Green Project CATWALK

First, I must explain why I was so confused.... the show on Bravo hosted by Heidi Klum that is all the rage is Project Runway.

The challenge on SIStv is Project Catwalk.
Now, since I love fashion design and at one time
was majoring in it, I decided I would check this show out on You Tube. Well, I spent most of Saturday evening watching not only the first two episodes from the new season, but I went back and watched the entire Season 4.

I'm HOOKED people!
I mean it is FIERCE!

Okay, get it now?
Project Runway is the reality show on Bravo,
I'll refer to it hereinafter as PR.

Project Catwalk is the scrappy challenge
on SIStv. I'll refer to is hereinafter as PC.

See how I'm throwing all that legal talk in there.
You can tell I worked for an attorney once upon a time, can't ya?

In the second week of PR the designers had to use "green" materials for their garments. "Green" as in environmentally friendly. The challenge on PC was to create a card primarily using the color green. The card could be for any occasion and any size.
The catch: use the outer clear cellophane
packaging from an item like stickers or Thickers or any of the clear outer packaging. Also use a piece of newspaper to create a matching envelope for the card! Here is my Week #2:
It more or less says "Hello...
Funny Face.
This is just a spot for a personal message
on the inside left.
I just like this little guy:

this week is the Sharp County Fair and it will be super duper busy, I hope to have some time somewhere to post my updated DB's. I know I promised! I also have some new photos to share when I get them off my camera!

goodnight johnboy!



So I got to do some scrapping last night - which I thoroughly enjoyed! I have been planning to do the TAIF challenge {The Art is Found}.

You know it has to be special with Kristina Contes as the guest! Those girls are just awesome - each one of them.

Which reminds me to ask any of my readers to pray a prayer for one of the TAIF girls,
Kimberly Brimhall. You can go to her blog and see a video she has put together. She is extremely sick and her doctors are testing and testing her.
She is an awesome scrapbooker and a sweetheart to boot!

I get sidetracked so easily! But that was an important sidetrack....

The TAIF challenge was to use notebook paper of any kind, used or not.
So, I wanted to find one of Alex's many lists and do a LO about her obsessive list-making. The girl has serious issues really, but I couldn't find anything other than current lists and I knew she would kill me if I took one....I mean she needs all those lists!

I turned and saw this little gem hanging up on my fridge and knew that was exactly what this challenge needed: children's artwork! This is some of Jake's art from several months back. He actually drew me a full size page of one of these faces, then scribbled several on this torn sheet of notebook paper. They've both been hanging on the fridge ever since - just waiting for something special to be done to them.

This kid truly has a creative eye and in fact I gave him some canvases & paints for Christmas last year!
I used a used manila envelope for the background and after completing the page had an epiphany!!!! I was slip any other artwork from Jake into the envelope then it would all be tucked away in one place.

Am I brilliant or what???!!!!
don't answer that~

Here is a closeup
the journaling reads:
The true artist is a mere child.
No inhibitions
No limitations
only art in its purest form.full page
the artist himself:

Onto to some Daily Blessings:

I'm still catching up - more DB's to come! pinkie swear!!!!


Project Catwalk Runway

ETA: That's how much I know about the show+how tired I was when posting. I typed Project Catwalk in stead of Project Runway. What a complete dork I feel like!

okay, so I've never seen the show, but hear great and wonderful things about it. I found the link after typing the correct name, it is on Bravo.

There is a major scrappy challenge going on over at SIStv based on the show.
Lots of creative thinking to work the brain!

I didn't get the first week done, but there was some darn good entries. I was so proud of Christina for winning the first place for the week! Love the Droid!

I am happy to say I did get this week's done! Yay Me!!! *flashing applause sign now*
I cannot post it yet, but I will after the deadline.
It is a card and here is the challenge from the board:

Create a card primarily using the color green. The card can be for any occasion and any size. Here's the catch, to make your card you must use the outer clear celophane packaging from an item like Thickers (you can use any of the clear outer packaging you have on hand). Also you must use a piece of newspaper to create a matching envelope for the card!

