At some point I promise to post something on my blog besides my weekly photo!  Between Memaw, me being sick, work and life I just can't seem to get it together!

After having the "stomach crud" for several days (even in this photo) I decided to go with a stark B&W gritty look...mainly to hide my sunken eyes and pale listless face!

This was my other option after editing, but the darker one just fit my mood and feeling better.

(Sporting a Clever Notions headband that was custom made for a friend! Have to take them on an occasional test run! ;)  Quality control, man!)

Where the heckfire has this week gone anyway????  Geez. Oh well, TGIF! :D


5211-3 controversy

So this week's photo is actually an edit from what I originally had....I had posted it on FB and apparently it was perceived as a wee bit risque...although I can ASSURE you that was the intention!

I had an idea for a perspective of my camera on the ground pointing straight up - well, let's just say I have on a dress, tights and boots and there was absolutely, positively nothing showing - it was totally dark and shadowed...but to save any crazy Facebook scandals, I cropped and reposted :) 

Now all is well again in the world.

Join in 52WP


Hello pals

Well, I needed to come check in with my friends and make sure all is well on the old bloggy-blog!

I just had to share this pretty with you!!!  I don't know if you have read my blog long, but you may remember my "Oh Sheet!" post back in September.  I was on the hunt for wild and crazy vintage sheets to make a pretty ruffly quilt - a pattern I had found on Etsy.

I shared this pattern with my friend's mom, Fern who is the quilt queen and just look at what she did!!!

I am so happy to see this finished product - although she said it was not the easiest task in the world.  Fern (left) made this for her daughter, Laura's (right) daughter. 

This is made from her grandmother's old sheets, which makes this such a special quilt! 
I really had planned to make this my "wintertime" project, but it seems I have not found the time yet. OOPS...but seeing this makes me want to get started immediately!

Pretty eh?

Oh, and if you have not visited the 52 Week Project site, we have started some fun little challenges for those who don't want to commit to the year.  Come play along if you wanna!


5211-2 and a Memaw update

Week 2 did not turn out quite like I'd hoped, but I am rolling with it anyway.  It seems to have somewhat of a retro 80's vibe and we all know I love me some 80's!

Hoping to start some fun little photo challenges over on the 52 Week Project blog very soon.  I'm always needing some new motivation and a challenge is always, well, a Challenge! HA

In other news of my life besides this project that seems to be the only thing I've blogged about in a few weeks {sorry to be so repetitive}, my MIL finally got out of the hospital. (insert cheers) - It's been over 3 weeks and we are truthfully just 'plum' wore out!  She is in a local long-term rehab that is in a nursing home.  It's not the ideal situation by any means, but we are just praying every day that just being in there will keep her attitude positive and her body and mind motivated to get the heck out of Dodge!  

I have such a new perspective of aging - it's really a sad thing in all honesty.  BUT, I also don't think we can give up hope at that point either.  That is not what God wants. He has a reason for it.  My emotions have been from one end of the spectrum to the other on this can you tell? 

Thanks for all the prayers for Memaw.  We really felt them all and I know that is what got her through the ordeal of being a 91 year old broken-hip-going-through-some-rehab-having-a-heart-attack-plus-pneumonia-heart-cath-complications-afterwords-pseudo-aneurysm-in-both-legs-almost-having-to-have-another-surgery-constipated and incontinent-having woman!

Keep praying for her recuperation and hopefully back home with us soon!


Oh, Barracuda! (5211-1)

I'm such a dork! In all my 52 Week craziness
I have failed to post my OWN photo on my blog! 

In staying true to my original 2010 project wherein my first photo was the old standby...in-the-car-shot, I went for it! 
I'm not really a mouth breather, I am belting it out to Heart's Barracuda!  
I so stinkin love that song. 
and I sing it very well, by grab! 
(not really, but in my head I do!) 

Excited to see everyone's Week 2 pics! I have been so so loving the variety for week one!

If you want to check it out, you can go to our Flickr page or our Facebook fanpage.  There are some duplicates, but some people are choosing to post at one or the other or both! 


Howdy Folks

Just wanted to check in on my blog and say "howdy folks" - I'm still here.
My personal blog has somehow taken a backseat lately to all the other goings on in my life...
  • hospital, almost daily since Dec. 20th
  • my newest project: 52 Week Project (This is a good thing, BTW) ;)
  • back to work
  • jury duty (dismissed us all - luckily!)
  • some sleep and laundry in there somewhere.
  • you know, the usual stuff! 

Anyway, I am still here, just not much pretty to post. :(

OH, wait, except for this new pasttime:

Add me if you are on there, if not,  you should be!
If you need an invite let me know, I have some to hand out!


The whole reflection on 2010 and looking forward blahblahblah post

I must join the rest of the bloggy world and post some thoughts for a new year.

I don't really have a one word or anything for 2011.

Well, okay, I just thought of one: BETTER

Yes, that will be my word for 2011.

If I had to go back and think of my word in hindsight for 2010, it would be TRANSITION.

It was definitely a transitional year for me:
  • it was my year of being 40.
  • It was my year for many disappointments in several aspects of my life from family to friends to work.
  • It was also my year to grow in Faith.
  • It was a year for me to get to know me and like me for ME.
  • It was a year to complete a project.
  • It was a year that we became an empty nest.
  • It was a year that I grew in confidence.
  • It was a year that I started running.
  • Mostly, I think it was a year that I quit totally focusing on everyone else and began putting myself first at times and realized that it not such a bad thing!
This year I hope to be BETTER:
  • Better in balancing my life.
  • Better in my Christian life.
  • Better at photography.
  • Better at friendship.
  • Better at being a wife, daughter, stepmom, sister, cousin, niece, DIL, and any other family place that I hold.
  • Better at not procrastinating.
  • Better at time management (oh wait that is basically the same thing, right?)
  • Better at keeping things orderly, neat and clean.
  • Better at saving.
I know there are others, but I'll let 2011 take care of those as they come.

I also want to point out that my devotional last night focused on Psalm 51:10: Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.   

Basically, the writer pointed out that we can make resolutions to change at any time of the year. We don't have to wait - nor does God want us to wait - until one day of the 365 we recognize in a year to wipe the slate clean and begin a fresh start.  

So with that being said, I may fail at some of my goals and resolutions throughout the year, but I resolve to pick myself up, dust myself off, and jump back i the proverbial saddle and have a "do over", so Happy New Year to you and a Better New Year to me! ;)