the answer my friend...

is blowing in the wind.
What a great feeling to have a nice breeze blowing in your beard and moustache.
If you don't believe it, just check Angus out.
He has it all figured out. Enjoy the breeze every chance you get.

A productive day off today. Got everything set up and a final list made for the crafts class I'm leading at VBS.
Felt so much better after getting everything out, gone through, and decided upon as far as our week's schedule. So glad Joyce is helping me. She is so easy to work with and is so wise about bible school.
Everything is coming together for Outrigger Island and with the luau tomorrow evening, which sadly I will miss, I just pray that the Lord will work in our community and we can help some of the young (and old) kids to know there is a better way and that God can give them the answers they may need.
Please be in prayer for our VBS next week and all VBS's taking place around the
world. I venture to think it is one of the single best missions our church's have to reach people in our communities.
Came home from the church and we took a ride with the dogs and my camera (thus the blowing in the wind shot) and this one of the beautiful green trees & pasture while we were watering Girlfriend (my hateful most loving horse).

lots more going on this weekend...stay tuned.


NancyJones said...

we are doing that same VBS program. My MIL just got back from Hawaii (she is from there) and brought my dd all kinds of cool stuff for it. will keep yall in our prayers.

*~*Amber*~* said...

i love ur puppy... and I will pray for your and your VBS program. My mom is really involved in her churchs VBS so I know how exhausting it can be. I love the shot of feet and the field.. just beautiful!

Mandi said...

DUde Kim, that doggy in the win pic is sooo cute! Made me giggle for sure! :)

just jenn said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love for a free day to just go driving without worrying about the price of gas and just relaxing with nature