Don't forget the bonus item this week!!!!! It's the turquoise felt yard from the Beach Bum collection! (I'm out on this one, I don't have the collection.) :(

There is a bonus this week if we recruit new people.
Okay, so I know Amy is not going to do this and probably not Joyce, Kathi or Mom.
If there are any others who read my blog that would like to do this - please leave a comment and I'll give you the details the deadline is Saturday night at 10P central time. (I think)

I also did my LO for the The Art is Found prompt.
Notebook paper.
I'm loving the way this turned out.
let me just say: artist=child

I'll be posting these tomorrow with my DB's in massive quantity.

I've been so darn lazy on these this week.

over & out


a super quickie

I really don't know where my time is getting off to this week.
I feel like such a blog snob...ignoring, not only my own blog,
but my other regular stops in blogdomhood.

I did do a couple of layouts last weekend for some challenges over at SIS.
Here is one I did for the lalalee's pass the parcel challenge (I took butterfly) as well as this rather cool new challenge site called The Story Matters:
a close up of the journaling bits:
and I did my friend Diana's (BlessedinTexas) shopping challenge. I chose orange pattern paper, staples and handwritten title:
Oh, and I did these "inchies" a couple of weeks ago for an inchies swap. this is pretty much recycled stuff. pieces of a vintage mag ad, random phrases from an old novel, and some cardboard and paint on silver cardstock.
I have got to get them in the mail.

Don't know what inchies are???
Don't feel bad, I didn't either.
Check these links out:

hope to have several new DB's to post.
Gotta get my camera out.

see ya on the flip side!


bad blogger - I know

I have been MIA on here most of the week.
I really can't 'splain why, but I wanted to put a little
something on here.

First my 6 Random things...
I was tagged by Lynne for 6 random things last week.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Let your tagger know when your blog entry is up.

okay on to my randoms:
1. When waiting for pages to load online, I cannot keep my pointer still.
It's a nervous, impatient habit and I suppose I think it will make the world wide web
go faster.

2. I have never been out of the country.

3. I don't eat ketchup because when I was a little girl another kid told me it was made out of blood - yes, I realize NOW that is not true, but I still won't eat it, even though I love tomatoes and any other tomato product.

4. I love to dance - any kind dancing - but don't ever get the chance anymore.

5. I have never made a pie.

6. I have a great sense of direction and can usually get around in a new place and I love maps.

I guess another random is I don't always follow the rules so I am disregarding rule 4 & 5 of this post. Instead if you DO read my blog and want to post your six random things on your blog OR as a comment if you don't have a blog - DO IT and let me know.

I did some scrapping and am doing some of the challenges this weekend over at SIStv in honor of CHA. I will post some scrappiness later.

Off to shower and face the heat!


It's Birthday month

July is quite a busy month for the Whitten household when it comes to birthdays.
Today is Amy's big day - Happy Birthday Amy! If she is reading this...your gift is on its way. You know me - I have had the perfect gift in mind for months now, but the procrastinator in me didn't get it on time.

On Wednesday there will be another birthday: Cody. If he is reading this...{NOT}....you know your Dad is in charge of your gift! ;P

Then a week from today will be the hubs, James.
(Any help with this one is greatly appreciated!!!!) :\
Why are men so hard to buy for?????
Crapola that is a lot of birthdays crammed into such a short span of time.

Another birthday passed by on Saturday, July 12th: Case Lee Whitten,
Cody & Amy's son who was an angel on earth for five days.
Case we still love & miss you - you are always and forever in our hearts.
July has always been a great month - one I have always loved with the 4th of July, sunshine, camping, vacations, barbeques, and all the fun of summer, but it is also hard for our family...
My prayers for Cody & Amy and all our families is for positive thoughts and continued healing; and mostly for the chance of having another child in the near future.

I have tried to be positive and focus
on the blessings of the day-to-day
instead of harboring the "
crud" of life
that we all face.

