Week 12 is about looking out from my winter hiding place at the beautiful springtime that is awaiting.  It's also about not having any other real good ideas so since my fingernails were painted, which never happens, I decided to document the occasion! (the color is Sally Hansen Gray Area)

Also used the One Day action from the Hippy Dippy Trippy Collection from My Four Hens



WARNING: this is a little wordy...I know! Hard to believe right?
I was totally uninspired and not "feeling" any ideas for this week's photo. 

Then, on our {almost} nightly drive to the hospital Sunday evening, I told James that I meant to pick Memaw some jonquils to take to her to brighten up her room, but forgot. Well, we kept passing little patches of them along the way - you know...the places where old house places once stood.

Finally, we passed by a huge patch right off the road in a driveway leading to a cemetery. {ETA: locals, it's across from the Sidney turn-off, cannot remember the name} {ETAx2: drove by today, it's Maxville Cemetery}.  We turned the car around and went back deciding that since it was a cemetery it probably would not upset the property owner too much if we picked a few of their pretty flowers to brighten up a 91 year old lady's day!  (I know, I know, I can justify anything!)

Anyway, after picking the flowers and driving on down the cemetery driveway to turn the car around we came upon what I assume is an old log church?  Then, I had the epiphany!!!  This would be the perfect setting for my Week 11 photo.

So I stopped the car and grabbed my camera. James rolled his eyes...he thinks it is completey silly that I take and post pictures of myself... but actually agreed to take the picture for me...and I might add, he did a darn fine job! I had set up the shot and got the camera ready - explained how I wanted it framed and he did it.  I had actually set this up to be a landscape shot, but he turned the camera sideways once and took a single frame.

this one:

It is actually one of my favorites of this year's project, which proves a point that I try to make about tackling the 52 Week Project: Just have fun, be spontaneous and simply take some pictures.  Not everything has to be planned out or follow a theme.  I had no idea that that random purple cardi and red cami would look so nice with yellow jonquils against the wonderful woodsey texture of that old structure. 

Now what are you waiting for?
This is the absolute perfect time of year to jump in and start your own 52 Week Project. 

PS: I must leave you with this beauty! 
An outtake that my darling <---(I use that word loosely) 
husband took while I was trying to get everything just so-so! 



On Basketball

With the start of the NCAA Tourney, I thought I'd go a little crazy and post about something new (posting about anything on my blog these days is a feat in itself, really!)

Basketball.  It's something I played once upon a time ...... a very long time ago!
Both my parents and several grandparents played.

Being from Arkansas I'm a Razorback through and through. Although admittedly I have not been following closely the last few years, I do love the Hogs! 

My Mom on the other hand...you might say is a tad fanatical about 'her Hogs'. In fact she has a room devoted to Razorbacks, a drawer full of Razorback t-shirts, Razorback jewelry, and this past Christmas...yes, you guessed it, a Razorback tree. 

(after thought:  I should have gathered pics pre-blogging, sorry)

Anyway, I'll not bore you with the whole Pelphrey firing etc, but let's just say, I am ready to for a coach that will at least get us to the dang tournament!!! GEEZ

So in all this random BBall rambling I leave you with some photos of me and my little 9 year old cousin playing some round ball. I'm showing off my skillzzzzz. ;)

My defensive skills are maddening!

I just know Joe is pretty scared right about now. 
You can see the intent powerful look in my face!  
{I'm a beast people!}

She shoots!
She Scores!!!!
I'll not take anything away from Joe, he's a pretty darn fine BBall player 
and my narration was completely fictional.
I'm pretty sure he schooled me and I'm almost twice his height. pitiful!

Any early predictions on the Big Dance, or would you rather give a flying rip than care about college basketball? 



A shot at my Mom's utilizing her wonderful natural light last Sunday. 

On another note/Memaw update: She is actually improving and doing well!  Praise the Good Lord!!!  Finally got released to start putting weight on her leg (the one with the broken hip from December) so if we can get her to eat better and build up some strength, she may get to come home.  Something we had almost given up on.  
Thanks for your patience and prayers (if anyone still checks this quiet, lonely place!)



 Week 9 was one of those quick - I just needed to take a picture, pictures. Ya know?
I do like how it turned out though. This was pretty well the way it looked SOOC as far as the framing...very little cropping. 
I did run a Coffee Shop action (found here) called Velvet Cream.

This was also in conjunction with the perspective challenge on the 52WP site last weekend.