river fun today

Went to the river today to relax, get away and get some much needed sunshine!

Alex's friend, Colby (she horseshows with us) came up for the weekend and was with us. I had them climb up on the river bank (what riverbank didn't wash away during the flooding earlier this spring) and took some fun shots of them.

Hence the Charlie's Angels shot left and the "show me your muscle" shot below. That Colby is a ham and loves the camera! Alex just humors me mostly.

Guess who else got to go to the river today????

You guessed it, Angus!

He is no lover of the water,
but he got wet anyway
and of course had to do some rooting in the sandy dirt.
I love this shot of him with his nose covered.
He is saying, "Mom, please don't be mad!"

What a turkey!

Alex got him out in the river with her on the lawnchair and he was content, but not the happiest camper by any means.

Okay, let me just add...for the record. I took this last shot right before taking a fall and sacrificing my knees for the sake of my XTI!
It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about how close I was to dunking my wonderful little Canon companion.

seriously sick.
I was being so careful too!
I'm just clutzey (is that a word?)
I cannot help my lack of grace.

Brody went too, he wanted to play frisbee the entire time...he loves, loves, LOVES to play frisbee. He also likes to drop the frisbee in the water. He has no clue that someone has to chase the frisbee down the river!

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jeanie oliver said...

HI there,
river looks like mucho fun.-black dog/sandy mud mustache is a blue ribbon shot. love keepin' up with you.