saturday:

Whatever has made me feel this way, it has made me so thankful for the many many blessings in my life.  I am amazed at how God works in my life and those around me.  There have been so many times I have been angry at God for not answering my prayers the way I want them answered (because, you know, I am so much smarter than God!!!) DUH.  When something happens in my life to change my circumstances I realize He is so much more awesome than I can even wrap my mind around!

Switching gears, because that is how my mind works sometimes, I want to congratulate my friend Jenny on finally starting her blog after having it for two years!!!  She is ambitious as she has a goal of blogging every day this week.  Cheers for Jenny! Go Jenny!!! *cartwheel* OUCH.
Cannon Family 

What are you reflecting on this week?
A special graduate making a new transition?
Your Mom or mother figure?
Whatever you are reflecting on I hope it brings peace and joy in your life.


Weekend away

I took a short weekend vacation last weekend to Orlando to see my favorite middle stepchild and her husband. 

Brooke & Rob!

It was such a welcomed break from my day to day and I was excited that they asked me to photograph their baby bump pics of my sweet little grandson, River. :)

It was also the first visit to their new home that they purchased last year.  I am so happy for them and what their future lives hold. 
I arrived Friday afternoon and Brooke and I went to eat at Mitchell's Fish Market - where Rob is working part-time. In fact, we did a lot of eating while I was there (if you know me, you know that is no surprise!) 

I also experienced Mellow Mushroom pizza and a local haunt, PR's Taco Palace. 

Besides spending time with B & R, my most favorite part of the trip was the few hours I spent with this view:
Ahhhhh, the beach! My most favorite place to be.  There is no better place to relax & refresh in my opinion. There is something about the salt air and feeling the sand on my skin that just makes me feel so great!  I could use several more days of that view quite honestly. 

We had two great days of taking photos.  The first day we took a more casual approach at a walking trail near their house with a little creek or "river" (get it?)  On day two we found a great background at Loch Haven Park and the Orlando Museum of American Art. We also found a fantastic little part in Winter Park on a lake that ended up being another hidden gem.  Here are few more pics of B & R and baby River a/k/a "the bump" :)

I cannot wait until the next time I am there and can share pictures of River on this side of the bump! :)