On Basketball

With the start of the NCAA Tourney, I thought I'd go a little crazy and post about something new (posting about anything on my blog these days is a feat in itself, really!)

Basketball.  It's something I played once upon a time ...... a very long time ago!
Both my parents and several grandparents played.

Being from Arkansas I'm a Razorback through and through. Although admittedly I have not been following closely the last few years, I do love the Hogs! 

My Mom on the other hand...you might say is a tad fanatical about 'her Hogs'. In fact she has a room devoted to Razorbacks, a drawer full of Razorback t-shirts, Razorback jewelry, and this past Christmas...yes, you guessed it, a Razorback tree. 

(after thought:  I should have gathered pics pre-blogging, sorry)

Anyway, I'll not bore you with the whole Pelphrey firing etc, but let's just say, I am ready to for a coach that will at least get us to the dang tournament!!! GEEZ

So in all this random BBall rambling I leave you with some photos of me and my little 9 year old cousin playing some round ball. I'm showing off my skillzzzzz. ;)

My defensive skills are maddening!

I just know Joe is pretty scared right about now. 
You can see the intent powerful look in my face!  
{I'm a beast people!}

She shoots!
She Scores!!!!
I'll not take anything away from Joe, he's a pretty darn fine BBall player 
and my narration was completely fictional.
I'm pretty sure he schooled me and I'm almost twice his height. pitiful!

Any early predictions on the Big Dance, or would you rather give a flying rip than care about college basketball? 


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Tooooooooooo fun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

mandiegirl said...

Um, flying rip. ;)

Jessi Wilson said...

OMG, DUKE BLUE DEVILS all the way:):) I bought my husband a shirt that says I BLEED ROYAL for Valentine's Day:) Love it:) Those pics are awesome!! I have a baller pic i want to show you...might just send it your way on FB..

Marit said...

Love, love, love your photos and post today!

Jamie said...

Myself, my husband, and 90% of our families are all Michigan State alumni. My grandpa not only got a master's degree from MSU, but he taught there for years. this season has not been up to our usual standards, but the Spartans are a March team. Hopefully they pull it through... first game of the tourney tonight, GO GREEN!

*kim* said...

Jessi, I know I have shared with you that my friend's son was on the Duke Championship team last year! Jordan Davidson. Didn't get a lot of play time but what a once in a lifetime experience!!!

Jamie, I'll keep an eye on your Spartans!