I have enjoyed my little daily blessings
and it gives me a feeling of thankfulness
using my creativity in the process, which is so satisfying.

I hope you will also check out Lynne's "Simple Pleasures" . Lynne is a high school classmate of mine from Conway High School - Class of '88 - Go Wampus Cats!! Seeing as it's been 20 years since graduation we are going to have a proper reunion...finally...in October.

Lynne & I made a connection by discovering each other's blogs through our reunion website - pretty cool I think! Lynne has a lovely family and now lives in Illinois. She is choosing to record her "simple pleasures" each day through photography as a way of recognizing the things she deems precious in her everyday life, much like my daily blessings! I'm stoked to see her work, as she has some gorgeous photography on her blog.

Oh, and the little stinker tagged me for six random things....I promise to post those this week. Most of my family & IRL friends know I'm an open book and pretty random as well..we'll see what I can come up with for that. :)

Here are the past few days of DB's.

over & out....


as promised

I head back to work tomorrow...ack!!!!
Why do vacations go so fast?

Oh, I have a little something in my head -
to recycle into a fun project that
takes me back to childhood.
If I get it out of my head and onto my scrap table
and completed I'll post it
but I won't fool myself into thinking that will really happen tonight!

Anyway, as promised some pics from the State 4H Horseshow this past week.

This last one is our little group who went this year.
Dan & Nancy have been a huge
blessing to us and they are
truly like part of our family.

We think the world of them
and could never repay
all they have done for Alex.



Wow, it's been a great week...Alex did fab at the horseshow.
I promise to post the details and I took a ton of pictures.
Right now, I feel like posting a little project I made before I left
on Monday.

This girl inspires me greatly...can you believe she just turned 16?
If you ever want to be inspired by art, photos, or words,
I have Kara linked up over on the right under "blogs I stalk".

Anyway, she had posted a great workshop a week or so ago that she
Look up.

In preparation for the workshop I had been taking sky pictures.

Some I already had because I am always loving the way the sky looks.
Sunsets, storms, clouds...they are awesome.

Anyway, I made a mini book from a recycled Jones Pure Cane Soda box
I had kept because I loved all the little pictures and color and "stuff"
it had. (remember this post?)
Yes, same soda.

Here is how it turned out...I really like it.
Thanks for your thought provoking prompts and inspiration Kara!


Mud - Water - and the 5th of July

so I promised pictures from our continued fun on the holiday weekend...
this group of photos sums up July 5th.
We rose early to go to some Mud Bog thing - got there - canceled.
I was not disappointed to be honest - I wanted to be in the water not watching mud.

Well, needless to say Cody knew some other people who showed up the same time we did to the canceled event, so they all decided to go to another mud track....
again didn't tip my fun scale,
but I did enjoy taking pictures of these idiots!

I cannot believe people do this to their perfectly fine vehicles: to each his own I suppose.
It's like any other sport/event/race see how far you can push yourself or your vehicle in this case.
Here is the crew waiting for the next mud slingin' -
pretty redneck I suppose but I guess we cannot deny who we are!!! :DI absolutely love this picture of hubs (middle), Cody (my stepson right) and our friend Tony. Obviously they are loving every minute of the mud slinging action!on to the next event.
well, that is after a good hardy lunch of leftovers and a quick change into bathing suits.

We drove down to the river.
Walker and Tara are too darn cute!
and so is Amy!!!
This is Clay, Amy's half brother who is here for the summer from Kentucky.
And here is Lane - Amy's cousin...this kid cracks me up!
The biggest kid: literally is Cody! He had a blast playing in the river with the little kids.
Look at that grin: ear to ear!
We kept hearing it thunder and it was cooling off fast. All of a sudden the sky opened and poured down rain on us. Luckily there was no lightening.
Brody looks like a drowned rat...bless his heart!

It was a delightful day spent with friends and family.
I love days like that.

Okay so I'll catch up the blog with my daily blessings:
They are pretty self-explanatory.
off to the State 4H horsehow bright & early tomorrow-I will try to keep the blog updated with event results!!