who knew blueberry and pomegranate would taste so good together!

Just sitting on the back port this evening with my Jones Soda on ice and a nice small breeze. thinking, "huh, I just got home about 30 minutes ago and still need to prepare some form of supper - taco salad is on the menu - and somehow do a couple of things around the house before getting ready to go to bed and do it again tomorrow.
These ten hour days are killers, come tomorrow evening at this time, I'm looking at another three day weekend...got to love it!
Is it worth it? Yes, I love having that extra day to play, clean, or go somewhere.
ohhh nice breeze just blew by...

back to the title of this post: refreshing!

I have never had one of these Jones Sodas (yes, I know I'm way behind, I'm reminded of that every day by a 16 year old!) but Wally World had some on clearance so I bought a couple of the eight packs: this twisted blueberry/pom and a Kiwi...just kiwi, not kiwi strawberry...strange huh?
Now, I'm questioning myself if it is a good idea to purchase consumables on clearance?
I am sure they are fine, but I begin wondering...why are they on sale?
Anway, this one is dandy, but I'll wait to try the kiwi, I don't need sugar overload tonight.

IF you know of other Jones flavors that you would recommend, let me know.
I might even buy some full price....GASP!!!


jeanie oliver said...

If they have sugar, then I am all for them. I've never tried them. but I will.
horseshowing this weekend?

etteY said...

i bet it really taste good! :D

Kelli Harris Photography said...

Oh! I love Jones sodas. The root beer is my favorite and I'm also rather fond of the cherry soda. YUM! =)