FINALLY complete

give me a big old internet high five please!

the blue outfits are complete!{notice Alex's genuine smile above}
that is exactly how I feel inside with these projects done!

this next one needs a little 'splainin': Here is Molly in the process of giving her persimmon look! We all try to coach her into "smiling at the judge" and "giving a queen smile" and all those phrases you use on kids to get them to smile on command. Of course this one has a comeback of the persimmon look! It is hilarious! this child seriously cracks me up. I'm just happy to be done with show outfits for awhile and now I can simply sit back with my camera and enjoy the beauty of them on these most beautiful chickies!

in other new business...(can you tell I was in a meeting today?)...I have been missing doing the herspace/myspace photog challenge, but I truly have grand intentions of catching up, both on doing the challenge, AND checking everyone else's space.

also interested in my discovery of Twitter- it is an interesting concept and although I could not see the fascination at first, I was intrigued, signed up, and am quickly becoming addicted to the simplicity of it.

ETA: I cannot believe I didn't mention in this post that I won something!!!
I won one of the
Funky Finds May contests.

YAY me!
Sweet Spuds kit.
So excited as I've never gotten their kits before & this one looks divine.

I love to be a winner!

Funky Finds is great and I recommend them for...well....funky finds all over the internet. They have lots of Etsy and it's not ALL scrapbooking stuff.
There's lots of funky jewelry, funky clothing, funky pet stuff and various and sundry other funky stuff.

go there really.


Shannon said...

That is a very bright blue. You rock though! Great shots!

Mandi said...

Lovin all the blue! Cute pics!

jeanie oliver said...

hey there, been missin' you. You are a seamstress deluxe and I nominate you for the SEWER of the year award. I just love this play on spelling. I would pull the "sewer" joke on my schoolkids all of the time.