DB's and my new arrival

Received my new lens yesterday in the mail.
boy was I excited. I've been crazy playing with it.

I got the Canon 50mm f1.8.
I know, I should have spent the extra and sprang for the 1.4, but I think this will meet my needs for now, plus I want to save for
Aaaahhhh, let's pause for a moment please..........


so I will wait.

On to the daily blessings in my life:
of course the new lens was at the top of the DB list yesterday....love Happy Mail! Okay, so there were a few bills mixed in there too, but who cares when you have camera love.
Today my boss friend and I had a meeting in Batesville and we ate at Elizabeth's downtown...YUM-O. I had a tropical chicken salad that was plated on a pineapple quarter and a pile of fresh fruit. I love fruit in the blazing heat of summer and it was blazing hot today, I can assure!

Okay, shower and bed.
More goodness tomorrow hopefullly.


Kate said...

gotta love the new lens! cant wait to see some pics!

kim brimhall said...

oh i love! the 1.8...have fun...and the 1.4 isn't that much better really so no worries~ good luck!

jeanie oliver said...

I am so jealous! I want to get a lens that will let me to telephoto and capture some more of my wildlife. Tara and I went to scrapbook addiction, the store in mountain home. I got some gorgeous papers, ribbons, and other stuff, but I couldn't bring myself to cut them today! maybe tomorrow..I am so thrilled to see your work without pictures on them. I told her that I wanted to create some things without pics and she(owner) seemed surprised. well, can't wait to see your pics